May 27th, 1990, A. D.

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Getting Well God’s WayNew Insights for a New Era

and the Public Health Warning (Featured Post) on the

May 27th, 1990, A.D.

I wrote down a message GOD spoke to me.

“Isaiah 54 Shall Apply” is what it read.

I noted it in a first adult journal and then I went to bed.

28 years went by before someone brought this back to mind.

When I went back to read it, I was amazed by what I’d find.

It was like reading a story of where all I had been.

It even showed my divorce, which I didn’t see back then.

I recalled one idea that I’d “be moved to a place with a gemstone foundation”.

NOW, I knew I was to awaken people to a dangerous situation.

I had sought to live a PURPOSED LIFE seeking God’s presence every day.

Specifically so He could tell us a story and help us find His way.

It’s been a challenging but fruitful journey, an alternative path I took.

God then insisted I write an extensive book.

It had been out about a year when the story took a radical turn.

There were urgent things He needed to show me – we have a lot to learn.

Our launch of wireless technology is the subject that’s caught His eye.

If we don’t stop this a lot of things will fry!

As it turns out as we arrive at 2023, I found myself thinking about May 27th, 1990, A.D.

How I’m exactly where that chapter in Isaiah said that I would be.

I enjoy looking for God in the story as it assures this isn’t “just me”.

First thing I notice in 2023, is that message is turning 33.

Realizing this year, 66 years I’ve been livin’

But realized too I wasn’t actually 33 when it was given.

“But wait a minute” my mind ran ahead.

“How many days between those two?” I said.

I could hardly believe the answer when it was shown to me.

3 weeks and 3 days later I turned 33.

One step further, as I look around.

Another set of 3’s is what I found.

February 2023 helps me to know.

We arrived here 3 years and 3 months ago.

I can’t believe my eyes as I look across the nations.

And see the boundless destruction caused by corporations.

Think of the seeding birds, the flora, and the bee

Living without them is a life we don’t wanna see.

So, when I say “I’ve been sent” to help you see the error in humanity’s direction.

I hope you too can see the thumbprint of God and know the information comes with deep affection.

Before I go, I just have one question.

What will it take before WE THE PEOPLE respond, does this need to be an even bigger lesson?

Here’s a link to that extensive book God INSISTED be written:

And here’s the “radical turn” mentioned in the poem:

Do Christians Have Chakras?

The title of this post is the title of a section in the Getting Well God’s Way book and a subject that will often get me lambasted by zealous Christians on social media. I recently posted something that acknowledged the existence of our “3rd eye” also known as the 6th chakra, and again I was rebuked strongly by a few well-meaning people and unfriended two of them because they just went too far. Finally, someone posted scripture…”in the end people will be given over to deception” implying that I’m among those so I replied, “get your apologies in order…” cuz I’m going to prove to you that chakras exist and that they are NOT a “New Age” concept. I was actually shocked by this behavior from people who I thought would take a more intelligent path on the matter, and shocked by a few who did so, but I felt this subject needed to be addressed further, thus this post. “When we know better, we do better.”

Taking a moment to expound on this behavior I want Christians to learn that using scripture outside of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit’s direction, led only by zeal, is NOT the way it should be used. This subject, along with a few others that have been rejected or forbidden by Christianity is going to be a lesson as we move forward in this human project that will hopefully result in more humility, especially about subjects the naysayers haven’t even bought a book on, much less read, experienced, or sought GOD on. In this information age it’s better to keep your mouth shut unless you know what you’re talking about. Too many people having different ideas and experiences are now plugged into the conversation via social media and you can “get schooled” in front of others. The fact is that when you begin reading about church history and how these “institutions of men” from centuries ago had agendas driving them it’s easy to see why they rejected certain TRUTHs. Politics, power, greed, building a church system, a medical system, and “other” carnal, egotistical ideas drove their reasonings. They took a stand against certain things that GOD has shown me, have immense value, even as a Christian. Many things the churches say “touch not” are exactly what we should be touching instead of what they’re offering and ordaining. “Look for who profits from an idea and you’ll see the agenda” is a periodic graphic on social media that is worthy of application. Ultimately, anything that was a threat to their agendas was poo-poo’d and we just accepted ideas because “the church” says we should have that stand, and again, not because we’ve had an experience, read a book, or were led by GOD on the matter.” That behavior is not “Christian” or even intelligent. It’s the result of cultural brain washing that prejudices us against ideas, and people, and limits our choices for paths to wellness, which builds the pharma industry.

For decades now, GOD has been leading me on a counter culture journey and it’s been “book worthy”. A book that’s dropped several grown men, and women, to their knees in tears because they saw, heard, and understood what GOD wanted them to see, hear and understand and it dropped them to their knees. In a nutshell:

I was distracted by GOD’s directive to produce a very important booklet which took 6 months of my focus (linked below) but now I’m back on this subject in my own pursuits to learn more about the experiences GOD opened up to me that teach me about this body, our “temple of the Holy Spirit”. as I think that’s a pretty important subject. Our ignorance makes us useful for evil agendas so it’s very important that we pray for the “Spirit of Truth” which Jesus’ ushered in at his “passing”, to “teach us all things” instead of allowing the ignorance, conformity, and prejudice of religious, manmade, institutions to guide our steps.

My journey became profound in 1989 when I began actively hearing GOD, or some faction thereof, directing me in answer to constant prayer for intervention in my health issues that mainstream ideas, religious and medical, couldn’t figure out. I was accused of having “hidden sin” or “not enough faith” by the church folks and the medical people just kept making completely illogical statements, pushing pills that did more harm, and giving a dismal prognosis. I won’t attempt to put the entire subject from the book here but will leave it to those interested to buy the book and read about my experiences that drove me to look into the subjects I present. “I” was not searching for a path independent of GOD’s direction. I was seeking, and was blessed with, a “GUIDED TOUR” as one reader so accurately put it because that’s what I was asking GOD to do with me.

In the Getting Well God’s Way book you’ll learn that GOD called me into a very unusual life journey. One of the many stories that directed me came in 1993 when I was sitting in a practitioner’s office alone in a dim waiting room when a triangle of white light illuminated from the corner and I heard “GO TO MASSAGE SCHOOL”. It closed back up and a woman I didn’t know, wearing a lab coat, came out from a back room. She introduced herself and I noticed it said “RMT” on her lab coat under her name. She was a Registerd (with the state) massage therapist and I ended up attending the very school she recommended. The incurable diseases the doctors had diagnosed me with (Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, Advacnced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica, fibromyalgia flares…) drove me to seek TRUE answers, not excuses, and that, along with my new willingness to be part of my own solutions, my faith in GOD, and the relationship and transformation of me/my life since yielding fully to the Holy Spirit, thanks to Jesus, is what directed my steps.

When GOD called me to create the Public Health Warning document below I was reading about mental exercises, which we’d know most commonly by the term “meditation” which is in the Bible and is also not a “New Age” practice. It’s about mental focus and learning to relax and allow the brain to go into deeper modes of relaxation referring to the beta, alpha, theta, delta brain waves. I’d had a phenomenal experience in a single session I fumbled through after reading it in one of the three books. I added some of my own ideas from the “Healing Prayer” gift GOD gave me early in my journey and woke up the next morning and 15 years of grieving was gone. It took a week for it to completely leave my energy field but it’s gone and has remained so since May of 2021.

I wrote about the “Healing Prayer” gift in the Getting Well God’s Way book and believe we all possess the potential to heal but we’re simply immersed in a pharmaceutical CULTure and everyone bought into it so GOD put the gifts away until we come out of our stupor. I wanted to teach people how to do this, how to develop this gift but again, the CULTure, presented wireless technology, which means people are carrying around a transmitter/receiver that emits pulsed microwave radiation and have widely accepted the wireless offering and the saturation of our environment with electromagnetic and gamma radiation that I no longer see the point in teaching this or even doing the sessions, a few exceptions noted.

One of the books I was reading about meditation showed some graphics that represented pre and post recordings of how retreat attendees chakras were affected by meditation. The books also gave the names of many pieces of equipment that measure and chart them. As I continued with several personal sessions, guided now by the author (Dr. Joe Dispenza, these images helped me understand why it felt as though I could “sense” and almost see that one of my chakras was way outside of it’s alignment while I was in meditation. I felt it go back into alignment almost so clearly that I’m inclined to say I saw it go back into alignment. Below you can see the books I was reading, the images of the before and after of the participants energy field. Note how it looks broken and limited and in the after image it shows so much stronger and uniform. The last image is the chakras before and after the meditation sessions. If you want to know more about the equipment being used to take these measurements I go into that in the Getting Well God’s Way book or you can read the books below. These images and the meditation I did on that first night are in the Becoming Supernatural book. The author’s story of healing eight broken vertebra in his back using only his mind set the stage for this teaching he now shares. He was told he’d have to have surgery but 19 months later he was on his feet and seeing patients as a chiropractor.

And THIS is the 30-minute video where a western-trained scientist and mystic, Dr. Motoyama is discussed at length, he and his discoveries about the chakra system. Only 11 minutes in and two books he’s written were noted as well as one device he invented that measures the voltage differential on the skin at 28 acupuncture points. I can hardly wait to finish it and read his books.

I just started watching this video that another activist sent me by private message. 3 minutes into this video and Lieutenant Colonel SAS Australia (ret) Riccardo Bosi starts talking about the “3rd eye” and the pineal gland and how the dark forces in this world KNOW that this gland is the seat of communication with GOD. Come on Christians!!! You’re needed on the battlefield and you’ve been told a lot of non-truth:

A similar post about Christians rebuking me for saving myself from 11 years of crippling sciatica by doing yoga can be found here:

And the most recent created work GOD asked to have done can be found here and is much more important than what you’re currently reading in my opinion:

You can purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

If you would prefer a signed copy of the book here are the options:

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$34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

Here’s another Christian author who understands that we do have a pineal gland which has neurological connections to the 6th chakra aka the “3rd eye” and she’s got 50 years of research under her belt showing us how this area is THE TARGET for GOD’s enemy. You need to learn about these things so you’ll understand the warfare we’re now in.

“You are right, if we all didn’t buy into the elite’s agenda, it wouldn’t exist.”

You can purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

If you would prefer a signed copy of the book here are the options:

The easiest and most direct option is to do a donation to cover the book and shipping cost amount in the given area for donations.

You can also use through participating banks or payment by US Mail.

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I Reversed Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease and Ditched 90 mg’s of Rx Thyroid Medicine

June 21, 2022 I stopped taking my Rx thyroid meds. Below is a screenshot of my recent thyroid blood tests from Nov 2, 2022, 4 months later, and the TSH is holding steady. Looks like the thyroid is working just fine. The great testimony is that I had Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, which they told me was “incurable”. It was 2016 when my thyroid doctor told me my lab work no longer showed any evidence of Hashimoto’s and here we are no longer requiring the Rx meds. What a celebration!

If you want to know how I did this, you’ll have to read the book. While there was a single remedy I took at the end of this story that seemed to flip the thyroid back on I’m not certain that can be expected without all the other steps I took. If you read the Getting Well God’s Way book you’ll see that we do in fact live in a self-healing organism but there’s a lot we need to know about taking care of it. We have to give it what it needs and not do things that prevent it from healing.

This is the company I used to have the blood/urine test done here in my own home:

I usually have a hair analysis done once a year at the same time as my hormone testing and essential metals test mentioned above. This is the company I use for my hair analysis:

You can purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

If you would prefer a signed copy of the book here are the options:

The easiest and most direct option is to do a donation to cover the book and shipping cost amount in the given area for donations.

You can also use through participating banks or payment by US Mail.

$34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

Do you want God’s Truth on health? Really?

You can purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

If you would prefer a signed copy of the book here are the options:

The easiest and most direct option is to do a donation to cover the book and shipping cost amount in the given area for donations.

You can also use through participating banks or payment by US Mail.

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2nd Hand Radiation – Bag Your Devices!

A $12 faraday bag for your phone! Rec’d by Sally Sexton Burleson who after meeting me figured out that her cell phone was making her stomach feel “bad” after a few minutes of holding her phone. Then her 8 yr old granddaughter commented that her stomach “feels bad” when she’s on her ipad…. So, THE FIRST PERSON TO ACTUALLY RESPOND TO MY APPEALS THAT CONSCIOUS PEOPLE BAG THEIR PHONES. THERE’S NO REASON TO BE SPRAYING EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOURSELF WITH MICROWAVE RADIATION WHILE ACCOMMODATING A ROGUE GOV’T SPY MACHINE.

It has 2 pouches like my mom’s does. She was able to put it in the bag, still hear her audio book and yet it didn’t pick up any calls or texts in the bag. YEA!!!!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND RESPONDING TO WISDOM Sally Sexton Burleson. You give me hope that I can turn a ship around with a teaspoon and focused effort.

Here’s another option. It’s a black velvet kind of fabric with silver lining and two pouches. One blocks all signals and you slip it into the front kangaroo pocket to make or take a call. What I like about this instead of a wrap around case, the case doesn’t cover the highest output point of the phone’s radiation.

Here’s a link to a fellow activist’s protective shielding gear and phone bags.

Here’s the entire category of A FEW protective solutions and resources:

I generally suggest contacting via email or phone and requesting their paper catalogue. It’s a free education!

Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors, EVEN in people who “Love Jesus”

Someone posted on facebook asking for prayers for a friend who deeply loves Jesus and has a brain tumor. A dozen praying hands appeared but with hesitation I responded and think you should read this dose of TRUTH: With a deep sigh…I’m going here. I will likely turn off notifications so I don’t have to hear the backlash BUT THE BODY OF CHRIST NEEDS TO RESPOND TO REALITY. I’ve been appointed to this task of waking this demographic up BECAUSE THEY ARE THE LARGEST DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP IN THE US! If this one group actually wakes up and realizes what they’ve become PARTICIPANTS in, and STOPS participating, we can change the course we’re on. Bottom line, wireless tech is killing everything and people who know GOD shouldn’t be carrying the transmitter/receivers around in their pockets and putting them up to their head. CELL PHONES CAUSE BRAIN TUMORS, DEADLY BRAIN TUMORS that don’t respond to any treatments is what I’ve seen multiple times now even in people who LOVE JESUS. If we sit in the road, believing in Jesus, even singing praise songs and quoting scriptures like “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”, we’re VERY LIKELY to get hit by a truck and be severely hurt or killed. God expects us not to do stupid things and we all fell for the CULTure lies and bought the phones, accepted the towers, and installed WIFI. My “phone” almost killed me. We will not be exempt because we know and love Jesus and if the person plans to continue in or return to the same behavior that caused the issue what’s the point in receiving a miracle? GOD’s not big on wasting miracles but He will run out to meet you and help you when you get on the right path. I’ve created several information sites you can look into to learn more but PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT’S GOING ON HERE AND MAKE SOME SERIOUS CHANGES. I bought meters, got rid of ALL WIRELESS, such as our wireless alarm system, my cell phone; got rid of WIFI and hardwired, grounded, and shielded my computer,installed blue light filter screens on all screens, moved to the Ozarks where there is no cell signal here and use only a CORDED landline, filtered our electric panel and outlets = MADE SERIOUS CHANGES!!!! I have managed to survive and seem to be getting better but I can’t go in any buildings, meetings, friend’s homes, and have the VERY DIFFICULT task of educating people about a subject they don’t want to know about for 6 years now. You can love Jesus alll day and night but if you subject yourselves to electromagnetic radiation 24/7 IT WILL SICKEN AND KILL YOU. We should’ve STAYED AWAY FROM THE WORLD as our Father directed us to do. Instead, we brought it into the sanctuary and allowed it to be fed to our children. 😕

Why You Should Be Concerned About Wireless Tech

I can come off as “too assertive” on social media but once you ‘GET’ WHY I’m so concerned it becomes an “ahhhhhhh” instead of a judgment about my approach. Christianity, as complicit-to-the -culture consumers have created something we’re going to regret. Had we taken our “largest demographic in the US” status and submitted it to God’s wisdom we likely wouldn’t be in the mess you’re about to become aware of. I often challenge people to “Read Proverbs 1” and see how GOD feels about ignored wisdom.

When I got the 600-page book in the mail shown in the picture I had just opened my Bible looking for another passage. I stopped to read Deuteronomy chapter 28 and noticed the new book laying beside it. Deuteronomy 28 is a drastic but plausible contrast to the favored idea that the church folks are going to be beamed up and not have to face what they’re complicit consumerism created, WHILE ignoring God’s warning messengers. I created the graphic and made the following post on facebook I thought you should read:

If you think I’m being too harsh about technology warnings, I think you need to see why. While so many are “waiting for the rapture” I’m waiting for what seems like a PROMISED REALITY! While many quote new testament scriptures saying how next things are going to bail their complicit hineys out of the fire because they feel warm and fuzzy about Jesus, I see Deuteronomy 28 when I pray and open my Bible asking GOD to “show me your heart towards your people”. I was just like every one else with my tech but I was also SOLD OUT TO GOD and had published the #gettingwellgodsway book He INSISTED be written. It’s the story of our relationship. How HE TOOK ME UP ON A DEAL I offered Him and what He did with a fully-indentured servant. THEN, one day I touched the screen of my phone and the story had a whole new focus. I WASN’T RANDOMLY INJURED BY WIRELESS TECH…HE WAS SHOWING “US” His next revelation.

He has called me out, taught me, wounded me, and healed me to teach us. In time, I BECAME His messenger. I came out of ChRxtianity through a lonely, counter culture road into health GOD’S WAY. I reversed Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica from a broken spine when xrays showed me to be a paraplegic. Fibromyalgia flares are gone and understood now. The “church folks” weren’t interested or compelled to reconsider their ways….for 25 years so I’m “used to” but still disappointed by the complete inadequate response to GOD’S WARNINGS of all kinds BUT YOU NEED TO SEE WHY IGNORE-ANCE OF THE WIRELESS AWAKENING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HE’S EVER SHOWN US. Go ahead, go read Deuteronomy 28 and DECLARE that He can’t absolutely make this His next move on a stiffnecked and rebellious nation. I didn’t want this job but HERE I AM. I WEAR YOU AND THIS ISSUE EVERY WAKING MOMENT…YES, I’M BEYOND WORRIED SO I HOPE YOU’LL GET INVOLVED WITH ME HERE! ❤

Once you learn about “ancient technology” found on this planet and “mud floods” that have BURIED previous civilizations, it becomes more clear that GOD does not have only one option to stop human insanity. He does NOT have to rapture up this complicit-to-the-culture group of people who profess to know Him but won’t live their lives in accordance with HIS WAYS. He can “desire” it and we’ll be mudded over and He can start all over, perhaps with a smarter base of people who won’t selfishly destroy His creation with microwave and gamma/nuclear radiation.

I found a note in a basket. I’d apparently seen Thomas Horn on an interview and two book titles were given he authored. I went to look them up and Wow! Here’s the description on so guess I have yet another book to read.

“While Forbidden Gates includes fresh insights for traditional, tried and true methods of overcoming darkness, it also unveils for the first time how breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy—including cybernetics, bio-engineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, synthetic biology, and transhumanism—will combine to create mind-boggling game-changes to everything you have ever known about spiritual warfare.

“How so?

“In recent years, astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. An international, intellectual and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism intends the use of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology (GRIN technologies) as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps, as Joel Garreau in his bestselling book Radical Evolution claims, our very souls. The technological, cultural, and metaphysical shift now under way unapologetically forecasts a future dominated by this new species of unrecognizably superior humans, and applications under study now to make this dream reality are being funded by thousands of government and private research facilities around the world. As the reader will learn, this includes among other things rewriting human DNA and combining men with beasts, a fact that some university studies and transhumanists believe will not only alter our bodies and souls but could ultimately open a door to contact with unseen intelligence.

“As a result, new modes of perception between things visible and invisible are expected to challenge the Church in ways that are historically and theologically unprecedented. Without comprehending what is quickly approaching in related disciplines of research and development, vast numbers of believers could be paralyzed by the most fantastic—and most far reaching—supernatural implications. The destiny of each individual—as well as the future of their family—will depend on their knowledge of the new paradigm and their preparedness to face it head on.”

Here’s his Author Page on Amazon and lots more books of interest about related topics:

The link below will take you to a 3 minute video that gives information about how Covid “shots” and taking us towards this Transhumanist stage of an AI-Artificial Intelligence world.

Mainstream ChRxtianity needs to WAKE UP from their CULTural coma!

Here’s two sites that you should go visit and see the destruction all this technology is having on every living thing! and specifically you need to read through this document GOD INSISTED I create recently so you’ll understand where we are in this story so you’ll understand the need to take some steps of action:

This guy has a VERY INTERESTING perspective on our future from a biblical perspective:

The Truth About Technology

Go check out this site and see what you’re participating in: aka but sometimes it doesn’t like to load by that name for unknown reasons.

Wireless Tech+ Is Making People+ Sick!

I met God as a child as Jesus/Yeshua. My dad was a preacher for many years so I was in a spiritual environment A LOT and some supernatural things took place; no human involved. My parents divorced and I got lost in the world UNTIL I walked in on my fiance’s suicide and became a murder suspect and remembered God. I offered Him a deal and a few months later I was exonerated by JUDGE LOVE. I knew this wasn’t a coincidence so I began chasing God. For 6 years I begged Him every waking moment to use my life in a meaningful way. HE DID IT and then INSISTED that I write a book.

The most recent part of the story written in the Getting Well God’s Way book is an account of my being injured by wireless technology in a way that I could not deny it, an acute event! BAM! I touched the screen of a new cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that radically changed my life and would’ve likely ended my life had I not been a long time health hacker. This is the journey chronicled in the book where I reversed several incurable diseases (Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, Advanced Cervical Disc Degeneration, Fibromyalgia, and 11 years of crippling sciatica). But this…well, this event essentially turned me into a human meter. The good news is that I can talk and type to educate and warn others, which I’m sure was the purpose in the whole thing. I was already a research hound but this was a whole new level of awareness about our modern world. My superpower now, whether I want it or not, is that I can feel electromagnetic radiation from wireless tech and even the electrical mayhem coming out of the electric outlets from the new-fangled digital/electronic meters used by the power companies in many varieties, along with our massive use of devices and appliances that just adds to the mayhem. But there’s some things you NEED to see going forward as we are NOT sliding seamlessly into The Jetson’s era.

I immediately had to give up my cell phone, hardwire the computer, have electricians fix the typical but irresponsible home wiring issues nobody’s being taught to measure readings on or to maintain. Ultimately we moved all the way to the Arkansas Ozarks, deep down in a hollow where we’re surrounded by forest and the mountainous Earth jets up above our home on all sides, as a protective sanctuary of sorts. There’s no cell signal down at the house which is 1/2 mile down from the main road. If there’s any hope of getting well, “prudent avoidance” is step one. From this sanctuary I attempt to wake up the world to what’s being done in the name of progress. It’s common to think that people like me are rare but that’s not accurate as you’ll soon learn and here, yet again, is proof of my deep concern that this is going to affect more and more people and it’s happening faster and faster as new, more powerful emitting cell phones are rolled out, more towers erected, more radar…

This first graphic is a facebook comment by a reader of the Getting Well God’s Way book. She read the book and followed me on facebook. I noted that she was running to the doctor about every 2 weeks, if not more, complaining of Afib. I began prompting her to see what kind of electric meter she had on her home. It took a few weeks to get her to hear me but about the time she was ready to deal with it, they got burned out in the most recent California (Camp) fires. They ended up in a friend’s RV and suddenly she had no more Afib. Turns out she didn’t need that $800 a month Rx medicine. She just needed to get away from that form of electric meter. People have no clue what’s going on because you can’t see, smell, or taste this toxin but just like carbon monoxide, you can measure it on a meter, it can often be mitigated in your immediate environment at least, and it can sicken and kill you. The odds of your doctor figuring this out is pretty slim so time to get informed and start taking responsibility for your health.

Here’s a snippet of Kendall’s story. The second graphic is her cousin, Bob. His wife died of cancer and Kendall was begging him to get rid of their digital/electronic meter while she was dying but they didn’t do it. His wife passed away and he still “did nothing” even with Kendall begging him at times as she saw his health beginning to fade. She then gave him the Getting Well God’s Way book which has 20 pages of my story on this issue but he didn’t think it was affecting him so he didn’t take assertive steps to heal his wireless+ world. He never felt a thing until he began coughing up blood. He’s waiting for the scans to be read but fears he has clots in his lungs. A local man here had 350 of them removed. I was praying for this man and God showed me, in my mind’s eye, this man propped in his recliner with his cell phone in his hands. The highest output of pulsed microwave radiation pointing directly at his recent surgical site which refused to heal, requiring numerous rounds of health-destroying antibiotcs.

I’ll post a link below this graphic where you can go to my site, Smart Meter category, where you’ll find a 3 minute video showing the coagulating effects of exposure to these meters, which several experts argue is equivalent to having 160 cell phones strapped to your electric line. And if you think all of this stuff has been tested on people and tested in it’s true environment you’d be wrong.

Then came Bob who didn’t apply the knowledge for 18 months because he didn’t think it was affecting him. Just like two local women here. One was 60 y.o. female. She never felt a thing, until 5-8 masses on the brain on the same side of the head as an electric outlet unusually high up on the wall, even with her head where I found deadly readings in the outlets. The other beautiful soul, 54 y.o. dropped dead of a heart attack. She too, never felt a thing…until she did. Below are the messages I rec’d from him.

Most recently, I was listening to Kendall die. She lives in Oregon but daily phone calls to/from her landline were clearly revealing what seemed like imminent death. I suspected she had a cell phone around her more than she should and like my story, this began when she was forced to upgrade her phone. She couldn’t seem to hear my gentle promptings. Do you see a pattern in this story? People can’t seem to process the idea that this stuff is harming them. For whatever reason, usually preference, people can’t accept this. I was able to because my journey had already shown me the failures of “the machine” that runs this culture. When I got ill NOBODY had any answers within the normal channels. I had to go chase God down and get Him to help me find my answers.

People need to recognize that these new phones are emitting much more pulsed microwave radiation than earlier models and I’m seeing more and more people being adversely affected. I challenged Kendall to turn her cell phone off, to turn her husband’s cell phone off and not allow them in the house or car with her or any other wireless devices for a minimum of 3 days. They already had their Smart Meter changed out to an analog meter, hardwired their computer, and had a landline phone so this was just a process of eliminating the last known source. Sure enough, within 48 hours her health did a complete 180 degree turn for the better. That’s been since March 2022. She’s never touched it again and is rebounding to health in a magnificent way.

People simply have no clue what they’re playing with and providing to their children who absorb ten times the radiation of an adult. These children are developing an immune system and are at a high rate of cell division as well as having thinner skulls. When you see the posts on the site about 3 non-verbal children who began speaking after being removed from wireless for 3 days it becomes clear that we are assaulting the human nervous system and beyond. You simply can’t imagine until you go down this rabbit hole.

As it turns out in the above graphic, the Mom of the granddaughter, all 8 electric meters for the apartment complex for her unit are on her bedroom wall and the “medical mystery” begins for her! Doctors simply have no clue what’s going on yet as a rule so you better get up to speed because as Kendall says often, “Cooking doesn’t show up on the labs until there’s tissue changes or cancer”. You just won’t feel good until…BAMdiagnosis.

Here’s the link with a 3-minute video of what exposure to these meters does to the blood. I’d suspect similar with exposure to the phones but haven’t seen that video produced yet: site aka is worth a visit. You’ll get a broad overview of where we are in this venture as a culture. Be sure to look at the Images That Teach category:

Here’s a link to the Getting Well God’s Way book, that will also take you to the site.

The Featured Post on this page is a snapshot of this part of my story. I’m currently condensing this post and making it into a small booklet to saturate this little mountain town with.

You’ll find some immediate solutions in the right hand column of site with links to videos, meters, and filters. You’ll also find some solutions on the site:

Here’s where you can learn more about the Getting Well God’s Way book, view reader comments, videos, and a few interviews… The interview with Lloyd Burrell of should be of interest. You can find it here:

That should get you going. I can’t do the work for you so my writings and online creations are my best offerings to help humanity. I hope it’s enough and please, DON’T BE LIKE BOB!

If you’d like to help support the efforts to wake up this town to the dangerous meter readings being found all over the area, setting legal precedent for other states, PLEASE reach out through this site. The email address linked to my ZellePay is on the right side of this page as well. There’s also a “message” icon in the bottom right corner of site.

Note, this is an ad-free site. I don’t do Affiliate Codes for companies…just a pure grassroots effort supported by donation, usually by those who are waking up to mankind’s plight. I’m 65 and don’t want to do paperwork for the gov’t folks again, so I’m keeping this simple. I only have social security as income for the most part as people are only recently becoming willing to buy/read the book God insisted that I write. They realize it’s GROWN UP stuff but now, the naysaying is quieting down, and the laughing emoticons to the posts aren’t happening as much. People are beginning to wake up that we may have really messed up here and the subject simply can’t be avoided any longer.

My lifestyle is simple and always will be.


ChRxtianity and Yoga

After so many exhausting exchanges on facebook about this subject I felt it was time to write a single article that I can post as a response so I can spend my time and energy on other things. I wrote 10.5 pages on this subject in the Getting Well God’s Way book (link below) but I live in a world where ideas have to be served in many measurements. Some people won’t read a 360-page book, or even 10.5 pages, so I’ll scale this down and hope more Christians will at least read an article.

I used to be a “preacher’s kid” for many years of my young life but my Dad left the pulpit when I was 11, and my parents got a divorce a few short years later. I had several PROFOUND spiritual experiences in those years as a child not knowing how bad I would need to KNOW that God was real when I grew up. After the parents divorce, we never went to church again and it was time to figure life out on my own. This included a ten year detour into “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” because that’s where “lost” people went in the 70’s and I, and my siblings, were no exception.

That “detour” reached it’s peak when I walked in on my fiancé’s suicide and became a murder suspect at 25 years old. I wasn’t living right but I sure didn’t murder anyone. I was staying with my mom and stepfather during this ordeal. I was alone A LOT during the day almost disbelieving the drama that continued to unfold. In the stillness, there were many supernatural things that happened to help me get back on track with God and I finally fell to my knees and cried out humbly, “You know I didn’t do this. In fact, You’re the ONLY ONE who knows I didn’t do this. If you’ll get me out of this mess I’ll surrender the rest of my life to You for Your express purpose…”. A few months later I was exonerated by a Judge named Myron Love. Literally, JUDGE LOVE, set me free to have another chance at figuring out this life. What came out of this was a consciously-indentured servant. Once I knew God was involved in my story I began to beg him every moment of every day for six years to “Use my life. Make it matter that I came through this planet. Write a story that will help mankind see what You want us to see!”

About a year later I would learn that my deceased fiancé was involved in organized crime. The “bosses” apparently didn’t like me and told him he couldn’t marry me. In retrospect I could understand why I was perceived as a threat. I was a “researcher” personality and ran public records for oil companies, brokers, and lawyers. His previous wife was “retail oriented” and didn’t even have a driver’s license, and that’s what they preferred. God made it known to me that He spared me!

It was likely in the 7th year of my yearning that I began to notice synchronistic events that could only be happening via the Holy Spirit. It’s like the spiritual world was becoming more and more engaging. I had married and had a baby when I began having some major health issues. We’d begun attending church as a family and I was enjoying this new phase of life UNTIL it became clear that my health issues weren’t going to be resolved in accordance with their teachings on health and healing. They routinely prayed that “the doctors would have wisdom in their diagnosis and treatment of” the person, and that’s about it. They’d brought in Coke machines, and junk food flowed like a river at most church socials. You couldn’t tell the difference in our tables and the non-church goers at the skating rink. We were living just like the world, in blatant contrast to what our own Bible teaches us. After 11 doctors in 18 months I was worse, much worse and the church folks assumed I had hidden sin that would explain why their prayers for the Rx-writing doctors they presumed I would see didn’t work. Another idea was that I simply didn’t have enough faith. I knew neither of these were right. “Healings” weren’t common and still aren’t. Yes, they happen but if you don’t know how to support health how will you maintain a healing if God gave it to you? Do MOST people have hidden sin or is there something else God wants us to see? That question began my departure from the approved ways of modern ChRxtianity. I canceled all my pending medical tests and follow-up appointments and began chasing God for THE TRUTH!

Six months went by and I was even worse than before but I reasoned that I was getting worse under the care of almost a dozen doctors so why not just continue to wait on God? And so I did. One day I prayed what I deemed my “Final Prayer”. If He didn’t show up this time, I wasn’t going to ask again but would assume that I wasn’t supposed to get well and would begin preparing myself and others for the idea. People do die from disease after all. Maybe I was going to be one of them. I began the prayer and ended up having a supernatural experience in my living room, on my knees beside the couch, detailed in the Getting Well God’s Way book. THIS MOMENT was the kickoff to what has been over 30+ years of God training me, and writing the story He wants us to hear. That’s likely why four grown men admitted to dropping to their knees in tears when they read the “powerful” introduction; a few women too. One reader adamantly calls it “THE LORD’S BOOK penned by you” because she sees it. One woman had a 2-hour healing encounter with God while reading it because it’s that kind of book if you’re ready. She made a video of her story you can see here:

As it turned out it was the mercury dental material in my mouth that was slowly killing my thyroid and making me MORE antenna-like, therefore more vulnerable to the effects of the electric substation 250 yards from our home. Recent events in my story lead me to suspect that’s why the couple who lived about 100 yards from it had a stillborn baby and why the previous wife had fertility issues and then I developed them and then the renter who came in next also developed female problems. This “Profits Matter More Than People” CULTure where corporations are in bed with government oversight agencies should’ve been revealed by your pastor/shepherds so you could avoid the traps and pitfalls. So many toxic substances are now in our food, air, water that you HAVE TO have knowledge to steer around it. Producers have held us in debate mode, schmoozing politicians, while hiding evidence of harm for far longer than you can imagine and some pretty devastating things have been moved into the market that shouldn’t be here. THIS is why you can’t simply go forward for a magic prayer, get healed, and return to your toxic life. WE NEED KNOWLEDGE NOW to get well and stay well.

The typical modern ChRxtian approach is wholly inadequate now to meet the health needs of congregants. After God drug me through three decades of learning I can see that today’s pastor/shepherds, and even the ordained medical world, are completely incapable of guiding their congregants to health. They need to understand who this medical world serves now and teach their congregants how to get well and stay well so they can stay out of this sick loop. I had developed a full blown autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s, which just makes you SICK. Many systems of the body were being affected. Immunity, fertility and female issues, digestive issues…It wasn’t “hidden sin” or “lack of faith”. I had to do my own research and reading, then fight the doctors training and show them books written by other doctors to get the help I needed. They were giving me a T4 medicine which is raw thyroid which has to be converted to T3 to become an active hormone. My low body temperature alone meant that conversion wasn’t possible but they had yet to learn this. Thirty years later, you STILL have to go to an Alternative Medicine or Functional Medicine doctor to get this kind of detailed approach to thyroid wellness. Traditional doctors are still passing out T4 meds but as they say “If you aren’t part of the solution. There’s a lot of money to be made prolonging the problem”. You can learn more about Functional Medicine and Find a Practitioner at this link. As with anything else, be prayerful in your search for a provider. Who you meet and who meets you can be important on your life journey:

We moved away from that substation to a large ranch as caretakers for 5 years and it wasn’t until 2005 that I’d have those mercury fillings addressed by a properly trained dentist. I just didn’t get how important that was FOR ME, until I had it done. You can learn more about this and search for a dentist at the following link. DO NOT USE JUST ANY DENTIST FOR THIS PROCEDURE:

And again, be prayerful!

I was being poisoned by mercury, an abnormal dose of electric and magnetic fields, a “modeled by the church folks” diet prolific with chemicals, and again mainstream medicine was found deficient in the knowledge I needed and quite “chest bumpy” about perfectly logical questions I’d ask. Like, “How did I become infertile?” while pointing to the 9-month old standing between my feet. That should’ve triggered a question in their minds about what changes had taken place in my life in the previous 18 months but it didn’t. They seem void of simple curiosity and wear their ego on their sleeves. They’re frankly not equipped to get people well in this modern age. I later learned that some people have a genetic mutation or genetic marker that makes them more vulnerable to toxins. Our bodies like to hold on to them, especially metals. As previously written, most of this knowledge had to be found amongst “Alternative Medicine” practitioners as mainstream doctors are clearly not much more than a pill dispensary now and I think a computer could do a better job. Insurance only pays for things the doctors they want you to see offer. I learned that if I wanted to get well I’d have to pay cash and go see the doctors that were out of the box.

The doctors were irritated because they didn’t know the answers but were too proud to say so I suspect. As a practitioner, I came to see that it’s very important to examine a person’s diet, lifestyle, relationships, and the health of their environment, electrical and otherwise, to determine the cause of disease so it can be arrested and healing can begin. We live in a self-healing organism but you have to cooperate with it’s needs. For instance, we have these new-fangled electric meters in use here that are making people sick and killing people and the doctors have no clue until they hear from someone like me. You can’t see the current, taste it, or smell it but you can measure it on a safety meter. And just like carbon monoxide, it accumulates in your body and it can kill you. Never have we had this much electromagnetic radiation pointed at us from so many sources in a chronic exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NEVER has this been done. People asking for prayer likely NEED measurements taken with safety meters and filters placed on the lines. And even if they were to experience a miraculous healing, then they’d return to their toxic electrical environment ignorant of why that’s an issue. Jesus often said after many healings He performed, “Go and sin no more or something worse may come upon you.” He was clearly a fan of finding causation, and fixing the root cause.

I have more to teach you but you aren’t ready.” These words of Jesus before He left Earth should be a clue that we have more to learn and we should therefore be teachable, be listening, and perhaps even expect the information to be unfamiliar, weird, and even contrary to our preferences and that’s where the subject of yoga comes in.

I’ve seen over several decades now that the pastors weren’t going to go do what I did to find out why their congregants were sickly. They weren’t going to FAST, PRAY, and CHASE GOD DOWN. They were clearly running a religious business that fit into The Media Machine, The Pill Pushers, the Insurance Game and were only interested in health concerns of congregants because they “should”. They recite a sincere prayer and hope for the best and that’s all they have to offer. Seems to me the priests of the Old Testament were in charge of the spiritual and physical health of the people and spent their life in training. Most pastors today run through a seminary school sponsored by who knows who, and ta-dah suddenly they’re supposed to know everything about health and healing or have magic in their limited prayers? I was foolish to sit under this way for as long as I did. Ultimately, this way, has led their flock directly INTO the world’s system because they had no KNOWLEDGE to help them. Had I not been a person who doesn’t REQUIRE the approval of others I wouldn’t have made it past this social system that scorned me for even questioning “their way” much less finding answers that didn’t fit their “approved” ideas. We have to understand that warm, fuzzy, feel good “religion” can bring our defenses down so our KNOWLEDGE needs to increase so we aren’t walking around in blind hope and ignorance.

I think it’s important for you to see some basic statistics that will help you see what God sees. “The US makes up 5% of the global population but consumes 70% of the global Rx drug supply; 80% of the opiates. The US also claims to be a “Christian nation”, 73 to 88% (2014 stats). Can you see the subset there? That’s a lot of Christians taking drugs, thus my new spelling as ChRxtian! Sadly, this new version of “church” brought in Coke machines, junk food, and salivated to have Rx-writing doctors attend so they could put them on the board. They rejected biblical knowledge, simple wisdom, messengers sent to warn, and promoted ONLY this pharmaceutical approach to wellness. GOD SEES THIS and isn’t happy and yet the message I receive loud and clear from ChRxtianity is that they’re more comfortable with me taking an opiate than going to a certain form of exercise where no gods are even mentioned or imaged or anything else. THIS is a huge reason this CULTure is under medical tyranny, threatening your job if you don’t take a shot made by their buddy they gave legal immunity to. This pharma industry didn’t usurp their power, it was given to them by the ChRxtian consumers. I think Christianity needs to take an internal review of what they’ve become. I suspect this puts them in line for harsh judgment according to the last entry in the bullet list below.

The list below is from Zondervan’s Dictionary of Bible Themes which lists the attributes of a “false religion” as the following:

  • it ensnares it adherents,
  • offers no help in time of need,
  • prevents people from finding the truth,
  • it devalues, degrades and defies,
  • leads to immorality,
  • enslaves,
  • receives the full force of God’s anger.

With ease, I can argue the first three are met from my experience in the modern churches. I was sent to the dead end of modern Rx medicine, and when that way failed, I got accused of being the problem and offered no other help.

There’s a subtle but effective way of encouraging people to stay inside a particular set of ideas and an unspoken threat towards anyone who doesn’t recite the approved ideas. I was made to feel tolerated for not going along with “their way”. Had I been a person who REQUIRES the approval of others this absolutely could’ve prevented me from finding the truth and I’m certain it has for people with lesser backbone.

When the church folks socially dismissed me for taking a different path they absolutely devalued me, degraded the importance of the journey GOD was taking me down, and defied His authority, the truth of His word, as well as logic, wisdom and understanding, which He’s a big fan of, and blew off one of His SENT messengers.

This way has resulted in many professing Christians being put on Rx drugs they may never get off of, may be harmed by, and which have NOT been studied the way they’re dispensed = ENSNARED, when God’s Ways promise healing and blessing and health!

How does it lead to immorality? Well it directs the congregants to put more faith in the human medical system and because Christians are such a large demographic it has built this industry into a system that now has enough clout to FORCE injected substances into people and their children under threat of unemployment or not getting needed therapy or surgery.  This is being done by a group who’s been given complete legal immunity from any harm from these injections and the government NEVER DID THE SAFETY STUDIES over a 30-year period that were the condition of this legal immunity for childhood vaccines.  Every single manufacturer has plead guilty to fraud! This includes submitting fake data to the FDA, tampering with test samples, bribing doctors, deception and more yet they’re still in business.  One of them, Glaxo-Smith-Kline actually held a study in Argentina, a very poor country, where they falsified parental authorizations and fourteen babies died.  Instead of fourteen counts of murder they were fined $100,000. THIS IS WHO YOU’RE SUPPORTING INSTEAD OF TRUE HEALING PRACTITIONERS!

It was fall of 1993 when God revealed that He wanted me to attend massage therapy school through yet another profound spiritual display that left nothing to question. My little Christian self stuck out like a sore thumb in that class but some wonderful encounters took place in that intimate training. That educational exposure in massage school laid a foundation in knowledge of the human body, its systems, and function, and methods of healing that I’d never known of. All kinds of therapeutic methods that actually ignite healing in the body that have been around for a very long time but you don’t see them on television because television has become nothing more than a marketing and brainwashing tool for mainstream floaters. Floaters being people who don’t think, ponder, or question, they just go with the flow to their own peril even. The Machine works “ideas” into the story line of comedies and serious movies to direct the consumers to the avenues they want them to go. It’s not common to see ads for alternative medicine doctors or see ideas of people being healed by non-pharma methods worked into story lines of movies because all the players in THE MACHINE are playing toward the same goal.

Sixty days after I finished massage school, I fell 12 feet from an unrailed bridge into a shallow river below while cycling with a friend. I suffered a compound fracture dislocation of my spine at T12/L1. My x-rays showed me to be a paraplegic. Like most things on this “God walk” this event was preceded by a premonition and visitation nine months earlier that was written in a journal. This too is detailed in the Getting Well God’s Way book. This too was a common trait of walking with God. He didn’t just expect me to trust that it was Him choreographing these events, HE WANTED ME TO KNOW IT AS FACT!

There was such immense suffering during this part of my journey that His grace, though deeply appreciated, still wasn’t enough to calm me. I honestly didn’t know the human body could hurt so bad for so long and you aren’t allowed to die. JUST HURT EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY, EVEN WHEN SLEEPING! Eventually we moved to Austin, TX, a very health-minded city. I was surrounded by alternative health practitioners and saw many of them, and again learned more about the human body that couldn’t be learned any other way. I didn’t do a lot of “sampling” of ideas. When you’re on a “Spirit Led” journey you don’t get to drive. You sit in the proverbial back seat and wait to be taken to the next step. At least that’s the way I did it. I say this because I want you to know that although I was DESPERATE to get out of pain, I was even more DESPERATE to stay in the story that was being written through my life by God, as I had agreed. IT WAS HARD! IT SEEMED UNJUST, UNKIND OF GOD, and yet I KNEW…I KNEW HE WAS WRITING A STORY and changing me in the process. IT WAS BRUTAL but the idea that God was directing this couldn’t be denied. Therefore, I didn’t have much say in the timing of when He revealed the next piece but I knew it was being measured out for some reason. All I could do was trust and wait.

In the book, I go into the details of what I did to reverse the Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, the Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, the debilitating fibromyalgia episodes that feels like all of your soft tissue is inflamed all over the body at the same time. It’s a sort of manual on getting well but it lacks the specific emphasis to a person in the torrents of pain. I don’t think I can avoid creating a course, book, or something on all the steps that were taken to not live plagued by pain for much longer. It’s a matter of fitting it in. This opiate epidemic that was killing 128 people a day is a key indicator that the market is crying for a method to address pain. After I came out the other side of this “Spirit Led” experience I realized that the combination of things it took to get me well doesn’t even exist in the medical world. Only God could walk someone out of that complex issue. Medical school doesn’t have this knowledge because they’re trying to sell pills and have little idea how to heal the body. If you go ask The Creator, BE TEACHABLE, and seek guidance, it will be provided. Jesus said before leaving Earth “but because I go the Spirit of Truth will come and teach you all things”. I believed that to be true and still do.

Again, I can only guess why God did what He did in the order He did it in. I don’t know how He does a lot of the little miracles He’s able to arrange but this “waiting on Him” has always seemed like a good way to participate or stay out of His way, not running ahead of Him trying to solve your own problem.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles…”

I had gone to a physical therapy rehab center for six weeks and recognized how much the stretching helped my body avoid or deal with pain. I didn’t have insurance but was gifted a scholarship immediately after the injury. After I left there we didn’t have the money to continue with a physical therapist. I was getting massage and trading with other practitioners to pay for the body work. I had tried Pilates, lots of gym time, 1+ mile walks, when money got better I was able to afford sessions with an advanced myofascial release practitioner. At $125 a week this wasn’t a sustainable option. Losing the quad muscles and having a knee cap drop meant that my left glute was very weak and the entire left side of my body began to slide. Losing it’s lateral support this meant my neck, shoulder, arm…everything began to hurt and this wasn’t going to be an easy fix. How do you put a shelf support IN the body?

Early in my return to church as a young bride and mom, a young man stood up across the room and “repented” for going to a yoga class. I thought that was odd but I’d never been to a yoga class before so I shrugged it off and went on with my life. Knowing that A LOT of what they do in Physical Therapy is stretching you in a safe way I began to contemplate affordable options, but there aren’t really any “stretching studios” and because Christianity apparently disapproves of going to yoga, I suffered. I suffered, and I suffered, and I suffered UNTIL one day I hurt so bad that I no longer cared what ChRxtianity approved or didn’t approve of. After all, in my view, they had brought Coke machines and junk food to the churches and only acknowledged a Rx-writing doctor so why was I letting this same group have a say in this?

I was at the end of my rope, so I went to a yoga studio, and yes I asked God BEFORE I did. All I felt was a stillness. It wasn’t a warning or a “no ma’am” as much as it seemed like He wanted me to find my big girl panties and go in and inquire as if wanting to see what I would do. He does seem to be a fan of bravery. I walked in and saw these women glowing. As I signed in and paid my $15 I told them “I’m under so much stress and in so much pain that if I don’t find a way to deal with it, I don’t think I’m going to finish the race…And I don’t see this ending for another year.” They smiled knowingly, and said “Welcome to yoga” as if they had a secret.

I was in so much emotional and physical pain at this time that I was literally vibrating every waking minute. The relentless pain, sleep deprivation, and the combined soul sadness of watching my 25 year marriage die, knowing I couldn’t save it and that the collateral damage would be severe was more than I could bear. I cried every class for two years because it shoved energy through my walled-off broken heart, but you know what, I got emotionally stronger by learning to look at myself in the mirrored wall in “Warrior” pose, and I GOT WELL. It broke up scar tissue that had crippled me in pain for 11 years and it kept me from having a complete breakdown emotionally, and gave me tools to prevent a life of pain. As a massage therapist, this method made perfect anatomical sense. I had learned a method to address the myofascial system on my own and had some remarkable healing experiences doing so. This system is one major place where trauma is stored and this body, mind, and spirit had been through some major trauma in many forms.

Cranio-Sacral work was another method that unleashed profound healing mechanisms in the body. I took a Level 1, 4-day training on this one system. It took 2 days for me to learn to feel it. Once you feel it, WOW! Then you can learn how to help it achieve optimum function and break up blockages in a system that the Rx pill world doesn’t even understand or acknowledge so the likelihood they’ll refer you to a practitioner is slim to none. They don’t teach this stuff in Rx-writing medical school. Sadly, they’re being trained to sell pills, which blinds them to so many other options. The Media Machine sells you on ideas and then off you go not realizing they have a financial interest invested in where you go. They’re being paid to send you the way they’re sending you! The pill pushers buy ads on television and you sit there watching it and assume that’s all that’s available. It’s not! There’s an entire alternative world of healing out there but you have to go looking for it because those practitioners and providers aren’t big fans of the marketing machine. In fact, it’s a system that uses it’s power to abuse and threaten them. You’ll also need to pay for it because most of them don’t play the insurance game either. You know, the one where the practitioner is paid half their rate and has to chase that down for six months to get paid? Yeah, they don’t much care for that game either. As a practitioner, I can tell you that the less people have personally invested in their recovery the less they show up for themselves. Our system has turned everyone into some form of zombie waiting on someone to come save them so they don’t have to think or act because they’ve been trained to expect some preacher to pray a magic formula prayer or a doctor to give them a magic pill. Maybe it is that flicker rate of the television putting you in alpha brain state…more passive, while you watch their “programming”. Fortunately, I’ve learned by now that I AM MY BEST ADVOCATE and that includes my heavy preference to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me to where I need to go to get the answers I need. Humans have not performed well in that category of my life and this includes pastors, doctors, and well-meaning Christians.

FIRST, all yoga isn’t the same! It has branched out into more of a medical and therapeutic emphasis under many titles, BECAUSE it does what other methods can’t do. Below is a perfect example of this in pictures and story if you choose to click the link above the picture. ChRxtian ideas today claim that “Christians shouldn’t do yoga” because they are unknowingly bowing to Hindu gods. I asked God about this and He replied, “Only if that is your intention. You have to submit yourself to it as an intended spiritual practice and focus on Hindu or Buddhist gods. Likewise if your life of devotion is that of a Christian then that is your focus”. I got to thinking about the Christian saying “Going to church won’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car”. Okay, then why doesn’t this ideology apply to yoga? Going to church won’t make me a good Christian but somehow going to a yoga class makes me accidentally become a Hindu? Clearly there is more to it since I’ve been doing yoga since May of 2010 and haven’t become a Hindu, desired to study Hinduism, become confused about my faith in Yeshua/Jesus Christ, and to my knowledge I’m not full of demons so…none of the fear-based ideas have actually proven out. Had I continued to heed this admonishment I could’ve missed my healing and ended up like the woman in this picture on the left. I’m sorry but in my view, ChRxtians shouldn’t be “practicing medicine” and should leave this and other similar issues to the individual and the Holy Spirit. This is certainly true when they aren’t the picture of health individually or corporately. I think the Bible refers to it as “deal with the log in your own eye before attempting to fix your neighbor”. Clean up your own life and that should keep you plenty busy.

Yes, there are yoga studios that burn incense in front of a Buddha statue or an image of Shiva but that’s not the studios I go to or the books I use. It’s essentially an exercise class and that’s all. In the classes I met hundreds of people over the years and never once have I seen or become aware of anyone having some unexpected weird spiritual or physical experience. IT WAS JUST AN EXERCISE CLASS! For those who have a friend who had a perceived negative experience I suggest to you that what may have happened is the release of stored physical or emotional trauma rather than a demonic entity. You can read more about “stored trauma” on some of the links provided here or the many books available.

I heard and read stories of amazing physical recoveries. One woman was 76 and had a large mirror fall on her in a beauty salon. It broke her spine in four places. She began yoga in a wheelchair and eventually got well and became an instructor. Here’s another story I can closely relate to:

“A Harvard Medical School study funded by the U.S. Defense Department found that veterans diagnosed with PTSD showed improvement in their symptoms after just 10 weeks of taking yoga classes twice a week, along with 15 minutes of daily home practice.

“In fact, a host of studies conducted within the past 10 years only seem to bolster early findings. Bessel van der Kolk, a professor of psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine and medical director of the Trauma Center, has studied trauma since the 1970s and is considered a pioneer in the field.

“After tracking his patients’ progress and becoming hooked on hatha yoga himself, he concluded that “the memory of the trauma is imprinted on the human organism.” He asserts that individuals cannot overcome trauma unless they “learn to have a friendly relationship with your body” and that “therapists treating psychological trauma need to work with the body as well as the mind.”

I say often that we can’t say “church is good and yoga is bad” because life isn’t that simple. In fact, I know a LOT of people who’ve been hurt deeply in churches. I once put up an inquiry post on facebook on the subject and was shocked at how many stories people posted. So, if we tell people that as a “Christian” they shouldn’t practice yoga because someone they know had a bad experience, why aren’t we saying the same thing about churches? LOTS of people I know have been traumatized in churches so people shouldn’t go to churches then right?

I was being poisoned by mercury, an abnormal dose of electric and magnetic fields, a “modeled by the church folks” diet full of chemicals, and again mainstream medicine was found deficient in the knowledge I needed and quite “chest bumpy” about perfectly logical questions I’d ask. Like, “How did I become infertile?” while pointing to the 9-month old standing between my feet. That should’ve triggered a question in their minds about what changes had taken place in my life in the previous 18 months but it didn’t. I later learned that some people have a genetic mutation or genetic marker that makes them more vulnerable to toxins. Our bodies like to hold on to them, especially metals. Sadly, most of this knowledge had to be found amongst “Alternative Medicine” practitioners as mainstream doctors are clearly not much more than a pill dispensary now and I think a computer could do a better job. The doctors were irritated because they didn’t know the answers but were too proud to say so I suspect. As a practitioner, I came to see that it’s very important to examine a person’s diet, lifestyle, relationships, and the health of their environment, electrical and otherwise, to determine the cause of disease so it can be arrested and healing can begin. For instance, we have these new-fangled electric meters in use here that are making people sick and killing people and the doctors have no clue until they hear from someone like me. You can’t see the current, taste it, or smell it but you can measure it on a safety meter. And just like carbon monoxide, it accumulates in your body. If this person comes forward for prayer, they aren’t likely to get the answers they need. They NEED measurements taken and filters placed on the lines. And even if they were to experience a miraculous healing, then they’d return to their toxic electrical environment, “like a dog returns to his vomit”. Jesus often said after healings He performed “Go and sin no more or something worse may come upon you.” He was clearly a fan of finding causation. Perhaps it’s time to learn more about this body that carries our soul and stop limiting our prayers to the ways of this world and our limited understanding while remaining ignorant about the vast amount of healing modalities outside of mainstream medicine, and blaming the people when the Rx pill way doesn’t work.

Ultimately what I want ChRxtians to see is that when you close a door to natural healing methods because of your own unjustified fears, you are taking a very powerful tool of recovery off of the table for people. In a world where opiates were killing 128 people a day, I think we need to keep all options on the table AND furthermore, we need to recognize that The Holy Spirit should be the ONE directing people’s paths, not scared culturally conformed congregants who are popping Rx pills and washing it down with the Diet Coke they bought in the lobby of the church. Had I continued to listen to the ideas of the ChRxtians, I would’ve suffered longer and died prematurely. They were wrong about almost every single thing I needed to know and do to get well and I think they need to know that so they’ll stop their pretentious intrusions into other people’s lives. Beyond John 3: 16 we are having a radically different experience with Jesus Christ but I am no less a Christian, though now preferring the term “Disciple of Yeshua” to differentiate myself from the modern version of ChRxtianity.

You can’t truly grasp the vastness of the education God took me through without reading the Getting Well God’s Way book. And it didn’t end at publishing, which necessitated 2 major updates, and the birth of a blog and website on where humanity is in the technology launch. I touched the screen of a cell phone and my life changed radically….again, because I asked God to use my life to tell us a story. Apparently all of our overlords have been bought off and the pastors/shepherds are Turns out those thing emit pulsed microwave radiation which accumulates in our body causing disease and death.

One final comment regarding etiquette. The people I met in yoga were loving, accepting, and assumed that I was exactly where I was supposed to be in my life and in my spiritual quest. Husbands and wives. Single professionals. A 2016 Forbes article states 37 million people in the U.S practice yoga. This is up from 20 million three years ago, which means yoga has nearly doubled in just a few years.” While the churches are dying at a record level in 2022. Pretty clear to me that people are not finding what they NEED in the churches these days. Of interest, the yoga people didn’t try to convert me or even comment on my faith journey. There’s a very strong unspoken sense among them of “that’s inappropriate” to do. Unlike many Christians, they don’t believe it’s proper to scrutinize another person’s journey, spiritual or otherwise! “Who am I to critique YOUR life!” would be words I’d expect to hear from them. If you engage them in a conversation about it, you’ll even see them get uncomfortable. And there weren’t any Coke machines or vending machines filled with junk. So while some Christians scream about their convictions about yoga I think there’s some great characteristics they could stand to adopt from this community. You can disagree with me but when you get to the point that you’re screaming at me and calling me names, you may have lost the debate on that alone. THIS IS MY JOURNEY! I did ask God and never one time did He tell me He didn’t want me to go. What I did hear was “Better get dressed or you’ll be late for class”. YOGA SAVED ME! It didn’t give me eternal salvation but it made my Earth journey much more bearable so PLEASE, STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY SHOULDN’T DO YOGA IF THEY’RE A CHRISTIAN. It’s really not any of your business. You should be encouraging people to learn to hear the Holy Spirit guiding them and then leave them alone. Pray for them. Bottom line, I’m not telling anyone that they HAVE TO go to yoga but you shouldn’t be telling anyone NOT TO go to yoga. Like the words of the Phil Phillips song, “If you get lost you can always be found”. People aren’t going to walk off the edge of the Earth. Trust them and pray for them but reserve your opinions. Too many have been too wrong on my journey.

Here’s a few teachers on YouTube that I enjoy on my new hardwired television with it’s blue light blocking screen filter. I encourage you to go watch any of them and you’ll see that there is NO, ZERO, NONE, evidence of any gods being worshipped, mentioned, or bowed to, just exercise. Dear Fellow Christians, 3 minutes into this video a Lieutenant Colonel in SAS Australia talks about our “3rd eye”, the pineal gland, the effect of flouride on this gland and acknwledges that the 3rd eye/pineal gland is the seat of communication with GOD. Says it doesn’t matter if you agree or not, the dark side, doing all this EVIL knows it and they’re using it against you….flouride and fear and uncertainty…. FILTER YOUR WATER and do meditation, take supplements to help detox… IGNORANCE WILL KILL YOU IN THIS DAY AND AGE. I’ll be accepting apologies all year! 🙂 Seriously, though, stop yelling at people over things you know little to nothinG about just because you pastor or the christian club says it’s so. They’ve been wrong about A LOT beyond John 3: 16. A LOT!

If you go to and type in “Yin Yoga” in the search window you’ll find a lot of teachers offering free video lessons and you can/should subscribe to their channels for very cheap should you choose to commit and support them for their work. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Yin Yoga with Travis Eliot:,

Yin Yoga with Adriene:,

You can’t truly grasp the vastness of the education God took me through without reading the Getting Well God’s Way book. And it didn’t end at publishing, which necessitated 2 major updates, and the birth of a blog and website on where humanity is in the technology launch. I touched the screen of a cell phone and my life changed radically….again, because I asked God to use my life to tell us a story. Apparently all of our overlords have been bought off and the pastors/shepherds are ankle deep at best, while steeped in good intentions. Turns out those cell phones emit pulsed microwave radiation which accumulates in our body causing disease and death.

You can order a signed copy of the Getting Well God’s Way book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

It’s also available through Barnes & Noble and other online book sellers. Just Google the title.

SENT…the back story!

SENT… The Back Story…

In 1988 I became very ill and did what most Christians do; went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors.  After 11 or 12 doctors in 18 months I was worse; much worse and I realized the ideas being presented didn’t align with my core beliefs about health and healing so I canceled all my medical tests/appts and began chasing GOD for answers.  HE SHOWED UP AND TOOK ME ON QUITE A JOURNEY showing me the many things we do to make ourselves sick.  I was able to reverse several “incurable” conditions such as Hashimoto’s Autoimmune and Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, eleven years of crippling sciatica, fibromyalgia flares, and more, and boy did I learn a lot. 

In 1992, GOD, then told me “I want you to write a book”.  I’m certain that I groaned.  I didn’t want to write a book because I live in a culture of people content with their level of knowledge and distracted by shiny things.  They aren’t really interested in wisdom or deeper understanding.  It took me 21 years to complete as He had more, much more, He wanted to show me about our world.  Among the adventures was the recent and relevant event in October of 2016.  I touched the screen of a cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that radically changed my life.  It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight and it stayed at that intensity for 2 hours.  It set my left breast on fire over the next few days but when I went to God with my “Uhmmmmmm I’m not sure what to do here”, He reminded me that I’d put something in the book He had me write, because I understood the concept of why it would work. I was able to put the painful spreading fire out in five days. It was this event that taught me that cell phones emit pulsed microwave radiation that accumulates in our body until BAM…cancer, Afib, … Cell towers, WIFI, smart meters, a blanket of military radar that would boggle your mind… These are showering all living things in 24/7 Electromagnetic Radiation.  We used to realize that chronic exposure to radiation will kill you but since modern technology came out, we’ve decided to ignore that very important detail to our own peril. You should scroll through the Featured Post on the link below just to get a clue of where we are in this mess. It should scare a thinking person but we can’t fix what we won’t acknowledge.

Here’s another link you should scroll through and if you do nothing but look at the pictures it should send a message about how far we’ve drifted from sanity!  Every provider claiming it isn’t their junk….IT’S ALL OF IT TOGETHER!

Over the next few days it became clear that I was now highly sensitive to all wireless technology and even wiring issues in our home proved to be a problem.  I learned that just because you flip a switch and a light comes on doesn’t mean it’s safe.  Safety meter readings are what tell you if your electrical environment is safe!  Current practice is that not many electricians know about or use a Stetzer or Line Noise Meter to see what’s coming out of those electric outlets next to our bed, our chair, our desk where we spend our lives since they put these new meters on everyone’s homes/offices/barns. They aren’t using RF or Radio Frequency or Microwave measurements either though our world is now being saturated with this stuff.  NOBODY IS CHECKING, except us who are sick and injured by it and those who’ve learned to measure and remediate it. 

A link on this site lists this condition of “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” and stipulated that it “is presently a worldwide plague, which started as soon as these industrial technologies became widespread.”  You can’t see, taste, or smell this toxin but just like carbon monoxide it can be measured on a meter, it accumulates in your body, and it can kill you. This is the event that led me to my current efforts of bringing awareness and activism for safe technology. 

Still in the city at the time so I immediately had to give up my cell phone. We hardwired the computers, got rid of all wireless in the home, and had our electric meter changed from a digital version back to the old analog style, but there was still a large cell tower IN our middle class neighborhood and the new “wireless” version of electric meters on every house with a measurable field into our home, so we realized we were going to have to move rural.  Experts around the world agree that “Prudent Avoidance” is vital to recovery.

God ALWAYS brings my answers, He just never does it when I want Him to but when I look back on things I can usually see how events steered me to exactly where He wanted me to be for some other reason.  I learned last summer (2021) that I have high copper in my blood which would explain me being more “antenna like” than other people but again, not many medical experts know to check this or what to do to change this without harsh drugs. Learning that stress causes copper to increase and that wireless causes high levels of oxidative stress, it seems an important revelation for these times.  It seems possible that stress alone could increase copper levels making us more like antennas for this toxin.  Zinc is used to reduce the copper and I’m currently using this in an effort to get well but I will never return to living like the rest of the world now that I know what I know.  WIFI is 245 cycles per second of pulsed microwave radiation and people are in it 24/7.  Children absorb ten times the radiation of an adult.  Just like with my mercury dental fillings that were destroying my immune system.  We are not all the same.  A peanut can kill some people.  Some of us are perhaps more sensitive so that we can serve as warning messengers to reasoning people.  Think about it, “If someone enters an environment and doesn’t feel well, removes themselves and feels better, should we mock them or should we ponder the message?”  Are they “weak” or “crazy” or “delusional” or do they carry a message?  Do we laugh at those with peanut allergies or those who can die from a bee sting or a dose of MSG at a Chinese restaurant? Carbon monoxide poisonings?  No! We put up signage and make educators and restaurants and the general population aware, and develop technology like epi-pens, detectors and meters, filters, and then apply the knowledge.  “Knowledge isn’t power; APPLIED knowledge is power!” Somehow when it comes to all of this new technology, it’s as if people are so addicted they can’t accept reality.  CHRONIC EXPOSURE TO NON-IONIZING, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION KILLS THINGS!  That did not change with the advent of technology!   

The “SENT” part of the story:  When my spiritual adventure began back in 1989 and God began waking me up to share insights, it became clear to me that I needed to start keeping a journal hoping I’d catch what was important.  It was in the very first one, within the first few pages that I noted “Isaiah 54 shall apply.”  I had come into my marriage with a legal issue and when we went to court, we lost.  My life challenges have taught me to trust GOD so I bounced through the disappointment pretty quickly but the same wasn’t true for my now ex-husband.  I understood that GOD was likely doing this to protect us because I was in a suit with a nasty lawyer who had criminals for clients. We lived rural and my husband traveled for work every week leaving me and a new baby alone.  Sadly, he couldn’t see it.  After a few weeks I suggested that he go spend some time talking to GOD because he wasn’t able to accept what seemed unjust.  After a few hours he came in and said “GOD gave me/us the whole chapter of Isaiah 54; ‘said for us to READ IT’.”  So we sat down and read through it.  I didn’t find any gripping insights but one thing I did remember is that this passage said that “GOD was going to move me (us at the time) to a place with a gemstone foundation.”  It was noted and I went on with my life.  This entry was May 27th of 1990 and I still have this journal.  

Isaiah 54 Shall Apply Journal Entry

In the fall of 2018,  GOD reminded me of this passage through something someone said and I went back and looked in this journal and reread Isaiah 54.  I was amazed that it seemed to chart out the last 28+ years of my life, including the divorce.  Soon after this memory was brought back to me I realized that HGTV was giving away a home that I was entering  to win, noting it was the first one I would’ve actually lived in instead of selling it.  AFTER rereading Isaiah 54 I got curious and went to see where this HGTV home giveaway was located and was a little bit startled to see that it was in Sapphire, NC, which is exactly the kind of gemstone the original bible version of that passage referred to when read with my husband.  So, I diligently filled out every daily entry; not really expecting to win, but certainly open to the idea.  The winner was announced, and it wasn’t me.  I of course was disappointed but again…I’ve learned to let go as quick as I can get there, of things that no longer serve me or letting go of ideas that I “deserve” something in particular.  If GOD wants me to have something then nothing can thwart that plan. What I did note is that when I was looking at the HGTV house I knew that I would absolutely put a window in BOTH bathrooms over the tubs. 

About the same time a reader/fan of the book, Getting Well God’s Way-New Insights for a New Era, informed me that they were going to build a retirement community in a scenic area of Mexico and put me on the payroll as the health consultant AND give me a home.  After a few months, I could see that this wasn’t going to be a good situation for me for many reasons and turned down the offer again telling GOD “We’ll see what you do.” Another test of seeing if I’ll hold onto or chase things instead of waiting for God to present His will to me I think.  I smiled and let that one go too. I truly want to see where HE takes me.  I’m certain it’s a better story than I could think up.

A few weeks later GOD said “I’m moving you so get ready.”  I laughed because I’d been unemployable for 3+ years from this acute event with my cell phone that left me unable to be around modern technology so I have no money, no property, no car…but He’s done more miraculous events than that along my way so….  When I told Mom what GOD said we were meeting and passing in the long hallway. She spoke without thinking “You aren’t going anywhere.  You don’t even have a car and you aren’t taking my truck!”  I raised my eyebrows and smiled as I walked away because I felt God’s reaction to her comment. I recall thinking “Ewwwwwww;;;”  I wasn’t even sure why but I felt the air pop when she spoke as if it was God’s head on a swivel like a parent.  “EXCUSE ME…”  Again, I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this but it was undeniable.  Sure enough, the very next morning she woke up with “the trots” (running to the restroom) and this kept her in bed for 8 days.  On the 9th day I told someone “This isn’t a stomach bug. This is GOD because she said something the other day and I think GOD sent her to her room to think about it…” I had considered that He was reacting to the truck part or just that she had not bothered to consult Him before her kneejerk reply.  I had no sooner gotten this out of my mouth than Mom came to the door saying, “THIS ISN’T A STOMACH BUG…THIS IS GOD.  HE SENT ME TO MY ROOM TO THINK ABOUT MY COMMENT OF HIM MOVING YOU.  OF COURSE WE CAN MOVE.  I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE HERE!”  Bless her heart, who wants to move to another state at 83-84 years old from a home you’ve been in since 1988 and thought you would die in? But once she KNEW it was GOD’s will, she jumped in with both feet, often leading the charge, and so we began the search.  

A few months went by and we were searching online for houses and trying to figure out WHERE to go.  As we looked, our inner desires became more clear and old family roots actually appealed to us in Arkansas.  It was my great, great grandmother who was a Bailey and they founded what is now known as Arkadelphia.  We decided if we were going to have to move we at least wanted to live in a place of stunning beauty and north central Arkansas became our focus. 

We had an entire folder of houses we were watching and adding to it daily.  One day I said “Mom, why aren’t we calling about this house?  It looks like it’s everything we’re wanting.  It’s not too big.  It has a little acreage and they built the house in the middle of it instead of beside the road.  There’s even a sign in the garage with your initials on it that says it’s your place!”  She’d seen it on a site as having a pending contract and put it in another file so we called the homeowner to inquire. Every question we asked, she gave the right answer until all three of us were crying.  The seller finally said, “I’m not showing this house to anyone else.  You’re the one’s I’ve been praying for.”  We headed up a few days later, saw the house, met the sellers and signed a contract for purchase. Guess what was above the bathtub that would be mine…A WINDOW!

bath tub window

It was a week later that the seller said on the phone, “For some reason I feel like I need to tell you to look up the meaning of the name of this town; it’s a gemstone.”  I LAUGHED.  I had no idea.  Mom and I both thought independently that it was someone’s name. 

So, here we are living exactly where GOD had me note in a journal in 1990; 31+ years later.  I’ve said for a few decades that “my journey feels like GOD moves me around like a chess piece” but then that’s what I asked Him to do with me in 1982; to “MAKE IT MATTER THAT I CAME THROUGH THIS LIFE”.  I emphasized that I had no idea how to go about that and have been determined to let Him lead. 

Who the heck knows what to do with a LIFE?  Everything He’s taken me through has developed a keen sense of His presence.  I’m being “utilized” and my job is to pay attention, listen and follow directives knowing He’s the only one who’s seen the lid to the puzzle box and likely doesn’t have many people who will truly yield their will and their way to Him and His purposes to this degree but we’d made a deal in 1982 and He came to collect.  In between moves He’s setting up challenges and lessons that equip me with knowledge and understanding and a committed trust has developed over the decades as He continues to amaze me…HE is in fact moving forward a plan, HIS PLAN and I’ve been invited to be a part of it.  I had no idea I’d be here doing this effort to awaken a town/region/state to a threat in their home/offices/environment. 

As I read Isaiah 54 again after realizing what He was directing us to do, I again LAUGHED as I read verses that make it clear that challenges will come…but ultimately it states “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.”  I’m going to trust Him on that as it has served me well thus far. I’ve seen Him dish out swift discipline to people who offend me in my efforts and I don’t think they even make the connection, but I see it.  It’s a little daunting but has helped me accept that no matter how odd it may seem, I am indeed a messenger, a watchman on the wall often delivering WARNINGS! I’ve learned I’m often the last one He sends in before consequences show up.  I’m pretty direct so I think He assumes if you don’t listen to me then you aren’t listening at all, even to Him. His next tool is usually a 2 x 4.  My experience is that humans have adopted the ways of the world and have begun trusting sources and entities that shouldn’t be trusted much more than they show trust in God.  CORRUPTION IS DEEP and when it comes to electricity and radiation…we need to be “…wise as serpents” and that’s not what’s been happening. 

For reasons we may never know GOD decided long, long ago that He was sending me/us HERE! Not just anywhere, but to JASPER. ARKANSAS, IN THE HEART OF THE OZARKS! I have no idea why but it’s recorded and it happened, and isn’t He amazing at doing these kinds of things?  If I had to guess I’d say it’s because the people here still have a heart for God.  You don’t recoil when I mention Him.  We have to remember that it was Abraham’s faith and his obedience that caused him to be called a friend of God.  If God went to all this trouble and took me through an unimaginably challenging journey with collateral damage that took my breath away for most of ten years.  I’ve learned that if you’re trying to do something that matters, there are dark forces that come into play attempting to stop or delay you.  The personal price tag has been enormous.  I say this so you know that a price has been paid to speak to you, to prepare me to share this with you.  I think it would behoove those in power to stop and give some serious prayer time to this matter as well as go over the information presented.  Take meters around town and see what I’m talking about. 

The bottom line is that when God told me He wanted me to come up here and “TELL THEM” I argued my reasoning for two months.  I’m sick and tired of trying to give cpr to a corpse.  People simply are no longer using their brains and they certainly don’t seem to be asking God for input on how they’re living and thinking.  I’m tired of hearing people argue that this stuff is safe when they’ve never read a book on the subject.  “They aren’t going to listen!  NOBODY CARES!”  He finally said, “If you tell them and they do nothing then you’re off the hook.  If you don’t tell them then I’m going to hold you as guilty as them.”  STOP AND THINK ABOUT THAT LAST PART.  If you are a paid steward for government oversight, especially protecting the health of the citizenry, then YOU, are the paid steward on duty in God’s eyes and He’s going to hold you responsible for this knowledge I’m presenting.  I’m tired.  I’ve fulfilled my obligation.  I’m unpaid and have little authority, but many of you do.  You need to use it!  You’d be amazed how much “We have no jurisdiction” is in this story, again, a great way to cover up corruption.  They basically sent all the sheriff’s home so there’s nobody to report the crime to. I have written the utility commission, Governor Hutchison, who appoints those commissioners, to inform him of the dangerous readings up here, the deaths, and the lax response from his commissioners who are not doing their “duty” to provide “safe,…” electricity to their customers. I found the 70 year old Chief Inspector, for the Dept of Labor and Licensing in Little Rock, Charles Covington, telling me the 24/7 high-pitched squeal up here means “there’s a problem”. I wrote POTUS #45 for about 18 months, and the Office of Electricity, KXAN News, the State Attorney General public safety division, Keith Slape, and spent hours every day online looking for help. “NOBODY CARES!” But now that you know God is involved, I think some of you better start looking into this as if God is watching, BECAUSE HE IS! 

I’m sharing this next part because I think you need to see the price that was paid in order for me to end up here doing this. Me writing a book became a threat to my husband so there wasn’t any support and there was a lot of psychologically damaging behavior to undermine my own confidence.  When the book came out it made four grown men cry and a few women too.  One woman had a 2-hour healing encounter with God while reading it because it’s that kind of book, if you’re ready.  It’s an eye-opener but God called it a “300-page indictment against humanity.”  He’s NOT happy with what’s going on here, ESPECIALLY in the church crowd and their complicity with the world system while they claim to know Him.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone as we were promised that His “judgment would begin with the household of faith.”  HE EXPECTS THAT GROUP WHO CLAIMS TO KNOW HIM TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE ASSAULT ON HIS CREATION! 

I actually had to walk away from my entire family to finish what GOD was asking of me. There was no other option as they were actively trying to prevent me from carrying out His revealed will, though I had no idea where this was leading. I used to tell them “If you aren’t locked in fully to God, the enemy will move in and use you to distract, delay, and upset me and God’s not going to let me quit.”  I was locked in whether I wanted to be or not from early on.  God was in a “take no prisoner’s” kind of mindset.  “You’re either going to help her or you’re in the way” seemed to be his view, and still is.  When it got toxic, He took me away from them!  This meant leaving my only child, a daughter, the granddaughter I raised for 19 months, and two more have been born since I left that I’ve never been able to meet.  I cried for five years while finishing the book and grieved deeply for another five years until God showed me how to break the spell in May of 2021.  I KNEW THAT WHATEVER HE WAS DOING WAS IMPORTANT, so I kept typing. 

Ending on a sweet note:  Isaiah 54 also said I would be the mother of many children but that didn’t happen. Mother’s Day, a few years ago, I was truly shocked when a bouquet of flowers arrived on Mother’s Day.  It was from one of the reader’s who called it “The book I can’t shut up about.”  The card read, “I know this must be a difficult day for you…”  And she signed it “Your daughter in Christ.”  I now have many young women who’ve read the book and refer to me as their spiritual mom.  God performed His promise.  

You can learn more about the book by going to:

If you want to read Isaiah 54 you’ll find it here: 

The current mission:

 You should take a detour from reading and visit one of these two links (same content) and give it a quick scan:

The woman in the story below died Dec 2020. She was 60 yrs old. Dec 2021 we lost another beautiful soul, she was only 54. They both worked in the same building that has very high readings. Are we just going to DO NOTHING?

I’ll keep fighting the fight, catch up when you can. 

Where Christianity Went Wrong!

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

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This book is changing lives!

Please note that the subtitle, which used to read, A Handbook for Humans, has been changed to, New Insights for a New Era, after the book file was updated recently to reflect a few timely and needed revelations for our current world. This is kind of a WAKE UP 101 book that will help you connect many dots so you can adjust your approach to this new world and get some clarity on how we got here and some ideas about what we should do next.

The book, Getting Well God’s Way, took 21 years to launch, and 27 years to come to completion now. It was uploaded on April 5th, 2015. Within a week my cousin read it and wrote “Your book is well-written, informative, intriguing, comforting, alarming, and important.” She also wrote of it later “Your book started me on a Spiritual and Wellness journey that was such an eye opening experience that led me to question EVERYTHING. Now here I am at the crossroads of God, Wellness, and politics. It’s so cool to be here and truly AWAKE with more to learn.”

Then a man read the introduction and told me that it dropped him to his knees in tears. “You’re right!” Then a woman heard me on a radio interview and reached out to me on Facebook private message. She was in Australia so I emailed her the introduction. She read it. Then she read it out loud to her family and her husband asked if I do a Skype call with him. Half way through the call he said “I need to tell you that I started crying shortly after we began talking and I haven’t been able to stop. When you speak, I hear God, and I haven’t heard God in a very long time.” He continued to sniffle the remainder of a 3 hour call.

Then another man in Maryland bought 50 of them to give out in his town. The first time we spoke on the phone and were about to hang up he too began crying and declaring that he’d prayed that book in for over a decade and praised that I’d done more than he could imagine. He too has a great story of recovering his health and coming off of a lot of prescribed drugs. His parting words were, “You’re a messenger from God and if we don’t listen to you we deserve what comes next.”

Then an electrical engineer read the book and we spoke a few months later. At the end of the call he too began crying after we discussed the abnormal technology launch around the globe and my recent experience of having a pain shoot up my arm that changed my life when I touched the screen of a cell phone. He was crying and saying “Oh my gosh. We missed something very important with all of this. We NEVER stopped to consider what it might do to living organisms.” actually he had yet to see the massive corruption in our oversight agencies. They knew!

A few women have admitted to dropping to their knees in tears, “arm hair standing” and one woman had a 2 hour miraculous healing encounter with God while reading it. It’s a powerful story choreographed by God so we could see what we need to see. “Life changing” is used often by readers and even people who aren’t Christians are reading it and praising it. One reader called it “the book I can’t shut up about”. Most of these comments/messages have been captured and shared here on this blog.

The book has just entered it’s 7th year of existence. I had uploaded the manuscript in April of 2015 and then had the wireless injury event so I updated it with 20 more pages after I learned how to set up a (wired) safe computer station. This information can be found here:

This book shows a 27-year journey into and out of “incurable” disease and severe injury with x-rays showing me to be a paraplegic. I took the God-reliant path to wellness and reversed those reportedly incurable diseases of Hashimoto’s Auotimmune, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, and 11 years of sciatic pain. I knew pain meds weren’t going to heal me and would likely wreck our lives so again, I grabbed onto God and said “Teach me how to heal my body” and He did. I had to learn to unravel the many layers of pain and when I came out of my ordeal there was an opiate epidemic formed around me killing 128 people a day at one point and turning many into heroine addicts when the Rx drugs are pulled.

Using statistics from 2014, when the book came out, it reveals the following: The US makes up 5% of the global population but they consume 70% of the Rx global drug supply, 80% of the opiates. Same year statistics showed that in the USA, 73 to 88% of people claim to be Christians. You don’t have to be a math whiz to see that people who claim to be Christians are the primary supporters and sustainers of the Rx drug industry, again, in complete conflict with what the Bible teaches should be done.

God’s Ways versus the world’s ways is what’s shown in this story and more so, what His so-called “people” are putting their faith in that’s creating a totalitarian takeover and threatening humanity with medical tyranny. God is not happy with this as He’s basically been set aside in favor of mainstream, highly limited ideas by profiteers. God has been demoted to a security blanket people take along with them on their carnal search for answers. What’s the 1st commandment of the 10? Though shalt have no other gods…Time to take a look at what God sees in humanity and reconsider what’s been created by our unfaithfulness and remember THE CONSUMER IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE ON THE PLANET… NOTHING CAN STOP AN ORGANIC MOVEMENT. If you stop buying the garbage being offered that undermines your health and take the responsibility for your health as an act of devotion to God it can change your life. If a whole lot of us do it, it change the world!

Note: This is a 358 page, 8.5 x 11 “dense and intense” book best read in paperback in my opinion. Go check out the other reader comments on this blog and you’ll see what readers have been saying about it.

Information from Back Cover of Getting Well God’s Way

FINALLY got a show name that fits me, the project, and the potential listeners! I’ll post links for where to listen when…

This is another good link to visit on this site to see some of what GOD’s been doing, and what I feel is available to us as we move closer to GOD. For me, that access comes through Yeshua THE Christ:

Here you’ll be able to cruise through comments made by readers:

Below is the link telling the God-story of how we were SENT to the Ozark mountains. I just realized that I’ll be 66 this year and the message in the journal shown in the picture at this link was given to me when I was 33 years old AND it will become 33 years old on May 20th, 2023. Hmmmmm what might GOD be doing? I will say, it’s a really good time to have a relationship with God that allows Him to move you around, at great inconvenience, for your own good, not your career plans. We didn’t get to where we are in this current world because the majority of us were checking in closely with God about our ideas. Sadly, most of humanity has been doing whatever felt right or what the system told us to do.

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Informative and Powerful…

One of the readers of the Getting Well God’s Way who’s become a friend and supporter gave a copy of Getting Well God’s Way to her cousin. She recently sent me some screenshots of his reading experience and their exchange. THIS is why God INSISTED that this book be written. What he calls the ‘pro-log” is a 26-page introduction that has dropped several grown men to their knees in tears. God is not happy with what’s been brought into Christianity and into the so-called “churches” in the form of junk food, junk medicine, and complete ignorance of His instructions in the Bible about how to eat, live and medicate and even how to maneuver through life. The churches have become a reflection of the world and it’s ways and God has been set aside. They call Him in if the medical doctor and pharmacist don’t succeed. Can you imagine, setting God aside in favor of an industry?

“Add to your faith…knowledge!” 2 Peter 1: 5-9

We also need to remember 2 Thessalonians 2: 10 in the New Life Version, speaking of the coming of the antichrist, it reads, “Those who are lost in sin will be fooled by the things he can do. They are lost in sin because they did not love the truth that would save them.” When people who don’t profess to have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and lord this verse would apply to their spiritual salvation. But when a professing Christian doesn’t bother to learn or apply the truths revealed in His word about how to care for our human vessel, also known as the temple of the Holy Spirit” then we’re also “not loving the truth that could save their vessel from harm. As one reader wrote “If you don’t give Satan your soul but you give him your health, he has won a huge battle.”

This scripture also describes the content of this book GOD INSISTED that I write. They’d rather not bother reading a large book. They’d rather not be burdened with knowing God’s standards. They’re more content just going forward for a magic Jesus dust prayer, going to the doctor, and talking about their condition from the idea that they are somehow poor victims that inherited bad genes. They don’t consider that Mom also taught them how to eat, live and medicate and that she may have gotten some things wrong, and we have more knowledge today.

This verse implies strongly that when we don’t bother getting to know God’s ways because we’re just too busy, that God will allow us to be led off into deception. If we aren’t going to bother staying deeply rooted in Christ and surrendering our diet, lifestyle, relationships, and environment to His standards He has no obligation to save us from harm and will even allow us to be deluded so our discernment will be off and we won’t even know it. How ignorant can we be? We have an internal guidance system, amplified by the presence of the Holy Spirit, secured by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, and don’t use it. Just following the herd, doing as they do, mindlessly.

Here’s another verse that essentially says that when we bother to get to know God’s ways “THEN you will learn to know God’s Will for you…”. It’s in Romans 12: 1-2. I like the way it reads in the New Living Translation. It reads “And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

You might find Proverbs chapter 1 to be an interesting read too, especially verse 26.

Here’s another related post that can help you see why GOD INSISTED that I write a book that took 27 years to finish.

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

“The church has seriously reneged on it’s responsibility to teach people how to maintain their health and well-being. It has instead chosen to support the” world’s way. Now look where we are!

Remember, the consumer is the most powerful force on the planet.

What we do as a group matters! Can you see this now?

“Kathy really nails how orthodox religion focuses on prayer and miracles for healing, while completely ignoring the importance of personal responsibility. As a pastor’s daughter, Kathy knew the Bible and the ways of the church inside and out. So, when she became seriously ill with a whole host of different illnesses, she did what everyone else did. She prayed to God for a miracle. She prayed that he would make her well. She also did the culturally acceptable thing. She went to dozens of doctors and took all the drugs they prescribed to her. But after eighteen months of praying and praying and praying, and also being a good patient, her health got worse. What she was doing was not working.

“At that time, something told her she was on the wrong track. She canceled all her future doctor’s appointment and decided to not just pray to God, but to really listen to God, and let him guide her. This was the beginning of her healing. She came to understand how modern churches are supporting a profit-driven culture that promotes sickness, not health. People were praying to God for healing, while consuming large amounts of Coca Cola, junk food, and drugs with dangerous side effects. In her studying scripture, she came to clearly see that we have been commanded to honor and care for our physical bodies and that we also have a responsibility to engage in behaviors that promote healing. As Kathy states so clearly, “Everyone wants a miracle but nobody wants to learn the accompanying lessons about how to build health or maintain a healing.”

“The church has seriously reneged on it’s responsibility to teach people how to maintain their health and well-being. It has instead chosen to support the American diet of poor quality, processed food, our overly medicated drug culture, and total disconnect from nature. In this piece, Kathy challenges the modern church to go back to scripture and begin to teach what Jesus taught us, all of it. Not by cherry-picking what is most convenient, but by a holistic approach that understands that physical and spiritual health are built the same way.

“This is a challenging read if you are stuck in your ways and don’t want to change. But if growth is your goal, if Christ Consciousness is your goal, and if you are committed to this path, then don’t waste another minute. Read this right away.” Toby Monte

You can request a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can send donations for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

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A Beautifully Scriptural Prayer for Our World

A woman prays on her knees at sunset. | Woman praying images, Kneeling in  prayer, Prayer images

1Tim 2:1…………Heavenly Father, I give thanks for our government.

1 Tim 2:2………..I pray for all men and women having authority over us in any way.

Prov. 1:23……….Pour out Your Spirit upon them and make Your Word known to them.

Ps 25:21………..Cause them to be men and women of integrity, obedient concerning us,

1 Tim 2:2………..that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty.

Prov. 2:10……….Let wisdom enter their hearts, and let knowledge be pleasant to them.

Prov. 2:11……….Let discretion preserve them and understanding keep them,

Prov. 2:12……….to deliver them from the way of evil and from evil men.

Psalm 1:1……….Make their hearts and ears attentive to godly counsel,

2Chr 20:32………doing what is right in your sight.

Prov. 2:21……….Let the upright dwell in our government.

Heb 12:27……….Cause there to be a shaking in all areas.

Prov. 2:21……….Let those complete and blameless before You stay.

Prov. 2:22……….and cut off the wicked. Let the unfaithful be rooted out.

1Cor 4:5…………Bring to light what is hidden in darkness,

1Cor 4:5…………and expose the secret aims of the hearts.

Rev 2:5………….Let this nation remember from where they have fallen,

Rev 2:5………….repenting, and returning to doing their first works,

1Chr 22:19……..setting their hearts and their souls to seek the Lord,

2Chr 7:14……….humbling themselves, praying, and turning from their wicked ways.

2Chr 7:14……….Then hear them, O Lord, and forgive their sins and heal our land.

Acts 26:18……..Open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light.

Heb 3:13………..Soften the hearts that are hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.

Ps 107:20……….Deliver them from their destructions.

2Pet 3:9…………Father, You have been longsuffering toward us,

2Pet 3:9…………not willing that any should perish,

2Pet 3:9…………but that all should come to repentance.

Isa 49:22………..Raise up a standard in this nation.

Zech 10:1……….Cause the rains of Your Spirit to flood this land

Hab 3:2………….and revive Your work in the midst of us.

Isa 59:16………..Raise up intercessors for this nation

2Cor 10:4……….to pull down strongholds over this land.

Isa 40:5…………And let the glory of the Lord be revealed!

Unsure of who compiled this but it says everything I’d want to say.

Shared by one of the Getting Well God’s Way readers on Facebook. Thank you Jennifer Burrough’s, a wonderful herbalist who makes lots of healing remedies. Let me know if you’ve read the book and want to receive and Invite to our Facebook Reader’s Page where you’ll meet more wonderfully, talented women of God and those just awakening to God’s Ways!

Getting Well God’s Way Now Has 20 Pages of My Wireless Injury Story

I touched the screen...

If you’re on this page then you may know that I lived a very challenging life journey that included a health crisis.  I was a typical American, married, and just had my first child.  We thought going to church was a good thing to do as a family so when my health failed, I did what most church-going people do.  I went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors.  After 18 months and almost a dozen doctors I was worse, much worse.  So I canceled all my medical tests and the followup appointments and slid down the wall of my kitchen and cried. “God, if this doesn’t work, I’m coming home early.”  I’d had enough of their prescription pills, the myriad of tests and the flawed logic and explanations that conveniently let them off the hook for having to know what to do.  “It’s genetic” as if genes don’t need a trigger.  “It’s unexplainable but normal.”  What?  “Some people just have this.”

The modern church members were happy to assume that I must have hidden sin or not enough faith to receive miraculous healing.  As if it was happening all around and I was one of the few who didn’t get that blessing.  Uhmmmm, no.  It rarely happened and God was about to take me on a journey and show me why.

Six months went by and I continued to decline but I was declining while under the care of a host of doctors so nothing had really changed.  I had a PROFOUND experience with God as a child so I knew He was real and figured I had a better chance sitting still and asking for guidance through the storm, so I did.  I was completely willing to go to a particular doctor if led to do so but running from doctor to doctor just felt wrong.  Where was God in that approach?  Moreso, I think there was something in me that wanted to see if God would show up and I was at a place that I was willing to bet my life on it.  I wanted to see what that looked like especially in comparison to what was being presented in the culture.  It’s like some alarm went off inside of me during my 18-month search for health related to our medical system and even the church system I’d become part of. I WANTED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

One day a friend dropped by and when she saw me, she let out a gasp and made an excuse and left.  Her reaction alarmed me so I got down on my knees by the side of the couch and told God, “I’m going to ask one more time and if something doesn’t happen here, I will not ask again.”  It was time.  I took a long time before I formed my question but when I did, the Heavens shook and God showed up.  Wow, what a ride…but it cost me almost everything!  There’s a law that seems to dictate that “If you’re bringing something forward that shines a bright light, you have to expect an equal pushback.” Evil doesn’t give up ground easily.

It took 21 years to finish writing the book and shortly thereafter someone had a dream with a message for me that I now understand.  It was basically God telling me that He had one more thing He needed to show me and after that the accolades would come for the book.  Someone bought the book two days after it was available and she stuck her thumbnail in what she thought was a random spot in the book.  This moment ended up with me being introduced to the world on a nationally-syndicated radio show by a world-renowned doctor.  You’ll have to read the book to see what happened from there but it now includes 20 pages of what I learned thus far about this highly electric world we live in. I’m still learning and in fact just finished the first of five classes teaching how to create a healthier home environment electrically-speaking.  I suspect I’ll start a podcast at some point or a room for my reader’s or a community site somewhere.

The good news is that after the book came out a man told me that he picked up his wife’s copy and read the introduction and he ended up “on his knees in tears in his living room.” Then another man whose wife heard me on the radio interview reached out from Australia and I emailed her the introduction.  She read it, then read it to her husband who asked if I’d Skype with him.  Half way through our call he said “I need to tell you that I started crying shortly after we began talking and I can’t stop. When you speak, I hear God and I haven’t heard God in a very long time.” He continued to sniffle for what ended up being a 3-hour call. Then another man, an electrical engineer, came up to me in the grocery store and ended up following me out and buying a book from me.  We spoke about six weeks later and at the end of the 2-hour call he too began crying and admitted that he was very concerned after reading about my wireless injury. “Frankly, I’m scared.”  I replied “You should be. We messed up bringing all this in.”  Then another man read the book and then he bought 50 of them to give away.  When we spoke the first time he declared that he’d “…prayed this book in for over a decade.”  I tease him for being the reason God locked me in a bedroom and took everyone and everything away from me that wasn’t in support of it being finished.  At the end of the call his voice began to crack and the tears flowed as he said “You’re a messenger from God and if we don’t listen to you we deserve what comes next.”  I’ll simply admit that it sure seems that way but I walk day by day and surprisingly maintain a pretty upbeat perception about what’s ahead but it WILL require us to go about our lives much different than we’re doing.  What sacrifices are we willing to make?  Several women have also had some pretty incredible experiences with the book.  I post reader comments, my interviews, a few articles and more on this book blog.  Just look over to the right and you’ll see a list of categories to explore.

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $29.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

“This book will change your life because it changes your perspective…”

Screenshot (42)

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:


An URGENT Message for Modern Man – 2019

Radiation Binder Front CoverRadiation Binder side view (2)

After I finished writing Getting Well God’s Way and uploaded the manuscript onto Amazoo in April 2015, I touched the screen of my new iPhone 5C and a pain shot up my arm that changed my life.  You NEED to learn what’s going on with the deployment of technology.  I created another blog site for this particular message after I learned how to hard wire my computer and got rid of the Wi-Fi (245 Billion Cycles Per Second of microwave radiation).  I began reading and couldn’t stop for about 7 months.  The document pictured above is what came from that reading frenzy.


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