Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors, EVEN in people who “Love Jesus”

Someone posted on facebook asking for prayers for a friend who deeply loves Jesus and has a brain tumor. A dozen praying hands appeared but with hesitation I responded and think you should read this dose of TRUTH: With a deep sigh…I’m going here. I will likely turn off notifications so I don’t have to hear the backlash BUT THE BODY OF CHRIST NEEDS TO RESPOND TO REALITY. I’ve been appointed to this task of waking this demographic up BECAUSE THEY ARE THE LARGEST DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP IN THE US! If this one group actually wakes up and realizes what they’ve become PARTICIPANTS in, and STOPS participating, we can change the course we’re on. Bottom line, wireless tech is killing everything and people who know GOD shouldn’t be carrying the transmitter/receivers around in their pockets and putting them up to their head. CELL PHONES CAUSE BRAIN TUMORS, DEADLY BRAIN TUMORS that don’t respond to any treatments is what I’ve seen multiple times now even in people who LOVE JESUS. If we sit in the road, believing in Jesus, even singing praise songs and quoting scriptures like “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”, we’re VERY LIKELY to get hit by a truck and be severely hurt or killed. God expects us not to do stupid things and we all fell for the CULTure lies and bought the phones, accepted the towers, and installed WIFI. My “phone” almost killed me. We will not be exempt because we know and love Jesus and if the person plans to continue in or return to the same behavior that caused the issue what’s the point in receiving a miracle? GOD’s not big on wasting miracles but He will run out to meet you and help you when you get on the right path. I’ve created several information sites you can look into to learn more but PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT’S GOING ON HERE AND MAKE SOME SERIOUS CHANGES. I bought meters, got rid of ALL WIRELESS, such as our wireless alarm system, my cell phone; got rid of WIFI and hardwired, grounded, and shielded my computer,installed blue light filter screens on all screens, moved to the Ozarks where there is no cell signal here and use only a CORDED landline, filtered our electric panel and outlets = MADE SERIOUS CHANGES!!!! I have managed to survive and seem to be getting better but I can’t go in any buildings, meetings, friend’s homes, and have the VERY DIFFICULT task of educating people about a subject they don’t want to know about for 6 years now. You can love Jesus alll day and night but if you subject yourselves to electromagnetic radiation 24/7 IT WILL SICKEN AND KILL YOU. We should’ve STAYED AWAY FROM THE WORLD as our Father directed us to do. Instead, we brought it into the sanctuary and allowed it to be fed to our children. 😕



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