“I feel better when Kathy visits me in Dreamland.”

This memory came up recently on Facebook so I thought I’d share it here.

So, I had a new reader/fan of the book who’d become a friend and financial supporter. Her love and honor towards me has been beyond refreshing, like speaking life to dry bones. Her financial gifts have felt like oxygen at times, along with her “We’re here for you. If you need something please tell us.” I often didn’t, but just to know that someone has my back in that way was incredibly reassuring. I could breathe and focus on other things instead of my monkey mind going “What ya gonna do? You’re broke …” It’s distracting, unproductive and annoying, and takes a lot of wind out of my sails so…

I started doing what I call “Healing Prayer” on her family just as a means of returning the love. It’s a gift God gave me early in my journey that has developed over the decades. There’s several testimonials on this blog but I’ve almost stopped doing this work with the exception of children, pets and in urgent situations where the person isn’t living a life that destroys health. Doing work on people living contrary to health principles is senseless and now that most people carry a 2-way microwave radio stuck up to their heads and are living in a world of Wifi, which is 245 Billion Cycles Per Second of microwave radiation and our gamma radiation levels are at historic levels and reportedly “unfixable”, I no longer see the point. Like God, I’m here to support efforts, not remove consequences. I wrote the Getting Well God’s Way book as an intense labor of love that took 21 years to complete. That’s my gift to humanity. It’s THE conversation I want to have with every adult I know. It’s me teaching you to fish instead of buying you a fish dinner. It’s so you can learn the many things we do to undermine and destroy our health and make better choices.

I rarely get paid for this “Healing Prayer” work and actually prefer to do it as an exchange of love. I’ve actually stopped doing it now, few exceptions, because I live in a world that pays pill-pushing doctors and pastors who haven’t taught them the truth and I’m considered “fringe” I suspect would be a good word. It seems humanity has made it’s choice and God got second seat to the system in place such as medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs instead of the wisdom revealed in the Bible and the gifts He shares with those He loves. Humans really really wish it could be different but they hope God understands is my sense of things. It’s very sad so I just don’t think the gift has a place in this culture, with noted exceptions.

This family has a 15-year-old vaccine-injured daughter. She is verbal but like many, has bad days and gets triggered by many things especially out in public. One day I was on the phone with her mother when she got triggered by something in a restaurant and I literally FELT this child run to me… in the energetic realm. Her energy was palpable, erratic and frightened so I took a few breaths and calmed her and she came out of the trauma almost instantly. A few weeks later, it was a Wednesday, and she had a bad day but I didn’t know about it until late in the day, almost at bedtime so she’d had a rough full day which is really hard on the hormonal and adrenal system. I did a little Healing Prayer before I fell asleep and woke up the next morning (Thursday) and did a longer session on her.

Her Mom called a few hours later to report that they’d gotten in the car to go run some errands and Maddie said very candidly, “I feel better today Momma. I always feel better when Ms. Kathy comes to see me in Dreamland.” Her Mom relayed that she almost drove off the road and asked her to clarify where she meets me and she said “IN DREAMLAND MOM” as if we all know where that is LOL. She then asked her what she does when she sees me in Dreamland and she said “I RUN TO HER.” That’s exactly what she’d done that day a few weeks earlier.

A doctor I used to office with told me “Back in the old days they would’ve called you a sin eater.” That’s the first time I’d heard that but in energetic language that’s exactly right. I take erratic energy and sick energy and run it through my own much higher healing vibration (given by God and maintained through a healthy lifestyle), and the person becomes “better.”

Sadly, over time this Mom was becoming more and more controlling and ended up yelling at me for not watching a video that was intended to get me into a multi-level marketing company and I had to end the relationship. Sending financial support, no matter the amount, will NEVER give anyone rights to call me away from what God has me doing. Humans are odd.

This post should give you many things to think about…if you will.

Blessings on your journey.

God is with us!

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