In 1989 my health was imploding on many levels. I went forward for prayer many, many times. I attended a few healing services where others were healed miraculously (my ex’s fractured spine included). I meditated on scripture that promised I was/would be healed, “by His stripes.” I listened to their prayers for the “doctors to have wisdom in their diagnosis and treatment” of me.

After seeing 11 doctors in 18 months, some were specialist’s referred by a specialist, it became clear that they did not have my answers. I woke up one day and canceled three pending medical tests and all doctors appointments and slid down the wall of my kitchen in tears. I was exhausted from searching and somehow I just knew this approach was wrong. I loved God, believed God loved me and had my best interest at heart. While the entire Christian culture relied on this way it just didn’t seem right. It seemed that God was on the fringe watching when I wanted Him central and directing my footsteps. What was all this searching among the humans about? Did God really mean for me to have to run around looking for answers and hoping by some random chance that if I turned over enough rocks I’d stumble upon them?

I followed intuition in the beginning but along the way I found this verse in Psalm 33:22. The Amplified version of the Bible reads, “May your loving-kindness and mercy O Lord be available in direct proportion to my waiting and hoping in You.”

Admittedly I was waiting in more doctor’s offices and hoping THEY had my answers which is clearly NOT what scripture directs us to do.

I waited for six months and my state of dis-ease continued to decline but I continued to declare not only my desire and hope to be in God but my actions would now line up with His word.  His loving-kindness and mercy showed up one day while praying my “final prayer” and changed my life.

A few years into this journey He asked that I write a book which I have recently finished after 21 years.  There’s a Facebook page for the book title, Getting Well God’s Way, which is one place I’ll post what’s going on NOW.  Click here to find the Facebook page for the book.

So, AFTER I finished writing the book some amazing things took place to let me know that GOD was moving this message forward which was important for me to know.  When I finished writing what I lovingly call “the book that ripped my life apart” I lifted my laptop up towards heaven and said “Here’s the book You asked me to write.  I have no idea what to do from this point but I need to tell You that You’re going to have to do the marketing GOD.  I’m exhausted.  I’m broke.  I’m deeeeeeply hurt, and frankly I’m a little angry so this next part has to be YOU.”  And so… The first major thing to happen was just two days later when a woman who bought the book said she inserted her thumb nail at a random place and when she opened it her “eyes fell on the name of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  Does she know she’s in your book?…She’s about to.  She’s my neighbor.”  A few months later I flew to Ohio where she surprised me with a visit to the doctor who travels the world but happened to be in town.  After a 30 minute visit the doctor invited me to join her on a national radio show where she introduced me to the world.  LOL…GOD is amazing.  The ink was barely dry on the pages.  Click here to listen to the interview.
So you would think I was up and on my way right? NOPE. GOD had yet another BIG EVENT planned so I could go through yet another experience to warn people with a message that in my opinion, supersedes in urgency, all of the other information in the book; the only exception being how we offend GOD in our Earthly journey perhaps.  This time GOD gave my sister a message for me in a dream sixty days after the book was published.  “Tell Kathy her accolades will follow her restoration.”  I thought He was acknowledging how much I’d been through and letting me know that He was going to give me some time to rest THEN move the mission forward.  NOPE.  He first got me fired from a contract job that paid me well and allowed me to work on the book as it didn’t require a 40-hour work week.  Yep, He gave me two visions showing me what He was about to orchestrate.  One vision on a Tuesday, an almost identical vision on Thursday, and Friday morning I was fired for something I didn’t even do; someone else said something inappropriate and it was attributed to me. I was furious.  Does the injustice ever end GOD?  But I knew that He has me and my life on a leash and I’m NOT in control so He does what needs to be done and my job is to adjust to it and follow His directives. 

Six months passed and I wrote the screenplay He wouldn’t leave me alone about hoping that’s what He wanted and would now allow me to go get a job again.  No, in fact I’ve been unemployed/unemployable now for 3 years!  See I went to upgrade my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5C to pursue new clients in the same line of work and soon learned why GOD had done what He’d done.  I touched the screen of my new cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that changed my life.  I had no idea that a cell phone is a microwave radio, that they emit radiation, that radiation accumulates in the body, and that my body was now saturated.  Wi-Fi is also microwave radiation flooding into our homes, our world. As soon as I was out of the woods enough I added 20 more pages to the book and created another blog.  You can visit it to learn more about the issue that caused GOD to stop my world, Click here!

And now, He’s moving us to the Ozark mountains where I expect over the winter I will finally sit and learn how to organize this effort.  Stay tuned.  Follow the blogs. LIKE the Facebook page, hopefully you’ll read the book, and we’ll see where He takes this.

Kathy Bates

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  1. kathyb108
    Sep 02, 2018 @ 01:24:02

    I’ll do so in a few days. My body needs a break from the computer lately. TY…you must’ve gotten my telepathic message about this. 🙂


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