Book gets a great review by a warrior you should follow!

Below is a snippet of information from the above link on her page. Go follow her, send her words of encouragement and gratitude. Donate to her efforts, it’s the only way we’re going to change the world is by putting our prayers, financial support, and online efforts behind the right people and ideas:


Here at THE HEALTHY AMERICAN we focus on understanding our rights, the laws that protect them, and how to defend our freedom against tyranny.

The way we do this is through CONNECTION, EDUCATION and ACTION.

CONNECTION is how we overcome isolation and division, finding other freedom-fighters in our communities and across the country who stand with us in this battle. Creating supportive freedom communities is absolutely crucial in surviving these stormy seas without drowning.

EDUCATION is the antidote to ignorance. Many people are confused and deluded by the deceptive information delivered by the evil-doers. This is done by design to keep people distracted and despairing, and living in denial of the harsh realities that need to be faced.

ACTION is a powerful antidote to despair. When we take action — regardless of the outcome — we feel empowered and engaged. Action is the key to never giving up, giving in or giving over our freedom to the tyrants who seek to steal the very soul of humanity.

“Take heart, take action — and keep going! We need all hands on deck to go full steam ahead to life, liberty, truth and freedom!” ~ Peggy Hall, Founder of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN

Healthy American Peggy Hall Constitutional Rights.png

You can purchase/explore the Getting Well God’s Way book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

If you would prefer a signed copy of the book here are the options:

The easiest and most direct option is to do a donation to cover the book and shipping cost amount in the given area for donations.

You can also use through participating banks or payment by US Mail.

$34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

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