Kathy “…saved my life! You will get goosebumps, reading about things that resonate deeply…You cannot put her book down.”


Kathy Bates, Author, literally saved my life! I thank God everyday for her.
Had it not been for her, I’d be dead right now. Straight up!!
She’s the ONLY person, that could see that our Smart Meters were killing me. I’d lost a ton of weight, my hair was falling out, I was in Afib constantly, two failed Heart Ablation’s, could not keep ANYTHING down. It all started with Heart issues that I’d never had before, and am now recovering from Rare Adrenal Tumor Cancer Removal Surgery. I was on my way out.
I was fine, until the installation of those meters. Then I started dying, yes, literally dying.
But anyways….
She can, and does back all of her facts. Great book to have in your library. Its an amazing read!
You will get goosebumps, reading about things that resonate deeply, with, a whole lot of what maybe you’ve been going through, or a family member, or loved one has been going through. Yet, no one can figure “it” out.
You cannot put her book down. She’s  a plethoira of information. As you read, you become more, and more engrossed. She speaks, and writes in terms anyone, and everyone can understand.
It was QUITE the awakening for me. Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
This book reaches you, deep down into your soul.
I had yet to buy a book that I could truly relate to, like I did when I started reading, “Getting Well God’s Way”.
I believe it was PURE Divine Intervention, and only that, that we even got to “meet”.
She popped up on my Newsfeed, I started following her on Facebook, and was so interested in her messages. Then, I purchased her book,
I was going through some huge medical issues, in just such a short amount of time.
It was the day she “yelled” at me to,  “GET RID OF YOUR SMART METER!”, it REALLY woke me up, and I do mean, TRULY AWOKE ME UP!!!
Had I not listened to her, and she had not woke me up like she did, I WOULD BE dead today. No joke!
I still reference back to GWGW a lot, This book is for everyone, and the newer generations can learn so much from this book as well.
I honestly believe, “Getting Well God’s Way”, WILL BE everyone’s ‘Bible of Survival’, in the future.
It’s not about a book about Religion. However, it IS about everything going on and happening to ALL of us right now.
This book is a MUST for everyone’s library. Young and old, will only benefit from getting this book.
It’s a keeper!
Sincerely, Kendall Doden

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Well-Gods-Kathy-Bates/dp/1508839514/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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