A healing testimonial about a long history of scary pap test results!

This may be a tad bit long, but I wanted to be thorough.

I’m no actor, I’m a real person & this is a (my) real story. I’m a (43 year old) woman who’s been fighting a battle with pre-cervical cancer since I was 17, that’s 26 years.
I’m no stranger to & all too familiar with abnormal papsmear results varying from LGSIL, HGSIL, CIN I, CIN II, CIN III.
For those, not-so-medical, folks that may not understand that terminology, those are levels of dysplasia (levels of abnormalities of the cells) & grades of severity of the lesions in the cervix & my levels have bounced around all over the charts for years.
I’ve had cryosurgeries, COUNTLESS numbers of colposcopies & numerous LEEPs, which are procedures to remove the affected cells & tissues.
In just November of 2015, my results came back as ASCUS with suspicious HGSIL. Now what that means is: atypical squamos cells of unknown significance with suspicious High Grade Squamous Intraepitheleal Lesion, remember that word…High Grade.
It was at this point, like I have so many other times in the past, reached out to Kathy Bates for guidance, advisement & support.
As she always has & does, Kathy leaped into action to once again fill my brain with knowledge, & as per her unending vault of knowledge, I immediately began a tampon-delivered silver treatment along with a (organic) molasses-baking powder drink treatment.
Last week I had a repeat papsmear. Today, the nurse reported my results to me, of ASCUS…period.
Now not to question the nurse, but I had to ask her: “…and” & she repeated that’s it. So I asked: “just ASCUS? no CIN, no dyplasia, no lesion whether LG or HG?”. She repeats: “No, just ASCUS, period”. So I ask her: “do you mind, with my LONG history of abnormalities, asking the doctor how this compares with previous results & abnormalities, please?”. She concurs but puts the doctor on, as apparently he was handy.
The doctor informs me my level of abnormality is lower grade abnormality than it ever has been (but still wants to do another colposcopy, JUST because of the family history of ovarian & uterine cancer & JUST to be entirely safe & thorough for me”. To most of you this would sound very concerning & worrisome, but to me, for my individualized circumstances, I am overjoyed.
The moral of the story is…After having abnormality suspicious for a HIGH GRADE lesion in November, now, after trying the (silver & baking soda/molasses) treatments recommended by Kathy Bates, today, just 5 months later, I am happy to report my results are more normal & less worrisome/concerning than they ever have been, & I believe it in my heart & with everything within me, that I owe this & it all to Kathy Bates & her treatment recommendations.
I’m sure there are vast number of women going through, that may go through or have gone through the things I have and am, & I speak out so that they may know, one, that they are not alone, but two/also that there are options, they have options & choices of how they treat themselves & what goes into their bodies FOR their bodies. Have faith in it, Believe in it!
I love you Kathy, and always will!!!
and here’s her recent update from September of 2019
Phoenix Testimonial

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