Should Christians Use Crystals?

I addressed my experience with crystals in the Getting Well God’s Way book at more length along with my Christian perspective. As a licensed massage therapist in Texas for almost 30 years I was around a lot of “other-minded” people which exposed me to things outside of “Christian” norms. THANK GOD for sending me outside of the box where I learned so much by mere experience. A friend who had a lot of varried rocks on her dresser put one in my hand. I really had no opinion on them at that time. She placed one in my hand and said, “See what you feel”. Sure enough within ten seconds I began feeling a very subtle energy in my hand. After a minute or so she picked it up and put a different one in my hand and sure enough I could feel that the energy coming from it was also subtle but differed in some undeterminable way. I just thought of it as having a different frequency. This was done multiple times until I ended up with a basket of rocks and few books on them and have some favorite “harmonizers” which are 4″ long cylinders of selenite crystal. I hold these in my “Be still and know that I am God” sessions aka meditation time.

I’ve recently discovered this young man that I want to be my nephew. He’s unintentionally expanding on so much of the content of the Getting Well God’s Way book and I’m so grateful. I’ve been so busy surviving the journey, writing the book, and developing the rest of God’s messages, recovering, and resting up to do next things that I couldn’t have done what he’s doing and done it so beautifully at this time. I hope you’ll go find him on YouTube and Subscribe to his channel. He has a lot to teach us and is the reason my garden has HOPE this year and every plant around here has a copper wire wound around a stick stuck in the dirt beside it….Electroculture. It’s a method of gardening that attracts life energy to the plants and soil. My starts are shining, healthy, happy, and strong.

So in this video below, in the first 20 minutes he talks about different stones he holds up and tells their qualities and why their beneficial. He gives the name of a dense, 600-page book on jewelry and stones and why they used to use certain metals with specific stones. He presents information that helps us see that there is nothing evil about stones or crystals. They are not “new age” and aren’t the object of any worship any more than a screwdriver. These are tools to help our energetic selves, which most Christians know very little about as we were led to put our faith in the mainstream medical system. Hopefully by now people are learning this is a big mistake. They’re good for trauma but have no tools that heal. Sadly it seems they’ve turned into profiteers and predators with some very dangerous ideas and too much power.

I do want to point out a few things I’ve experienced on my “alternative” path guided by the Holy Spirit. Admittedly it was/is COUNTER to the mainstream to the degree that I had to stop attending churches. It became too painful to be on a path of true healing and restoration while being rebuked by those who were taking Rx drugs as their main source of hope for healing. I’ve been yelled at online and called “deceived” by people who’ve never even read one book on the subject at hand they’re yelling at me about. THIS IS NUTS and I want to discuss it because the subject of using crystals is one of those areas, as was my use of yoga as physical therapy to recover from 11 years of crippling sciatica after a broken back. Apparently I’m supposed to be worshipping Hindu gods in these postures though no thought of, mention of, or statue of exists in my realm and is not my intention. I keep asking and have yet to get an answer about when my conversion to Hinduism is supposed to occur as I’ve been at this for 13 years now. My point is that ChRxtianity needs to rid itself of what appear to be superstitions. YES, you should be prayerful about what studio you go to or what books you use just like you should be prayerful about any church you attend, or where you place your kids for school. You shouldn’t mindlessly invest your life but that doesn’t mean that nobody should do yoga.

I’M WATCHING IT COME TO PASS that Christianity is going to be very embarassed about the attitudes they’ve demonstrated towards others. More and more and more information is coming out that validates that we have a chakra system and those energy centers are actually connected to organs via nerves and are able to be measured on many forms of technology now. Meditation benefits are being scientifically verified by so many sources it’s impossible to keep up with them all.

Talking about chakras, meditation, frequency, energy, crystals will get you scorned and labeled as a “New Ager” in the Christian community but when their teachings on health and wellness FAILED, I prayed that GOD’S TRUTH would be revealed to me and this is the journey that unfolded. A journey that has included me being able to successfully reverse Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica after a broken spine, fibro flares, and I’ve recently been able to successfully get off of Rx thyroid meds I was supposed to be on for life. After the first dose of stem cell activator drops I heard a click in my thyroid and 90 days later I finished the protocol and all is well and holding six months later. I was being taught how to heal, nourish, and care for my temple while watching people in the churches eating junk and living just like the world we’re told in the Bible to stay away from, waiting in the doctors office, and putting them on the board at the churches for bragging rights WHILE ignoring wisdom, knowledge, and messengers sent to warn about this way.

I think some Christians owe some people they threw into a “New Agers” category an apology and I hope moving forward that Christians will learn that this is a very young religion and has MUCH TO LEARN. Arrogance and an unkind and intolerant attitude towards others who are having a different experience than you’re own understanding should NOT be part of your way IN CHRIST. And like I’m seeing now, it could turn out that Christians just don’t have enough insight YET and will end up with “egg on their face” and the message of CHRIST IN YOU is diminished in your behavior. If you’ve knowingly offended someone in this regard I suggest you make efforts to go make that right by asking forgiveness.

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Blessings on your journey, Kathy

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