Getting Well God’s Way Now Has 20 Pages of My Wireless Injury Story

I touched the screen...

If you’re on this page then you may know that I lived a very challenging life journey that included a health crisis.  I was a typical American, married, and just had my first child.  We thought going to church was a good thing to do as a family so when my health failed, I did what most church-going people do.  I went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors.  After 18 months and almost a dozen doctors I was worse, much worse.  So I canceled all my medical tests and the followup appointments and slid down the wall of my kitchen and cried. “God, if this doesn’t work, I’m coming home early.”  I’d had enough of their prescription pills, the myriad of tests and the flawed logic and explanations that conveniently let them off the hook for having to know what to do.  “It’s genetic” as if genes don’t need a trigger.  “It’s unexplainable but normal.”  What?  “Some people just have this.”

The modern church members were happy to assume that I must have hidden sin or not enough faith to receive miraculous healing.  As if it was happening all around and I was one of the few who didn’t get that blessing.  Uhmmmm, no.  It rarely happened and God was about to take me on a journey and show me why.

Six months went by and I continued to decline but I was declining while under the care of a host of doctors so nothing had really changed.  I had a PROFOUND experience with God as a child so I knew He was real and figured I had a better chance sitting still and asking for guidance through the storm, so I did.  I was completely willing to go to a particular doctor if led to do so but running from doctor to doctor just felt wrong.  Where was God in that approach?  Moreso, I think there was something in me that wanted to see if God would show up and I was at a place that I was willing to bet my life on it.  I wanted to see what that looked like especially in comparison to what was being presented in the culture.  It’s like some alarm went off inside of me during my 18-month search for health related to our medical system and even the church system I’d become part of. I WANTED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

One day a friend dropped by and when she saw me, she let out a gasp and made an excuse and left.  Her reaction alarmed me so I got down on my knees by the side of the couch and told God, “I’m going to ask one more time and if something doesn’t happen here, I will not ask again.”  It was time.  I took a long time before I formed my question but when I did, the Heavens shook and God showed up.  Wow, what a ride…but it cost me almost everything!  There’s a law that seems to dictate that “If you’re bringing something forward that shines a bright light, you have to expect an equal pushback.” Evil doesn’t give up ground easily.

It took 21 years to finish writing the book and shortly thereafter someone had a dream with a message for me that I now understand.  It was basically God telling me that He had one more thing He needed to show me and after that the accolades would come for the book.  Someone bought the book two days after it was available and she stuck her thumbnail in what she thought was a random spot in the book.  This moment ended up with me being introduced to the world on a nationally-syndicated radio show by a world-renowned doctor.  You’ll have to read the book to see what happened from there but it now includes 20 pages of what I learned thus far about this highly electric world we live in. I’m still learning and in fact just finished the first of five classes teaching how to create a healthier home environment electrically-speaking.  I suspect I’ll start a podcast at some point or a room for my reader’s or a community site somewhere.

The good news is that after the book came out a man told me that he picked up his wife’s copy and read the introduction and he ended up “on his knees in tears in his living room.” Then another man whose wife heard me on the radio interview reached out from Australia and I emailed her the introduction.  She read it, then read it to her husband who asked if I’d Skype with him.  Half way through our call he said “I need to tell you that I started crying shortly after we began talking and I can’t stop. When you speak, I hear God and I haven’t heard God in a very long time.” He continued to sniffle for what ended up being a 3-hour call. Then another man, an electrical engineer, came up to me in the grocery store and ended up following me out and buying a book from me.  We spoke about six weeks later and at the end of the 2-hour call he too began crying and admitted that he was very concerned after reading about my wireless injury. “Frankly, I’m scared.”  I replied “You should be. We messed up bringing all this in.”  Then another man read the book and then he bought 50 of them to give away.  When we spoke the first time he declared that he’d “…prayed this book in for over a decade.”  I tease him for being the reason God locked me in a bedroom and took everyone and everything away from me that wasn’t in support of it being finished.  At the end of the call his voice began to crack and the tears flowed as he said “You’re a messenger from God and if we don’t listen to you we deserve what comes next.”  I’ll simply admit that it sure seems that way but I walk day by day and surprisingly maintain a pretty upbeat perception about what’s ahead but it WILL require us to go about our lives much different than we’re doing.  What sacrifices are we willing to make?  Several women have also had some pretty incredible experiences with the book.  I post reader comments, my interviews, a few articles and more on this book blog.  Just look over to the right and you’ll see a list of categories to explore.

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $29.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

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