Do Christians Have Chakras?

The title of this post is the title of a section in the Getting Well God’s Way book and a subject that will often get me lambasted by zealous Christians on social media. I recently posted something that acknowledged the existence of our “3rd eye” also known as the 6th chakra, and again I was rebuked strongly by a few well-meaning people and unfriended two of them because they just went too far. Finally, someone posted scripture…”in the end people will be given over to deception” implying that I’m among those so I replied, “get your apologies in order…” cuz I’m going to prove to you that chakras exist and that they are NOT a “New Age” concept. I was actually shocked by this behavior from people who I thought would take a more intelligent path on the matter, and shocked by a few who did so, but I felt this subject needed to be addressed further, thus this post. “When we know better, we do better.”

Taking a moment to expound on this behavior I want Christians to learn that using scripture outside of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit’s direction, led only by zeal, is NOT the way it should be used. This subject, along with a few others that have been rejected or forbidden by Christianity is going to be a lesson as we move forward in this human project that will hopefully result in more humility, especially about subjects the naysayers haven’t even bought a book on, much less read, experienced, or sought GOD on. In this information age it’s better to keep your mouth shut unless you know what you’re talking about. Too many people having different ideas and experiences are now plugged into the conversation via social media and you can “get schooled” in front of others. The fact is that when you begin reading about church history and how these “institutions of men” from centuries ago had agendas driving them it’s easy to see why they rejected certain TRUTHs. Politics, power, greed, building a church system, a medical system, and “other” carnal, egotistical ideas drove their reasonings. They took a stand against certain things that GOD has shown me, have immense value, even as a Christian. Many things the churches say “touch not” are exactly what we should be touching instead of what they’re offering and ordaining. “Look for who profits from an idea and you’ll see the agenda” is a periodic graphic on social media that is worthy of application. Ultimately, anything that was a threat to their agendas was poo-poo’d and we just accepted ideas because “the church” says we should have that stand, and again, not because we’ve had an experience, read a book, or were led by GOD on the matter.” That behavior is not “Christian” or even intelligent. It’s the result of cultural brain washing that prejudices us against ideas, and people, and limits our choices for paths to wellness, which builds the pharma industry.

For decades now, GOD has been leading me on a counter culture journey and it’s been “book worthy”. A book that’s dropped several grown men, and women, to their knees in tears because they saw, heard, and understood what GOD wanted them to see, hear and understand and it dropped them to their knees. In a nutshell:

I was distracted by GOD’s directive to produce a very important booklet which took 6 months of my focus (linked below) but now I’m back on this subject in my own pursuits to learn more about the experiences GOD opened up to me that teach me about this body, our “temple of the Holy Spirit”. as I think that’s a pretty important subject. Our ignorance makes us useful for evil agendas so it’s very important that we pray for the “Spirit of Truth” which Jesus’ ushered in at his “passing”, to “teach us all things” instead of allowing the ignorance, conformity, and prejudice of religious, manmade, institutions to guide our steps.

My journey became profound in 1989 when I began actively hearing GOD, or some faction thereof, directing me in answer to constant prayer for intervention in my health issues that mainstream ideas, religious and medical, couldn’t figure out. I was accused of having “hidden sin” or “not enough faith” by the church folks and the medical people just kept making completely illogical statements, pushing pills that did more harm, and giving a dismal prognosis. I won’t attempt to put the entire subject from the book here but will leave it to those interested to buy the book and read about my experiences that drove me to look into the subjects I present. “I” was not searching for a path independent of GOD’s direction. I was seeking, and was blessed with, a “GUIDED TOUR” as one reader so accurately put it because that’s what I was asking GOD to do with me.

In the Getting Well God’s Way book you’ll learn that GOD called me into a very unusual life journey. One of the many stories that directed me came in 1993 when I was sitting in a practitioner’s office alone in a dim waiting room when a triangle of white light illuminated from the corner and I heard “GO TO MASSAGE SCHOOL”. It closed back up and a woman I didn’t know, wearing a lab coat, came out from a back room. She introduced herself and I noticed it said “RMT” on her lab coat under her name. She was a Registerd (with the state) massage therapist and I ended up attending the very school she recommended. The incurable diseases the doctors had diagnosed me with (Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, Advacnced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica, fibromyalgia flares…) drove me to seek TRUE answers, not excuses, and that, along with my new willingness to be part of my own solutions, my faith in GOD, and the relationship and transformation of me/my life since yielding fully to the Holy Spirit, thanks to Jesus, is what directed my steps.

When GOD called me to create the Public Health Warning document below I was reading about mental exercises, which we’d know most commonly by the term “meditation” which is in the Bible and is also not a “New Age” practice. It’s about mental focus and learning to relax and allow the brain to go into deeper modes of relaxation referring to the beta, alpha, theta, delta brain waves. I’d had a phenomenal experience in a single session I fumbled through after reading it in one of the three books. I added some of my own ideas from the “Healing Prayer” gift GOD gave me early in my journey and woke up the next morning and 15 years of grieving was gone. It took a week for it to completely leave my energy field but it’s gone and has remained so since May of 2021.

I wrote about the “Healing Prayer” gift in the Getting Well God’s Way book and believe we all possess the potential to heal but we’re simply immersed in a pharmaceutical CULTure and everyone bought into it so GOD put the gifts away until we come out of our stupor. I wanted to teach people how to do this, how to develop this gift but again, the CULTure, presented wireless technology, which means people are carrying around a transmitter/receiver that emits pulsed microwave radiation and have widely accepted the wireless offering and the saturation of our environment with electromagnetic and gamma radiation that I no longer see the point in teaching this or even doing the sessions, a few exceptions noted.

One of the books I was reading about meditation showed some graphics that represented pre and post recordings of how retreat attendees chakras were affected by meditation. The books also gave the names of many pieces of equipment that measure and chart them. As I continued with several personal sessions, guided now by the author (Dr. Joe Dispenza, these images helped me understand why it felt as though I could “sense” and almost see that one of my chakras was way outside of it’s alignment while I was in meditation. I felt it go back into alignment almost so clearly that I’m inclined to say I saw it go back into alignment. Below you can see the books I was reading, the images of the before and after of the participants energy field. Note how it looks broken and limited and in the after image it shows so much stronger and uniform. The last image is the chakras before and after the meditation sessions. If you want to know more about the equipment being used to take these measurements I go into that in the Getting Well God’s Way book or you can read the books below. These images and the meditation I did on that first night are in the Becoming Supernatural book. The author’s story of healing eight broken vertebra in his back using only his mind set the stage for this teaching he now shares. He was told he’d have to have surgery but 19 months later he was on his feet and seeing patients as a chiropractor.

And THIS is the 30-minute video where a western-trained scientist and mystic, Dr. Motoyama is discussed at length, he and his discoveries about the chakra system. Only 11 minutes in and two books he’s written were noted as well as one device he invented that measures the voltage differential on the skin at 28 acupuncture points. I can hardly wait to finish it and read his books.

I just started watching this video that another activist sent me by private message. 3 minutes into this video and Lieutenant Colonel SAS Australia (ret) Riccardo Bosi starts talking about the “3rd eye” and the pineal gland and how the dark forces in this world KNOW that this gland is the seat of communication with GOD. Come on Christians!!! You’re needed on the battlefield and you’ve been told a lot of non-truth:

A similar post about Christians rebuking me for saving myself from 11 years of crippling sciatica by doing yoga can be found here:

And the most recent created work GOD asked to have done can be found here and is much more important than what you’re currently reading in my opinion:

You can purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

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Here’s another Christian author who understands that we do have a pineal gland which has neurological connections to the 6th chakra aka the “3rd eye” and she’s got 50 years of research under her belt showing us how this area is THE TARGET for GOD’s enemy. You need to learn about these things so you’ll understand the warfare we’re now in.

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