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Please note that the subtitle, which used to read, A Handbook for Humans, has been changed to, New Insights for a New Era, after the book file was updated recently to reflect a few timely and needed revelations for our current world. This is kind of a WAKE UP 101 book that will help you connect many dots so you can adjust your approach to this new world and get some clarity on how we got here and some ideas about what we should do next.

The book, Getting Well God’s Way, took 21 years to launch, and 27 years to come to completion now. It was uploaded on April 5th, 2015. Within a week my cousin read it and wrote “Your book is well-written, informative, intriguing, comforting, alarming, and important.” She also wrote of it later “Your book started me on a Spiritual and Wellness journey that was such an eye opening experience that led me to question EVERYTHING. Now here I am at the crossroads of God, Wellness, and politics. It’s so cool to be here and truly AWAKE with more to learn.”

Then a man read the introduction and told me that it dropped him to his knees in tears. “You’re right!” Then a woman heard me on a radio interview and reached out to me on Facebook private message. She was in Australia so I emailed her the introduction. She read it. Then she read it out loud to her family and her husband asked if I do a Skype call with him. Half way through the call he said “I need to tell you that I started crying shortly after we began talking and I haven’t been able to stop. When you speak, I hear God, and I haven’t heard God in a very long time.” He continued to sniffle the remainder of a 3 hour call.

Then another man in Maryland bought 50 of them to give out in his town. The first time we spoke on the phone and were about to hang up he too began crying and declaring that he’d prayed that book in for over a decade and praised that I’d done more than he could imagine. He too has a great story of recovering his health and coming off of a lot of prescribed drugs. His parting words were, “You’re a messenger from God and if we don’t listen to you we deserve what comes next.”

Then an electrical engineer read the book and we spoke a few months later. At the end of the call he too began crying after we discussed the abnormal technology launch around the globe and my recent experience of having a pain shoot up my arm that changed my life when I touched the screen of a cell phone. He was crying and saying “Oh my gosh. We missed something very important with all of this. We NEVER stopped to consider what it might do to living organisms.” actually he had yet to see the massive corruption in our oversight agencies. They knew!

A few women have admitted to dropping to their knees in tears, “arm hair standing” and one woman had a 2 hour miraculous healing encounter with God while reading it. It’s a powerful story choreographed by God so we could see what we need to see. “Life changing” is used often by readers and even people who aren’t Christians are reading it and praising it. One reader called it “the book I can’t shut up about”. Most of these comments/messages have been captured and shared here on this blog.

The book has just entered it’s 7th year of existence. I had uploaded the manuscript in April of 2015 and then had the wireless injury event so I updated it with 20 more pages after I learned how to set up a (wired) safe computer station. This information can be found here:

This book shows a 27-year journey into and out of “incurable” disease and severe injury with x-rays showing me to be a paraplegic. I took the God-reliant path to wellness and reversed those reportedly incurable diseases of Hashimoto’s Auotimmune, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, and 11 years of sciatic pain. I knew pain meds weren’t going to heal me and would likely wreck our lives so again, I grabbed onto God and said “Teach me how to heal my body” and He did. I had to learn to unravel the many layers of pain and when I came out of my ordeal there was an opiate epidemic formed around me killing 128 people a day at one point and turning many into heroine addicts when the Rx drugs are pulled.

Using statistics from 2014, when the book came out, it reveals the following: The US makes up 5% of the global population but they consume 70% of the Rx global drug supply, 80% of the opiates. Same year statistics showed that in the USA, 73 to 88% of people claim to be Christians. You don’t have to be a math whiz to see that people who claim to be Christians are the primary supporters and sustainers of the Rx drug industry, again, in complete conflict with what the Bible teaches should be done.

God’s Ways versus the world’s ways is what’s shown in this story and more so, what His so-called “people” are putting their faith in that’s creating a totalitarian takeover and threatening humanity with medical tyranny. God is not happy with this as He’s basically been set aside in favor of mainstream, highly limited ideas by profiteers. God has been demoted to a security blanket people take along with them on their carnal search for answers. What’s the 1st commandment of the 10? Though shalt have no other gods…Time to take a look at what God sees in humanity and reconsider what’s been created by our unfaithfulness and remember THE CONSUMER IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE ON THE PLANET… NOTHING CAN STOP AN ORGANIC MOVEMENT. If you stop buying the garbage being offered that undermines your health and take the responsibility for your health as an act of devotion to God it can change your life. If a whole lot of us do it, it change the world!

Note: This is a 358 page, 8.5 x 11 “dense and intense” book best read in paperback in my opinion. Go check out the other reader comments on this blog and you’ll see what readers have been saying about it.

Information from Back Cover of Getting Well God’s Way

FINALLY got a show name that fits me, the project, and the potential listeners! I’ll post links for where to listen when…

This is another good link to visit on this site to see some of what GOD’s been doing, and what I feel is available to us as we move closer to GOD. For me, that access comes through Yeshua THE Christ:

Here you’ll be able to cruise through comments made by readers:

Below is the link telling the God-story of how we were SENT to the Ozark mountains. I just realized that I’ll be 66 this year and the message in the journal shown in the picture at this link was given to me when I was 33 years old AND it will become 33 years old on May 20th, 2023. Hmmmmm what might GOD be doing? I will say, it’s a really good time to have a relationship with God that allows Him to move you around, at great inconvenience, for your own good, not your career plans. We didn’t get to where we are in this current world because the majority of us were checking in closely with God about our ideas. Sadly, most of humanity has been doing whatever felt right or what the system told us to do.

You can purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

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