I stood in the shower yesterday for the first time in 1.5 months

The author of #Getting Well God’s Way, Kathy Bates recommended a book to me the minute she saw a post I made about an upcoming complete knee replacement due to “inflammation”. The original diagnosis was “inflammation” in my knee back in July with a cortizone injection (AGAIN). The Dr said the word “inflammation” vs arthritis and something sparked up in me. That was God! I trusted Kathy, even though I had no idea why she would she would send me an “Earthing” book. So, for the last 3.5 weeks now I have been awaiting the 2nd set of cultures to come back to decide on a treatment plan(surgery). I have called every week and sometimes I hear back after multiple messages left in that week. So, in the meantime I am re-reading #gettingwellgodsway and #Earthing. I have ordered and now using Shungite, ordered agrounding pad, grounding rod, more EMF shield gear and drinking apple cider vinegar every day. Here is the talk I have with myself daily. Why??? Why bother to fight to heal my body to live in a world that is saturating my body faster than I can heal it with #emf#emr? Why Lord? I feel overwhelmed n defeated by subjects I know nothing about. Electrons, grounding, conductive, neurons, Ionizing, non-ionizing, free radicals, frequencies, the list goes on. Calgon take me away!!!!! If he brings me to it, he will bring me thru it comes to mind. The paraphrase of I Corinthians 10: 13 but WE have to put forth the effort and willingness. For me, my money too. Nothing is covered by Insurance IF I truly want to heal!!! So, with a $866/month income $600+ goes on gear, supplements, creams, atufg that WILL HEAL and not camouflage my dis-eases. So during these past 2 months now what the Dr did, did not help. What Information they may have, they have yet to share to move forward. I would still be laying here with a leg I could not lift. Everyday, I have consistently done those things, plus, ice it, TENS/heat, lots of self massages with cannibus oil and natural supplemental creams. I take Boron, Tumeric, ACV, Omega 3 and stood in the shower yesterday for the first time in 1.5 months. So, IF what these books state are true and people can actually HEAL, not band aids or create more problems WHY do we pay Physicians and not people like Kathy?

My reply comment: I absolutely LOVE watching you learn GOD’s WAYS. Yes, healing isn’t instant…it’s a process but like I say in the book it’s usually some things we aren’t doing that our body needs and we are doing some things that it doesn’t like. It’s typically not one single thing that heals us but as your story shows…it’s several things. I’ve also learned when things don’t FLOW when you’re trying to get an appt with a doctor, that’s usually God saying “Hold on now. I wanna show you something.” And then we end up having a testimony like you just shared. I AM SOOOOO OVER THE TOP HAPPY TO READ THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO STAND IN THE SHOWER. You make my heart so happy. GROUNDING made HUGE improvements in my left knee which had been injured in 1996; 20 years earlier. First, it made it worse…crippled me up even and I had to use my cane for about 3 weeks but I intuitively knew that something good was happening and that I should just stay with it. Suddenly one day everything was just stronger. Also very happy to see you going forward with the grounding rod and you didn’t even reach out to the teacher. YOU ROCK GIRL. HOPE TO HUG YOU SOME DAY! ❤ And until people start paying/supporting the right messengers we won’t be able to turn this spiritual economy around. My entire life story is almost exclusively about helping people after they’ve spent all their money with the “real” doctors while I go without. It’s a very odd life being a vessel of healing….people act like they shouldn’t have to pay but they pay their lawn guy and mechanic… Biblically, you’re NEVER supposed to go see God’s messengers empty-handed. It’s actually an offense to God as if to say His vessels aren’t worthy of support. A good story to demonstrate this is when Saul and his servant were looking for lost donkeys. “The man of God is in the next town, we could ask him where the donkeys are. But we have nothing to offer him!” They understood that this calling is a high calling requiring A LOT OF SACRIFICES and is not to be exploited or taken lightly or “not honored”. TAKING and not returning breaks the chain of energy. In Indonesia I think it is they have a practice in their culture…if you receive something as a gift YOU ARE REQUIRED to give something away of equal value. It keeps the flow of energy open. Here, people take and it stops right there. I keep hoping that they’ll finally figure out and see that the culture is in the mess it’s in because they’re supporting all the wrong people and wrong ideas. It’s very sad and most people would’ve quit by now but God keeps prodding me so I just keep hoping that some day they’ll understand and change their behavior. This is a big reason I stopped doing the healing work except for children, pets and in emergencies. It’s not shown any honor and it doesn’t feel appropriate to just “give what is holy to the dogs” as scripture puts it. Anyway, MUCH LOVE to you my sweet friend. ❤

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Well-Gods-Kathy-Bates/dp/1508839514/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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