Cervical Dystonia Testimonial

For those who don’t know, Cervical Dystonia means the person is unable to hold their head up.

Sometimes the testimonials I share are truly miraculous healings that defy explanation other than the God-factor.  Other times it’s something the person needs to adjust in their lifestyle.  God taught me that it makes no sense to do a miraculous healing on someone if they don’t know what they’re doing or not doing to contribute to the issue.  So sometimes, it’s knowledge that’s needed. along with whatever He may choose to add to it but KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING are always a good foundation to build on to our faith.

A precious lady came to a speaking event. She had cervical dystonia so she was sitting in a chair at the back of the room with her head supported by the wall. When I bent over to introduce myself I heard what sounded like a camera shutter and instantly remembered a story I’d read about a young lady who was an Olympic athlete.  She’d collapsed on stage in a competition and it turned out to be mercury poisoning from her dental fillings. Some people are highly sensitive to this due to genetics.  They were a HUGE part of why my own body was developing disease.  I quickly recognized that God was showing me what was causing her issue and suggested that she ask her dentist about the presence of mercury fillings and warned her of the need to use someone trained in the proper removal of them as they are a toxin and if not done correctly you can be poisoned become very ill. I also believe it can matter which tooth has the filling as there are now clear associations between specific teeth and meridian pathways that affect specific organs, tissues and glands. You can see from this image how the nerves from the teeth run across the brain.  As well, mercury can cause the brain to set up what’s called “neural networks” that I think of as barriers to protect highly sensitive areas of the brain from being damaged.  In time your brain can become partitioned off and will affect your ability to use all of it at the same time.  This happened to me and I had to go through some “brain state conditioning” to clear it up AFTER I had them removed and spent 18-24 months detoxing.  There are many methods to do so.  Just search “how to detox mercury from the body” or “aluminum” or whatever your test results show; usually it’s several metals.

  Screenshot (1255)

She found out that she had ONE and had it replaced and within a few hours she was able to stand without holding her head up manually. AFTER 22 YEARS OF DOCTOR’S NOT KNOWING, instant improvement.  They’d been giving her botox injections in her neck for 12 years and were about to do a deep brain implant with no assurance it would help.

I then began doing energetic healing prayer work on her (detailed in the Getting Well God’s Way book) and then we began visiting and getting to know each other which can deepen the connection.  We were both so excited by her story that I was doing work on her almost daily.  Suddenly one day she reported that her neck was more “floppy” than it had been and the next day it was even worse.  So I considered, (or more likely God spoke and I understood), that it can be important to let the changes taking place from the session have time to process.  “A rest in the music is as important as the beat.”   We let cakes rest.  We let a pot roast rest.  Rest is not non-action. So I didn’t work on her for four days.  On the fourth day I did about 5 minutes or so before bed and fell asleep. On the fifth day I worked on her for about 20 minutes and sent her the following text and got her answer.  I’m amused that this work is so powerful that I have to slow down to let the body process it.  This woman lives in another city but it doesn’t matter.  Just like Jesus healing the Centurion’s daughter he never had to even see her.  What an interesting way to learn about physics and subtle energies that we see even in scripture.

Lots and lots of lessons in this story.

You can search for a qualified dentist by going to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology website at https://iaomt.org/for-patients/ or by using the search terms of “mercury-free dentist” or “biological dentist”.

Here’s a site that shows an Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart that you might find helpful: https://toothbody.com/interactive-meridian-tooth-chart/

It was an amazing experience but THEN GOD had something else He wanted to show me to share with others and it’s something we’re doing as a culture that literally knocked the healing gift out of commission for several years.  I touched the screen of my iPhone 5C and a pain shot up my arm that instantly changed my life.  Over the next few days I realized I’d become highly sensitive to wireless technology.  Even the wiring errors in our home, which I assume are common in many homes, became a life-threatening event.  And when the electricians came to help us, the older one told us he was recovering from tail bone cancer and then he stuck his cell phone in his back pocket.  I questioned if he’d thought about a correlation and he almost turned white.  Then his younger co-worker shouted “OMGosh my brother had the same kind of rare cancer and his was in his brain behind his left ear…”  I now know 5 people with cancer from their cell phones and when I posted that comment on Facebook a doctor’s wife/friend wrote “I know dozens”.

The healing gift is now back but I RARELY use it because we’re all surrounded with this high-tech, health-destroying technology.  Nobody told us these cell phones are actually emitting microwave radiation!  And the Wi-Fi is 245 BILLION cycles per second of microwave radiation blazing through your home and office and most of us now have a FORCED Smart Meter (electric meter) that is bringing a toxic form of “Dirty Electricity” into our home wiring.  If you have mercury fillings in your teeth or get/have gotten vaccinated then you’ll likely be more reactive but this electrical “stuff” actually accumulates in our body’s so at any time, when the oxidative stress levels reach a certain level, symptoms can suddenly begin.  You can have a hair analysis done for $65 (last I knew) and it will give you detailed information about your metal content and more.

You can learn more about them at this link: https://www.drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/hair_analysis_controversy.htm

I have used Analytical Research Labs for my clients: https://arltma.com/

Doctor’s Data is another reputable provider: https://www.doctorsdata.com/hair-elements/

You can also request a serum/blood test to determine these metals.  Check with your doctor or check with a walk-in lab such as: https://www.anylabtestnow.com/.

I now work from a hard-wired, grounded and shielded laptop with an external grounded keyboard, a wired mouse and I’m sitting on a grounding pad wearing blue light blocker glasses.  Until people learn and change the way they’re living, I don’t see any point in doing the healing work. Most will only pick up their cell phone and text a friend sitting in Wi-Fi and have a “Smart Meter” at their home and office.  I just don’t see the point until we get educated and clean up our electrical world and I honestly don’t see that happening voluntarily.

You can also visit the NoATT.blog I created to share this message/warning here:  http://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog

I hope you find this information helpful and encouraging. May GOD be with you on your journey.



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