Should Christians Use Crystals?

I addressed my experience with crystals in the Getting Well God’s Way book at more length along with my Christian perspective. As a licensed massage therapist in Texas for almost 30 years I was around a lot of “other-minded” people which exposed me to things outside of “Christian” norms. THANK GOD for sending me outside of the box where I learned so much by mere experience. A friend who had a lot of varried rocks on her dresser put one in my hand. I really had no opinion on them at that time. She placed one in my hand and said, “See what you feel”. Sure enough within ten seconds I began feeling a very subtle energy in my hand. After a minute or so she picked it up and put a different one in my hand and sure enough I could feel that the energy coming from it was also subtle but differed in some undeterminable way. I just thought of it as having a different frequency. This was done multiple times until I ended up with a basket of rocks and few books on them and have some favorite “harmonizers” which are 4″ long cylinders of selenite crystal. I hold these in my “Be still and know that I am God” sessions aka meditation time.

I’ve recently discovered this young man that I want to be my nephew. He’s unintentionally expanding on so much of the content of the Getting Well God’s Way book and I’m so grateful. I’ve been so busy surviving the journey, writing the book, and developing the rest of God’s messages, recovering, and resting up to do next things that I couldn’t have done what he’s doing and done it so beautifully at this time. I hope you’ll go find him on YouTube and Subscribe to his channel. He has a lot to teach us and is the reason my garden has HOPE this year and every plant around here has a copper wire wound around a stick stuck in the dirt beside it….Electroculture. It’s a method of gardening that attracts life energy to the plants and soil. My starts are shining, healthy, happy, and strong.

So in this video below, in the first 20 minutes he talks about different stones he holds up and tells their qualities and why their beneficial. He gives the name of a dense, 600-page book on jewelry and stones and why they used to use certain metals with specific stones. He presents information that helps us see that there is nothing evil about stones or crystals. They are not “new age” and aren’t the object of any worship any more than a screwdriver. These are tools to help our energetic selves, which most Christians know very little about as we were led to put our faith in the mainstream medical system. Hopefully by now people are learning this is a big mistake. They’re good for trauma but have no tools that heal. Sadly it seems they’ve turned into profiteers and predators with some very dangerous ideas and too much power.

I do want to point out a few things I’ve experienced on my “alternative” path guided by the Holy Spirit. Admittedly it was/is COUNTER to the mainstream to the degree that I had to stop attending churches. It became too painful to be on a path of true healing and restoration while being rebuked by those who were taking Rx drugs as their main source of hope for healing. I’ve been yelled at online and called “deceived” by people who’ve never even read one book on the subject at hand they’re yelling at me about. THIS IS NUTS and I want to discuss it because the subject of using crystals is one of those areas, as was my use of yoga as physical therapy to recover from 11 years of crippling sciatica after a broken back. Apparently I’m supposed to be worshipping Hindu gods in these postures though no thought of, mention of, or statue of exists in my realm and is not my intention. I keep asking and have yet to get an answer about when my conversion to Hinduism is supposed to occur as I’ve been at this for 13 years now. My point is that ChRxtianity needs to rid itself of what appear to be superstitions. YES, you should be prayerful about what studio you go to or what books you use just like you should be prayerful about any church you attend, or where you place your kids for school. You shouldn’t mindlessly invest your life but that doesn’t mean that nobody should do yoga.

I’M WATCHING IT COME TO PASS that Christianity is going to be very embarassed about the attitudes they’ve demonstrated towards others. More and more and more information is coming out that validates that we have a chakra system and those energy centers are actually connected to organs via nerves and are able to be measured on many forms of technology now. Meditation benefits are being scientifically verified by so many sources it’s impossible to keep up with them all.

Talking about chakras, meditation, frequency, energy, crystals will get you scorned and labeled as a “New Ager” in the Christian community but when their teachings on health and wellness FAILED, I prayed that GOD’S TRUTH would be revealed to me and this is the journey that unfolded. A journey that has included me being able to successfully reverse Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica after a broken spine, fibro flares, and I’ve recently been able to successfully get off of Rx thyroid meds I was supposed to be on for life. After the first dose of stem cell activator drops I heard a click in my thyroid and 90 days later I finished the protocol and all is well and holding six months later. I was being taught how to heal, nourish, and care for my temple while watching people in the churches eating junk and living just like the world we’re told in the Bible to stay away from, waiting in the doctors office, and putting them on the board at the churches for bragging rights WHILE ignoring wisdom, knowledge, and messengers sent to warn about this way.

I think some Christians owe some people they threw into a “New Agers” category an apology and I hope moving forward that Christians will learn that this is a very young religion and has MUCH TO LEARN. Arrogance and an unkind and intolerant attitude towards others who are having a different experience than you’re own understanding should NOT be part of your way IN CHRIST. And like I’m seeing now, it could turn out that Christians just don’t have enough insight YET and will end up with “egg on their face” and the message of CHRIST IN YOU is diminished in your behavior. If you’ve knowingly offended someone in this regard I suggest you make efforts to go make that right by asking forgiveness.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Matt Roeske at

Blessings on your journey, Kathy

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Know how to make GOD mad?

If you go to this link you’ll find a small booklet that GOD compelled me to put together recently that will show you a world forming around you/us that you likely aren’t aware of, but need to be. AFTER you’ve gone through it you’ll understand this graphic at a much deeper level. You’ll understand the sense of urgency. So, start here and see how we are likely offending GOD, at a time when humanity and beyond desperately needs to be illiciting His mercy and involvement in our struggles. Having said that, click here:

Wisdom Shouts in the Streets

Proverbs 1: 20 – 33

20 Wisdom shouts in the streets.

She cries out in the public square.

21 She calls to the crowds along the main street,

to those gathered in front of the city gate:

22 “How long, you simpletons,

will you insist on being simpleminded?

How long will you mockers relish your mocking?

How long will you fools hate knowledge?

23 Come and listen to my counsel.

I’ll share my heart with you

and make you wise.

24 “I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come.

I reached out to you, but you paid no attention.

25 You ignored my advice

and rejected the correction I offered.

26 So I will laugh when you are in trouble!

I will mock you when disaster overtakes you—

27 when calamity overtakes you like a storm,

when disaster engulfs you like a cyclone,

and anguish and distress overwhelm you.

28 “When they cry for help, I will not answer.

Though they anxiously search for me, they will not find me.

29 For they hated knowledge

and chose not to fear the Lord.

30 They rejected my advice

and paid no attention when I corrected them.

31 Therefore, they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way,

choking on their own schemes.

32 For simpletons turn away from me—to death.

Fools are destroyed by their own complacency.

33 But all who listen to me will live in peace,

untroubled by fear of harm.”

I Reversed Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease and Ditched 90 mg’s of Rx Thyroid Medicine

June 21, 2022 I stopped taking my Rx thyroid meds. Below is a screenshot of my recent thyroid blood tests from Nov 2, 2022, 4 months later, and the TSH is holding steady. Looks like the thyroid is working just fine. The great testimony is that I had Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, which they told me was “incurable”. It was 2016 when my thyroid doctor told me my lab work no longer showed any evidence of Hashimoto’s and here we are no longer requiring the Rx meds. What a celebration!

If you want to know how I did this, you’ll have to read the book. While there was a single remedy I took at the end of this story that seemed to flip the thyroid back on I’m not certain that can be expected without all the other steps I took. If you read the Getting Well God’s Way book you’ll see that we do in fact live in a self-healing organism but there’s a lot we need to know about taking care of it. We have to give it what it needs and not do things that prevent it from healing.

This is the company I used to have the blood/urine test done here in my own home:

I usually have a hair analysis done once a year at the same time as my hormone testing and essential metals test mentioned above. This is the company I use for my hair analysis:

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“reading, reading, reading your book, and wondering why it isn’t mandatory reading for all!”

GWGW Reader comment (5)


A few of the comments from people reading the book!

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“If you are willing to improve your health, develop and deepen your relationship with your Creator, and become available for a transformed life, read Kathy’s book.”

The book is getting phenomenal reviews.  I’ve now had a second person tell me that the introduction has dropped them to their knees in tears.  When I was writing the book I had this sense that it was a powerful message.  I will also admit there was level of fear and hope that I wasn’t wrong, but essentially an inner drive kept prompting me on and is the reason I allowed the journey to continue even though it was taking everything from me.  I talk in the book about how anything of real value will have an equal and opposite “push back” which to me explained why the price I was paying to write it was so high.  I posted a graphic on Facebook recently that said “If God asked you to write a book that you knew would take away your marriage, your child, grandchildren and more, would you?  It continues to be an interesting thread.  Losing my family was hard but I knew this book was being called in by God and that it’s quite possible I came to Earth to live this story to write this book.  It’s a vital message for humanity at a critical time.

“I was not compensated by goods, gifts, or services for writing this review. I first had the pleasure of hearing Kathy as a guest on Lloyd Burrell’s Electric Sense radio interview in which she explained how she overcame EMF (electromagnetic field) sensitivity by changes she made in her home. She was articulate, personable, had a sense of humor, and had spiritual depth (believed in God). I decided she had a message I needed to investigate, so I bought her book.

“Getting Well God’s Way” is four resources combined together:
1. A detailed resource list of alternative healing modalities and supplements Kathy used to heal herself from her health challenges. She is a detailed researcher and has provided the reference information and/or links to enable the reader to obtain further info.
2. A comprehensive list of scriptural and other quotations that helped her reshape her belief system and that are worth reflecting upon.
3. The techniques Kathy used to deepen her spiritual connection, align herself with God, and obtain God’s guidance and help.
4. A fascinating autobiographical account of her spiritual growth and development, with anecdotes and examples of interest to those who wish to grow spiritually.
Because of my own health challenges, I was familiar with much of what Kathy discusses. However, she discusses additional topics with which I was unfamiliar, that I will further pursue, to improve my health.
Although Kathy is well versed in the Judeo-Christian tradition, those of us from other religious backgrounds can benefit from her advice to align with our Creator and to surrender to the Creator’s direction for our personal lives. Books on spiritual development and growth often present the insights of the accomplished mystic or saint, and do not provide information on how they progressed from beginner to mature. Reading Kathy’s book is similar to studying with a mystic, and has many helpful tips and advice to how to walk “a closer walk with Thee.”
No book is perfect; this one has a few flaws. I hope the next edition will include a detailed table of contents or an index. However, it’s the message that counts. I am thankful that Kathy Bates has provided such a valuable resource and even has a Facebook page with more information.
If you are willing to improve your health, develop and deepen your relationship with your Creator, and become available for a transformed life, read Kathy’s book. When I read it, I thought of the following quotation from C.S. Lewis:
“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of – throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.” — C.S. Lewis ” Richard L.

Does The Lived-Out Version of Modern Christianity Now Meet the Scriptural Criteria for a False Religion? Yes, it does!


My perspective here is heavily influenced by my story of becoming very ill shortly after giving birth to my first and only child. I did as the modern church model taught me and went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors. The leadership prayed the standard prayer asking God to “give the doctors wisdom in their diagnosis and treatment… Amen.” In the next 18 months, I saw 11 or 12 doctors who through a process that wreaked of flawed logic, eventually named my numerous diseases.  They had no solutions other than prescription drugs to manage my “inevitable” decline.  “Incurable” was the consensus so I canceled all my medical tests and follow up appointments and began chasing GOD down for answers.

Be aware:  This is my story.  I am not recommending that anyone cancel medical tests or abandon their medical relationships or medication.  I’m simply sharing MY STORY. There are plenty of natural health practitioners who can guide you to lifestyle changes and help you reduce your medication.  I didn’t have many options and wasn’t on any medication so I could make some choices you may not be able to make, unaided.  You might choose to read my 300+ page book titled, Getting Well God’s Way, available on the website and on (links at the bottom of this post) while you look for a reputable natural health practitioner and start learning the basic insights on how to care for your body.

First, I had lots of people pray over me and even watched my husband receive a supernatural healing to 3 cracked vertebrae by an Asian man who came through the local churches for a while. I received no healing.  I didn’t understand why God would heal some and not others but the Christians were happy to suggest that I must have some hidden sin that kept me from God’s favor. (John 9:2) I knew that wasn’t true and continued to seek answers. I decided the doctor to doctor search wasn’t in line with my actual, personal beliefs. By demonstration it indicated that I “trusted in, relied on, and had confidence in” humans and a human system.  (Zondervan’s Amplified Bible expounds on the word “believe” in this way consistently.)

Very few humans had performed well in my life thus far so going from human to human in search of answers wasn’t really in line with my true beliefs, which is very important to getting well.  It wasn’t MY beliefs I was following as much as it was just the way the modern culture and churches had adopted and I followed along because I didn’t know any better.  Over time it became clear that this way was failing and that I needed God’s help. I believed with my whole being that He could help me if I just knew how to get that to happen.  I began to truly consider my authentic beliefs, separated from the model, and realized that I also believed that running from doctor to doctor was likely offensive to God. Sure enough I found lots of scriptures condemning human reliance and promising a curse for those doing so. One verse Psalms 33:22 in the Amplified version really got my attention.  It reads “Let Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, be upon us, in proportion to our waiting and hoping for You.”  Those words “in proportion” seemed to jump off the page at me and I realized the cultural/church model I’d been following, although surrounded in prayer and good intentions, had me waiting for doctors and hoping they had my answers in a lot greater proportion than the waiting on and hoping in God.  In fact, going from human to human seemed random and self-reliant at best.  I wanted to change the priority of my seeking and START WITH GOD instead of doing what the culture taught and dragging God along with me.  It made sense to stop everything and start over with a different emphasis.  I wanted God to direct my steps which would then seem like my reliance was in the right place and my follow-through would then be an act of obedience. So, I canceled several tests and the follow-up medical appointments and slid down the kitchen wall and cried.  It was a cry of surrender, repentance, relinquishment, and an appeal for God’s help.

Six months passed without any profound revelation but I maintained my stance. Although my health had continued to decline that was true even with a dozen doctors involved so I continued my course.  My faith was now solely invested in God and I was waiting and hoping solely for Him.  If that “in proportion” thing was right then I wanted 100% of my “waiting and hoping” to be invested in God so that He would 100% show up on my behalf.  Sure enough I had a profound encounter with God during a prayer six months after I canceled all my medical appointments.  I received the most amazing hug I’ve ever had in my life and heard a voice say “Everything’s going to be okay but you have to do exactly what I tell you to do.  Do you understand?”  I was then led to a book on my kitchen shelf, which was the first of many books about regaining my health that I’d read in the next few years.  I was then led to clean out my pantry, refrigerator, and medicine cabinet of all man made, chemically-laden products.

I became keenly aware of an Unseen Presence that seemed so close that I could feel It’s breath on my neck and hear guidance about more ways I needed to change my life.  I was inspired to read incessantly and made definitive changes to my lifestyle. I eventually reversed my Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease, my Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, my all-seasons battle with allergies, recurrent infections, bursitis, intestinal woes, hormone issues and more.  I heard this Loving Presence gently scold me “…For goodness sake girl care about what you put in your body and what it does to you. Don’t just eat anything you find on the store shelves. This is a fallen world.  They have different standards than I do for you.” I got a horrific, wonderful, life-shaking education while gathering less and less respect for human “institutions” who should’ve known better and done better.

God made the point that there was no reason for Him to heal someone if they didn’t know what was making them sick.  “If they’re healed and return to the same diet, lifestyle, relationships, and environment that produced disease in the first place, they will only become sick again.  Remember ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.'”  I spent the next few years immersed in reading and learning how many ways we’re making ourselves sick that cannot be prayed away or reversed with a drug. It takes knowledge now to stay healthy; knowledge beyond what a pharmaceutically-trained medical doctor has and even beyond the modern pastors’ ability to pray an effective prayer. They can’t teach what they don’t know so the flock suffers, the culture suffers, and so does the testimony of Christianity.

I had no idea that doctors didn’t take classes in nutrition; that they only study diseases, drugs and surgery.  If your condition is due to something you’re doing to yourself isn’t it a little silly to just pop a pill instead of determining the cause and addressing that? And if the pastor/shepherd has no relevant knowledge how can they even hope to help their flock?  In fact, they have farmed-out the care of their own flock to a system of healing that’s completely void of wisdom and understanding and puts God in a secondary position.

In time, God taught me that John was injured and needed a Divine healing and my circumstances required me to be educated about my condition. In my case, it was the FDA-approved mercury amalgam fillings in my teeth that were creating an autoimmune disease and a rampant decline in my health.  Beyond questioning why this practice is still allowed while we know that mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, I also learned that some people have genes that keep them from being able to process mercury and other toxins as easily as others.  Remember the Mad Hatter?  Back in the 19th century felts used to make hats were preserved with mercury.  Those working in this occupation along with some who merely wore the hats developed Mad Hatter Syndrome and yet, it’s still used.  I then learned that the proper authorities won’t admit this and strongly discourage any dentists from acknowledging this to avoid liability.  I further learned that our government oversight agencies had become wrought with fraud in the food and drug arena and there are major cover-ups and corruption; this was just one of many human failures.

It wasn’t hidden sin, it wasn’t incurable, and no amount of prescription pills, nor prayers so limited that they only acknowledged the modern pharmaceutical method was going to fix me! I had to have them removed and replaced by a dentist trained in this highly toxic procedure and then I spent over a year doing all kinds of detox methods. Although I’m no longer sick this is a heavy metal that stores in organs and bones so it’s a relevant consideration in my health now and can make me more vulnerable to other problems.

Mainstream medicine and the FDA’s “it’s perfectly safe” turns out wasn’t quite true.  It isn’t much of a surprise that humans would be capable of this.  Jesus told us that we’re being sent in as sheep among wolves, that there’s an enemy here we should be looking for, and how we need to remain set apart seeking God and His ways.  We were warned! What was surprising is that the modern church has fallen fully into compliance with this flawed model and even formed an unholy reliance upon it to the exclusion of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and insight.

One day my car battery wouldn’t start and my husband poured a soft drink on the battery connectors.  As I watched it eating the corrosion down to shiny metal I heard God ask, “Now tell me again why you’ll pour that over ice and drink it.”  I felt like an idiot. It was these moments that made me realize we’d lost our common sense as the churches now almost all have Coke machines on their campus just like the culture at large.  We have lapsed into a cultural coma where we mindlessly do whatever standard the television and status quo dictates instead of seeking God’s ways. Again, we are doing this in direct conflict to biblical teaching.

A few years into my repentance I would need this same sole reliance on God’s leading after I fell twelve feet from an unrailed bridge into a shallow river and broke my spine.  My x-rays showed I was a paraplegic but God wasn’t surprised by this event.  In fact, there was a visitation by an angelic light nine months earlier which caused a different outcome and was even recorded in a journal. I was further injured 18 months later and again this event was preceded by a word of knowledge shared with my then husband.  I was in horrendous pain for most of 11 years. Again, I grabbed onto God and sought guidance.  As God walked me through the methods and resources to truly heal my body I watched in horror as this pharmaceutically-minded culture turned many pain patients into full blown pharmaceutical junkies, which has now evolved into a historic opiate addiction issue in the culture.  Those “pain clinics” are essentially legal drug dealers, not healers.

Both circumstances of illness and injury meant that I had to completely leave the beaten path to get well and boy are there social penalties for doing so, even in the churches! As I read about soft drinks being used as a solvent to clean blood from highways and how the intense acidity level in these drinks radically shifts the pH of the blood out of a healthy range it was obvious to me that this was a disrespectful way to treat my body which is in fact a gift from God and the temple of the Holy Spirit. I found lots of scriptures telling me that there were innate consequences and that I would reap what I sowed. There was no provision that said, “Unless you know who Jesus is.”  Satan knows who Jesus is “and trembles.”  We don’t even do that!  In fact, it’s so strongly worded in scripture that it seems we have a greater responsibility to live a lifestyle based on wisdom, discipline, knowledge, and understanding because we claim to know Jesus Christ. I saw nothing to substantiate what I saw being done inside of modern Christianity.  As I passed the Coke machines at the churches and saw the junk food passed out at every social it became clear that one of us was wrong.  I understood what God was showing me. What I didn’t understand or expect was the hostile rebellion I’d receive from other Christians. They wanted nothing to do with this message or my conviction that this should be part of our walk of faith, individually and corporately.  I saw no variation in the churches we attended over many years. They all had this same limited approach to health and healing. Healing was always presented as if it was something that would be prescribed by a doctor or prayed in by a pastor as if the benefactor had no responsibility in the matter.

Sadly, not one piece of information I needed to get well came through mainstream medicine and not one thing I needed to do to get well was covered by insurance.  The same is true of the church.  I laugh at this culture now demanding that everyone have affordable access to this medical system that has no answers in 70 to 80% of the cases. They only pay for Rx drugs and surgery and quite apparently aren’t interested in other methods of getting people well, which should give you a clue about a patient’s true value and their intentions.

Likely the best resource I own is a Zondervan’s Dictionary of Bible Themes.   It lists ideas and themes by topic and then gives scripture references to back up the point of view presented. After going through the tumultuous experience of getting well outside of cultural norms I have an awareness I cannot tame.  The level of damage being done to the testimony of Christianity is overwhelming to me.  Christianity is a collective!  We may each be having our own experience but as a group we can and should have a profound impact on the culture around us.  When I look at the disease statistics today and listen to the prayer requests at churches it’s clear to me that the world has had a much greater impact on Christianity than Christianity has had on the world!

So, I recently looked up false religion in that dictionary and it lists the following attributes:

  • it ensnares it adherents,
  • offers no help in time of need,
  • prevents people from finding the truth,
  • it devalues, degrades and defies,
  • leads to immorality,
  • enslaves,
  • receives the full force of God’s anger.

First, when the modern churches are bringing Coke machines and junk food into the church they are ordaining them as an approved lifestyle. These manmade products are full of chemicals and without question do harm to the physical body.  Junk food wasn’t addressed in scripture because it didn’t exist when the Bible was written.  It would however fall under the doctrine of wisdom versus foolishness and certainly would fall under the care of our body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is sacred.

Instead of being taught God’s way to live I was being shown a lived-out model of Christianity that taught that I can eat and drink anything I want and when the consequences of that behavior showed up that I could go to the pastor/shepherd/leadership and they would pray a magic prayer for the medical doctors to essentially know which pill to give me.  The same doctors who have never taken a course in nutrition, usually have a soft drink machine outside of their office, and have participated in selling a lie that pills produce health.  At no point was I confronted with any truth that could change the course I was on.  In fact if I were a timid and compliant person who needed the approval of others, I’m pretty sure I’d have suffered horribly and died prematurely for trusting in, relying on, and having confidence in these erroneous, culturally-conformed teachings that have invaded the modern church. I watch the many who are in fact “ensnared” by their lack of knowledge and their inability to think outside of typical dogma.

Second, by praying a prayer that only acknowledges mainstream medical doctors the sick person is encouraged towards mainstream medical doctors to the exclusion of any other methods that might actually bring some help!  Everyone acts like mainstream medicine is the only option.  It’s not!  There’s a lot of amazing natural health practitioners out there but insurance won’t pay for their services.  There’s a growing number of traditionally-trained doctors who are going into natural methods but you’ll generally have to pay cash because the insurance companies won’t reimburse what actually makes people well.  It’s one method to secure the patron will only come to you, even if their remedies aren’t the solution.  It’s been so entrenched that people can’t think outside of this model.  They’ve been trained by the television which sells 80% of their advertising to pharmaceutical drug manufacturers so they are no longer a source of truth…and again the churches have ordained this model to the detriment of the nation and again, the testimony of Christianity has been damaged.  I now haven’t been to a mainstream medical doctor for illness since 1989.  Can you imagine if most of professing Christians had this same testimony?  Yes, these teachings offered me no help in my time of need.

Again, I will stress that the only reason I was able to break out of the group-think is because I learned long ago not to trust in humans and I was being immersed in an experience that showed me what was possible when my faith (in God) was rightly directed.  As I went through this journey I was shunned, made to feel tolerated, and basically I was being punished socially for taking a different path.  Most people would’ve caved in and gone along to get along.  I’m much more invested in truth but want you to see that YES, this way, would absolutely prevent many from finding the truth and insights I share in the 300+ page book, Getting Well God’s Way.

Devalues, degrades and defies?

Have you ever stopped to imagine what it might be like to be a child of royalty? Wouldn’t you imagine that the idea that  “You can’t act like that, you are part of the Royal Family…” is a relevant topic.  What God shared with me is that I am in fact a “child of The King” and certain trashy foods that undermine my health is not wise or appropriate for who I am.  To treat the human body, this temple of the Holy Spirit, as if it matters not what we eat and drink and how we live “devalues” and “degrades” it.  To bring Coke machines and junk food to the church campus presents a doctrine by model that says we aren’t the children of The King, just commoners.  It’s degraded or down-graded in importance, compared to how God sees it!  The final blow is that these teachings “defy” so I went to look it up and one of the examples is “defies authority.”  In this case, I take that to mean that we are in defiance of God, His authority, and His ways of wisdom, knowledge, understanding WHILE accepting the ways of the world, the way of foolishness, the way of ignorance and putting His name on it.  We have essentially conformed Him to the image of the god we want instead of worshiping Him on His terms.

Does it lead to immorality?  Well, synonyms for immorality are wicked, depraved, corrupt, and dishonest so let’s see if this modern church model has taken us there.  In my view, when you hold yourself out as a pastor, teacher, shepherd, a church, and then teach people that they can eat and drink anything they want and have no lifestyle that resembles wisdom, discipline, and understanding in direct contrast to scriptural teaching this is wicked, depraved, corrupt, and dishonest.  Beyond that, it creates statistics that are quite an indictment against the adherents belief system.  Sources cited in my book, Getting Well God’s Way, reveal that 73 to 88% of people in the US identify themselves as “Christians” so whatever “Christians” believe” and DO establishes the quality of the entire culture.  It’s just a numbers thing.  If they all eat and drink health-destroying food products and believe the lie that a pill will erase the consequences, then the culture is sickly and the pill-pushers get rich off the deception and the congregants are incapable of taking care of themselves; they’re dependent victims.  If modern Christians decide to live the true teachings of their Bible and get well according to God’s ways then that too would establish a quality in the culture.

So let’s see where we are:

Most recently the 2014 Social Index Report shows the US to be in last place for life expectancy among 70 other economically-equal countries. Our infant mortality rate is worse than Cuba and the disease statistics are going through the roof.

The US makes up 5% of the global population and consumes 70% of the global market of pharmaceutical drugs.  (If drugs worked we should be 70% healthier than the rest of the world it seems.)  So if 73 to 88% of the US claims they are Christians and yet we consume 70% of the pharmaceutical drug market, that indicates quite clearly that the Christians are sustaining the pharmaceutical drug market!

The most disturbing statistic is that the Baby Boomers are the largest group to ever go through the Medicare system and people are sicker than they’ve ever been.  Nobody knows how to get well or stay well because they all bought into the pill-for-every-ill idea and now they’re just lazy and uninformed about getting well and staying well.  There is no money set aside for this expense and it’s estimated to be ten times our national debt! ($190 TRILLION)  

Quite ironically, it appears we are going to go over a financial cliff from self-indulgence and human reliance while ignoring any personal responsibility or responsibility for the testimony of TRUE Christianity!  You might want to stop and think about how God’s going to view this since Christianity was supposed to be the bearers of light to show others the way.  Again, according to Zondervan’s Dictionary of Bible Themes “Faithlessness is equal to disobedience.”

By spending so much money in the pharmaceutical industry consumers have created a system that is corrupting our health, our economy, our government, true science, our media, our environment, and more.  Fraud, deception, and now “medical kidnapping” incidents are happening at an alarming level so they can test drugs on kids in the CPS system, which only requires one signature.  ( One story in my files happened in Pflugerville, Texas, a neighboring suburb.  The most famous may have been the Jennifer Peltier case but it’s more widespread and less talked about.  Reportedly, Arizona’s CPS system has doubled it’s child capture rate for the last two consecutive years.  There’s more going on here than you know; much more.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” I Peter 5:8

As well, in an 18 month period between July of 2015 and December of 2016, I think the last count was nearing 60+ holistic doctors that have died under mysterious circumstances, and our pharmaceutically-supported media is silent.  Reportedly they found disturbing ingredients in vaccines; ingredients known to cause cancer and to keep the body from utilizing Vitamin D, which essentially cripples your immune system.  Some of these doctors were getting patients well and one rumor suggested that one of the doctors was about to go public before his office was visited by the government and the next day he was found floating in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Massive fraud has been documented by a lead scientist whistleblower at the CDC with 10,000 supporting documents!  Did you hear that?  The LEAD SCIENTIST in a study is coming forward with evidence of corruption in the vaccine oversight agency and one-half of our children will be injured by these practices and our government will not subpoena him.  You can watch the documentary detailing this at  So, who will serve in our military when half of our children are disabled?  Who will pay to take care of these severely damaged adults after their parents pass away? This one subject alone is overwhelming but unavoidably must be dealt with and yet the Body of Christ is uninformed and unconcerned, to say the least.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 5:11 that we are to have nothing to do with evil but are to expose it.  Instead, the post-pharmaceutical age of churches have ordained it’s use to the exclusion of their own teachings, and to the exclusion of wisdom and common sense.  The modern churches have conformed completely to the culture when Romans 12:2 reads “Do not be conformed to this world….”

I’d say the vast portion of our culture is in fact enslaved.  They can’t get out of the cycle without being taught how to take care of their body and from what I’ve seen the modern church has no knowledge and thus far hasn’t been interested in teaching them.  We are facing a $190 Trillion-dollar expense with no money set aside so I’d say the next few generations are enslaved, if we survive what’s ahead.

It’s also a form of brainwashing as people are completely mindless in their pursuit of health and healing in this model.  They get a symptom, go forward for prayer,  and run to the doctor.  They go get a pill and go back to the same lifestyle and environment that produced the issues in the first place.  “Go and sin no more or something worse may come upon you” indicates the need to change something or identify the root cause! No consideration is given to what they may be doing to accelerate dis-ease and they receive no instruction;  just hand-holding and well-meaning looks of concern.  How sad!

Over the years I’ve had modern Christians say “My spirit is the part going to heaven, not my body…  You shouldn’t judge people for what they eat…  They’re nice people…”  First of all that is not what the Bible teaches. In The Message version of the Bible I Corinthians 6:19b reads, “The physical part of you is not some piece of property belonging to the spiritual part of you.  God owns the whole works…so let people see God in and through your body…”  There are many more verses; one even states that people who put their fleshly appetite as a higher priority than God “are enemies of the cross of Christ.”  It’s all in the book I wrote.

Also, I do not purport to judge a person’s soul; that’s God’s job but we are given the duty to discern or qualify good from evil and wisdom versus foolishness in ourselves and others; judgment is required in order to do that.

Next, God doesn’t care how nice we are if we are deluded, sickly, supporting evil, and investing our trust in human institutions over and above Him, especially while providing a bad testimony of Christianity to the world.  Christians need to remember that Hezekiah destroyed the bronze serpent because it had become an object of worship just like the mainstream medical system of today.

Since repenting of my former way and conforming to God’s ways I have not needed a medical doctor for illness, since 1989.  When I was injured not only was I grateful for their surgical skills but also for the knowledge God gave me which vastly accelerated my healing.  I had nurses from three floors coming to meet me as the rumors spread about my body’s healing abilities.  I was happy to testify about the God that taught me the importance of self-care as a means of worship and honor to my Creator.  I’m still having to differentiate myself from this modern Christianity and have even seen an atheist client convert from hearing my stories.  She understood the need for a God that would teach, engage, and even require diligence of those who profess to love Him.  “If you love me keep my commandments.” Meanwhile pastors at the modern churches seem too intimidated to require much of their congregants.  They just clean the pacifiers and offer them a soft drink, a sincere conversation, and a heartfelt prayer.  They never see the bigger picture it seems.  How sad that this witness has been rejected in favor of such carnal desires but then He did say “even the very elect” will be fooled.

If you find this information shocking that’s a barometer on how IN the world you are. Your lack of knowledge is an indictment about your priorities in life.  The state of this “Christian Nation’s” health is an indictment on Christianity’s failure and conformity to a foolish and reckless world. God is calling The True Church to WAKE UP and “come out of her.”  Will they answer?

Shepherds…. According to Henry Blackaby, author of Created to Be God’s Friend, Experiencing God, and a notable Christian educator and elder…. you are responsible for the character and health of your flock and before God you will answer for the impact, or lack thereof, on the culture.

Believer’s…You will not escape by blaming the pastors.

Remember, “Not all who say Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven…”

The words sorcery, witchraft, and pharmakeia (the use of drugs, medicines, or spells) same, same.  Referenced in Strong’s Concordance – 5331)  With this in mind let’s read Revelations 18:23

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

One final comment.  I found a scripture 2 Timothy 2: 3-5 ends with “…their conduct nullifies their claims of faith.”  It seriously is about what we DO.  This way is not of God!


I strongly suggest you go spend a few minutes cruising the rest of this blog to see what God’s been up to over the last few years.  I need to update at least one testimonial but you’ll get the point.

You can order a signed copy of the book on the website by clicking on the link below: 

It’s also available on Amazon in paperback by clicking on the link below:  

Please note that I am offering it on Kindle under protest because I don’t think screen time is a good idea when you have the option to avoid it.  It’s also the kind of book that people like to wag around and write in and dog ear the pages.  I recently updated the manuscript to reflect a recent health issue from exposure to electromagnetic fields. It was yet another act of God saying “I’m going to interrupt your life and show you something that I need you humans to see.”  Again, He walked me through an education about our unprecedented use of electronics with little understanding about what it’s doing to our health.  Because the human body is bio-electric it will attract electric fields which is a reason we ground our homes and buildings.  Some balk at this idea for reasons that amuse me.  It’s just common sense after you shock someone when static electricity builds up.  Some equipment won’t work unless properly grounded. As it turns out that mercury that was put in my teeth that caused autoimmune disease makes me even more of an “antenna” according to most sources so I’m having to learn how to address yet another issue from human error. Our body is not grounded since we are no longer connected to the Earth’s protective field in our daily lives and many, many diseases are originating due to this “dirty” electrical environment.

     Humanity is bringing new forms of very dense MANMADE energies into our living environment with reckless abandon and from what I’ve seen in the food and drug arena it’s clear that this will be yet another area for devastating consequences but it’s good for business if you’re in mainstream medicine.  It’s this issue that brings in a true visceral sense of the Holy Spirit grieving.  Every time I think about what I’m learning God brings my attention to the knowledge that they’re even installing toxic electrical equipment, such as the alarm system box in baby’s rooms, Wifi, and Smart Meters on the neighboring wall without questioning anything.  So it wasn’t really a shock to hear a microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy talk about crib death from EMF (electromagnetic fields) exposure; proving yet again that running to a doctor can be fruitless and dangerous as the real threat is undiscovered.

I created another blog to share the insights of this leg of the journey.  You should go spend some time there, FOLLOW both blogs and you’ll be able to see where this story goes from here.  A podcast seems likely in the near future so come up beside me and learn how you might help GOD get his message out. The shortened version of this blog page title is Click on the link below:

We are living in a different world.  Once you understand that most of our illnesses are due to our lifestyle and environment then you’ll understand why taking a pill won’t fix it. Give glory to God by getting well!  Your health is part of your testimony and the collective testimony of Christianity could be vastly improved if they’d develop “health” and live that in contrast to the established ways of the world where the wrong ideas are being promoted and sustained.

I pray you’ll feel compelled to read the book God had me write.  The Body of Christ has in fact drifted off into a false religion.  It’s as inappropriate as dressing up like a cop.  The church isn’t supposed to just look like a lighthouse in a storm, it’s supposed to be one, to have answers, wisdom, knowledge….and yet, it turns out to be a mirage in cases of physical health issues.  It’s very sad compared to what could be.

May God have mercy on us as we seek to correct our path.



Cervical Dystonia Testimonial

For those who don’t know, Cervical Dystonia means the person is unable to hold their head up.

Sometimes the testimonials I share are truly miraculous healings that defy explanation other than the God-factor.  Other times it’s something the person needs to adjust in their lifestyle.  God taught me that it makes no sense to do a miraculous healing on someone if they don’t know what they’re doing or not doing to contribute to the issue.  So sometimes, it’s knowledge that’s needed. along with whatever He may choose to add to it but KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING are always a good foundation to build on to our faith.

A precious lady came to a speaking event. She had cervical dystonia so she was sitting in a chair at the back of the room with her head supported by the wall. When I bent over to introduce myself I heard what sounded like a camera shutter and instantly remembered a story I’d read about a young lady who was an Olympic athlete.  She’d collapsed on stage in a competition and it turned out to be mercury poisoning from her dental fillings. Some people are highly sensitive to this due to genetics.  They were a HUGE part of why my own body was developing disease.  I quickly recognized that God was showing me what was causing her issue and suggested that she ask her dentist about the presence of mercury fillings and warned her of the need to use someone trained in the proper removal of them as they are a toxin and if not done correctly you can be poisoned become very ill. I also believe it can matter which tooth has the filling as there are now clear associations between specific teeth and meridian pathways that affect specific organs, tissues and glands. You can see from this image how the nerves from the teeth run across the brain.  As well, mercury can cause the brain to set up what’s called “neural networks” that I think of as barriers to protect highly sensitive areas of the brain from being damaged.  In time your brain can become partitioned off and will affect your ability to use all of it at the same time.  This happened to me and I had to go through some “brain state conditioning” to clear it up AFTER I had them removed and spent 18-24 months detoxing.  There are many methods to do so.  Just search “how to detox mercury from the body” or “aluminum” or whatever your test results show; usually it’s several metals.

  Screenshot (1255)

She found out that she had ONE and had it replaced and within a few hours she was able to stand without holding her head up manually. AFTER 22 YEARS OF DOCTOR’S NOT KNOWING, instant improvement.  They’d been giving her botox injections in her neck for 12 years and were about to do a deep brain implant with no assurance it would help.

I then began doing energetic healing prayer work on her (detailed in the Getting Well God’s Way book) and then we began visiting and getting to know each other which can deepen the connection.  We were both so excited by her story that I was doing work on her almost daily.  Suddenly one day she reported that her neck was more “floppy” than it had been and the next day it was even worse.  So I considered, (or more likely God spoke and I understood), that it can be important to let the changes taking place from the session have time to process.  “A rest in the music is as important as the beat.”   We let cakes rest.  We let a pot roast rest.  Rest is not non-action. So I didn’t work on her for four days.  On the fourth day I did about 5 minutes or so before bed and fell asleep. On the fifth day I worked on her for about 20 minutes and sent her the following text and got her answer.  I’m amused that this work is so powerful that I have to slow down to let the body process it.  This woman lives in another city but it doesn’t matter.  Just like Jesus healing the Centurion’s daughter he never had to even see her.  What an interesting way to learn about physics and subtle energies that we see even in scripture.

Lots and lots of lessons in this story.

You can search for a qualified dentist by going to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology website at or by using the search terms of “mercury-free dentist” or “biological dentist”.

Here’s a site that shows an Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart that you might find helpful:

It was an amazing experience but THEN GOD had something else He wanted to show me to share with others and it’s something we’re doing as a culture that literally knocked the healing gift out of commission for several years.  I touched the screen of my iPhone 5C and a pain shot up my arm that instantly changed my life.  Over the next few days I realized I’d become highly sensitive to wireless technology.  Even the wiring errors in our home, which I assume are common in many homes, became a life-threatening event.  And when the electricians came to help us, the older one told us he was recovering from tail bone cancer and then he stuck his cell phone in his back pocket.  I questioned if he’d thought about a correlation and he almost turned white.  Then his younger co-worker shouted “OMGosh my brother had the same kind of rare cancer and his was in his brain behind his left ear…”  I now know 5 people with cancer from their cell phones and when I posted that comment on Facebook a doctor’s wife/friend wrote “I know dozens”.

The healing gift is now back but I RARELY use it because we’re all surrounded with this high-tech, health-destroying technology.  Nobody told us these cell phones are actually emitting microwave radiation!  And the Wi-Fi is 245 BILLION cycles per second of microwave radiation blazing through your home and office and most of us now have a FORCED Smart Meter (electric meter) that is bringing a toxic form of “Dirty Electricity” into our home wiring.  If you have mercury fillings in your teeth or get/have gotten vaccinated then you’ll likely be more reactive but this electrical “stuff” actually accumulates in our body’s so at any time, when the oxidative stress levels reach a certain level, symptoms can suddenly begin.  You can have a hair analysis done for $65 (last I knew) and it will give you detailed information about your metal content and more.

You can learn more about them at this link:

I have used Analytical Research Labs for my clients:

Doctor’s Data is another reputable provider:

You can also request a serum/blood test to determine these metals.  Check with your doctor or check with a walk-in lab such as:

I now work from a hard-wired, grounded and shielded laptop with an external grounded keyboard, a wired mouse and I’m sitting on a grounding pad wearing blue light blocker glasses.  Until people learn and change the way they’re living, I don’t see any point in doing the healing work. Most will only pick up their cell phone and text a friend sitting in Wi-Fi and have a “Smart Meter” at their home and office.  I just don’t see the point until we get educated and clean up our electrical world and I honestly don’t see that happening voluntarily.

You can also visit the I created to share this message/warning here:

I hope you find this information helpful and encouraging. May GOD be with you on your journey.



A healing testimonial about a long history of scary pap test results!

This may be a tad bit long, but I wanted to be thorough.

I’m no actor, I’m a real person & this is a (my) real story. I’m a (43 year old) woman who’s been fighting a battle with pre-cervical cancer since I was 17, that’s 26 years.
I’m no stranger to & all too familiar with abnormal papsmear results varying from LGSIL, HGSIL, CIN I, CIN II, CIN III.
For those, not-so-medical, folks that may not understand that terminology, those are levels of dysplasia (levels of abnormalities of the cells) & grades of severity of the lesions in the cervix & my levels have bounced around all over the charts for years.
I’ve had cryosurgeries, COUNTLESS numbers of colposcopies & numerous LEEPs, which are procedures to remove the affected cells & tissues.
In just November of 2015, my results came back as ASCUS with suspicious HGSIL. Now what that means is: atypical squamos cells of unknown significance with suspicious High Grade Squamous Intraepitheleal Lesion, remember that word…High Grade.
It was at this point, like I have so many other times in the past, reached out to Kathy Bates for guidance, advisement & support.
As she always has & does, Kathy leaped into action to once again fill my brain with knowledge, & as per her unending vault of knowledge, I immediately began a tampon-delivered silver treatment along with a (organic) molasses-baking powder drink treatment.
Last week I had a repeat papsmear. Today, the nurse reported my results to me, of ASCUS…period.
Now not to question the nurse, but I had to ask her: “…and” & she repeated that’s it. So I asked: “just ASCUS? no CIN, no dyplasia, no lesion whether LG or HG?”. She repeats: “No, just ASCUS, period”. So I ask her: “do you mind, with my LONG history of abnormalities, asking the doctor how this compares with previous results & abnormalities, please?”. She concurs but puts the doctor on, as apparently he was handy.
The doctor informs me my level of abnormality is lower grade abnormality than it ever has been (but still wants to do another colposcopy, JUST because of the family history of ovarian & uterine cancer & JUST to be entirely safe & thorough for me”. To most of you this would sound very concerning & worrisome, but to me, for my individualized circumstances, I am overjoyed.
The moral of the story is…After having abnormality suspicious for a HIGH GRADE lesion in November, now, after trying the (silver & baking soda/molasses) treatments recommended by Kathy Bates, today, just 5 months later, I am happy to report my results are more normal & less worrisome/concerning than they ever have been, & I believe it in my heart & with everything within me, that I owe this & it all to Kathy Bates & her treatment recommendations.
I’m sure there are vast number of women going through, that may go through or have gone through the things I have and am, & I speak out so that they may know, one, that they are not alone, but two/also that there are options, they have options & choices of how they treat themselves & what goes into their bodies FOR their bodies. Have faith in it, Believe in it!
I love you Kathy, and always will!!!
and here’s her recent update from September of 2019
Phoenix Testimonial

Walking in Faith

Something seems to have taken me over. I’m writing like a maniac. Maybe it’s because the manuscript I’ve been working on for 19 years, cataloging my journey is finally with the editor.  I’m running out of money and credit and feel like the pavement is coming more clearly into view. 

When circumstances FORCED ME mid-project… I JUMPED, determined to be happy and supported and truly loved and to complete my mission without resident forces working to the contrary.  I guess I finally had to choose.  That’s unfortunate but I had God and a bunch of serendipitous connected events propelling me forward, making me believe (some were pure magic) like Heaven was playing with me.

Now I’m actually approaching people in the film industry BECAUSE doors are opening before me and those are the things that make me keep going, OPEN DOORS.

I hope you’re able to feel the exhilaration I’m feeling.


Thoughts in my head:

Stupid speculative crazy dreamer. Ughhhhhh


I covet your prayers for increased discernment, increased faith, steadiness of mind, provision, a deep sense of security or the right JOB.

Unfortunately to produce something like this book which will confront many people, ideas and call humanity to step up their game, to awaken and now the screenplay.  This requires a lot of solitude, a pace in life not caught up in busyness.  I guess it’s feels like birthing.  Sacred, active and intentional.

Seriously, please pray for me.

That rational, logical  unbelieving me would just like to have a job but I get it.

I get it that this is important, maybe more important than even I understand.

Heart be still

Mind be still

Spirit, LISTEN




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