Using the Healing Prayer Gift… a few testimonials that teach important lessons!

So while I have used the gift to work on a few clients and family members it really wasn’t a major component of my work for many reasons.  After I finished writing the book things began to happen.  One of the early stories came out of a radio interview I did and one of the co-hosts took a liking to me. We connected on Facebook the next day and she shared that her husband had cancer for the third time and I offered to use the gift on him.  She’s a registered nurse, a licensed massage therapist, and a holistic cancer coach so I at least knew that she was properly supporting efforts to bring true healing. In fact, they were reportedly spending $2200 a month on health efforts.  When I know the person I’m working on is doing everything in their power to truly heal their body through natural, non-toxic methods the sessions are more powerful because we’re all paddling the same direction.  I love these brave souls who walk away from the standard care and want to see them succeed so I think I go into it with a different heart.

NOTE:  After an acute event with a cell phone in October of 2016 that radically changed my life, I learned that all these wireless devices are blanketing us in electromagnetic radiation in the very toxic form of PULSE MICROWAVE RADIATION.  Now that cell towers, cell phones, WIFI,, digital/toxic electric meters bringing in dangerous readings on building wiring that needs to be measured and filtered, and wireless technology has become prolific in our world, cell towers over homes… I truly believe the book God INSISTED that I write has more benefit than the Healing Prayer sessions. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. I see no point in doing any intervention if a person is simply going to remain in a microwave environment or pick up their cell phone or lives by a cell tower… because of what happened in the primary story below.  I now restrict this work to children, animals and as God directs but not otherwise.

Even these sessions would have other requirements as you’ll soon understand from the content of this post.  “Go and sin no more or something worse will come upon you” said by Jesus many times after He’d healed someone implies that there is a response-ability that follows the person who received the work.  The bottom line is that after 30+ years of living this part of my journey I’ve learned the sessions don’t do anything to undo consequences of violating health principles and not making “Temple Health” a priority in one’s life.  He meant it when He said “You will reap what you sow”.  I also know Him to be a God of mercy so it can’t hurt for YOU and your friends to go make an appeal for your case but I simply have not ever seen Him use a Healing Prayer session to undo consequences, especially true if they profess to KNOW HIM.  He didn’t even do that for me.  He walks beside me as I face my consequences but He does not typically remove them. In fact, go read Deuteronomy 28 and see what you learn. It basically says that if we live in accordance with His ways you’ll receive blessings and if you live in accordance with the ways of the world you’ll receive curses; I prefer the word “consequences”.

Back to our story, I did ask that the wife not tell me anything about her husband as information can form prejudices.  The less I know the better in the beginning but knowing her credentials and how I met her I felt confident that God would show up and bring healing.  It’s a point I make in the book; that when we do everything in our power to heal, He typically shows up zealously to help.  I can’t say I see Him behaving the same way when our faith is demonstrated to be in human ideas and toxic therapies.  That’s my personal experience so it influences my beliefs about the work that I do.  Like God, I’m thrilled to help people who are actively trying to heal but if they’re compromised and lazy I lose interest.  I think God is the same way.  In fact, He told me early in my training, “You are not allowed to try harder than the person you’re helping!” So, I finally had a great candidate and the gift was gearing up again and I was excited to see what would happen.

For clarity, I live in Texas and they live in Arizona and we have the example of Jesus healing the Centurion’s daughter from a distance so you can know that I’m not dealing with any dark energy.  This is 100% rooted in my Christian faith, backed up by scripture and glorifies God.  There’s nothing “bad” going on here.

So the next day I went into my posture and started a session on her husband.  Unlike most people I work on whose energy comes flooding in, his would not.  I could feel him in the distance but there was a staunch resistance to come toward the healing.  For four days I spent 30 minutes calling him by name and DEMANDING that he come to me.  He’d eventually show up and I’d be able to work on him for 30 minutes and then his energy would pull back.  On the 4th day I received a message from his wife, “Hi Kathy, whatever you’re doing with Scott, we’re definitely seeing changes.  I love you!!! Thank you.”  But on my 5th effort he completely refused to come to me and I knew intuitively that he needed to be worked on by a young lady that God recently brought into my life to do some healing work on me.

After the loss of my family and the soul-emptying experience of finishing the book I couldn’t get out of the energetic vibration of sadness.  This young lady also professed to be a Christian who does energetic work and can do it remotely so we’ve found a lot of our own answers and healing knowing each other.  Her work has been very helpful to me so I asked if she’d be willing to help and she agreed.  One day she was sitting on my bed and I brought up his name and she started doing her process and almost instantly said, “This is coming in through his mother.”  I got online with his wife and began asking questions while Alana continued to do her work on him.  I was able to find out that his mother had passed away from cancer, that his wife felt this was a ‘mental thing’ and I immediately thought of how much a man is designed by God to save women.  It’s an innate purpose. Add to that the fact that 95 to 98% of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious beliefs and you have the makings of a “I didn’t save my own mother so I don’t deserve to live” belief that can absolutely cause someone to not be able to heal, no matter what.

At this point I allowed his wife to give us some details about his mom and she told me that Scott had been very mean, had already damaged his relationship with their sons and that she was quickly losing her will to remain in the story.  I told her my theory that he had an “I don’t deserve to live” belief and that she and the boys needed to respond with deep intentional showing of affection every time they communicated with him.  They were not to honor the energy of his belief by absorbing it, which is a form of acknowledgement and unintentional agreement.  I wanted them to meet it with a higher vibration belief, action, and statement.  “I love you.  You deserve to live and I’m not going away.”

Now before I share this next part I want it understood that it’s my full belief that the work done by Alana was a key that opened a lock that I didn’t have a key to.  Could God have done what was about to happen if Alana wasn’t in the story?  Sure, but fortunately we had her so…

I was building several websites and updating my blog and all kinds of things so I didn’t even think about working on anyone for about 10 days.  It was about 2:30 in the morning when I published a site and was still kind of keyed up so as I went to bed I suggested to God that we work on someone and was asking Him to bring someone to mind when Scott came screaming into the energy field so strong that I actually saw a man waving his arms over his head and hollering, “Me!  Work on me!  I’ve had a change of heart.  I want to live!”  It was so amazing that I started laughing and crying.  I knew something amazing was going to happen because THAT had never happened.  So I got into posture and a HUGE BALL OF PAINFUL ENERGY immediately came and surrounded my elbow (my mapping system for the pelvis area but may also be showing work happening in the foundational energy center in that area. It hurt like crazy for several minutes.  I experienced some shaking and the session reached a peak and then faded.  It may have been 15 minutes total but I knew something profound had happened so I wrote his wife “I just had a pretty interesting session on Scott…I’ll be shocked if he wasn’t healed.”

The next day he came in from hunting and told his wife that he’d gone into a major detox in the camp at about 4:00 a.m.  His nose began running like a faucet and he felt like he was going to throw up several times but never did.  She shared what I’d done and he cried and asked God three times, “Please heal me.”  She wrote me later and said the most amazing change is that “he’s warmer and more loving.”  He reportedly got in the bed and detoxed another two days.  It was about 3 or 4 weeks before he had some tests done which came back showing that his thyroid was out of whack, his PSA numbers were higher and his inflammation markers were up.  His wife teetered a little but said, “I know that sometimes it can take a while for the energetic changes to actually show up in the physical body.”  I assured her that because I was IN that healing session that I still believed that he was healed.  Another three weeks passed and I got another message, “Received Scott’s final test result today and it was GOOD!!!  It showed his cancer growth has slowed down and taken a turn for the better.  So I don’t even know what to think at this point.  His thyroid, blood sugar, and inflammation markers were pointedly worse than before.  His PSA was also worse than before but this test showed good stuff is happening.”  I’ll post any updates as we’re all learning from these experiences.


     The second testimonial came through a woman who started following me on Facebook and learning my story and became intrigued by what she sensed. When she read the post about the healing above she sent the story to a friend who had cancer and was losing hope.  She then wrote me privately and told me about her friend and I offered to do some of the work on her.  I was working for the testimonials to prove that it actually works and assumed God would bring the people He wanted me to work on.  As I drifted off to sleep I prayerfully introduced myself to Christi and went to sleep as I’ve learned often that this increases the person’s responsiveness for reasons I can only speculate about.  The next morning, I woke up and began a session on her and almost immediately my entire body began shaking radically and I started crying fully aware that I was being sucked into a supernatural event.  My entire body was consumed in a huge ball of pain that radiated far outside of my body.

After the session ended I sent a message to Christi in California and she called me.  She asked me what time this had happened and when I told her I asked her why, “Because I woke up shaking pretty violently and threw up.”  She wrote me later in the day and said that she’d gone for a walk, did laundry, did some cleaning, ran errands and danced to some rock and roll music.  For a person laying in their death bed that’s a pretty profound day.  She was thrilled.  It’s been four weeks now and she’s still going strong, complaining that she’s eating too much.  What an amazing story.

I later received her written testimonial where she shared her story of having stage 3 breast cancer in 2013.  She did chemo and “everything I thought medically possible to cure myself.  In September of 2014 the doctor released me saying I was all good. In 2015 I moved to California and 5 months later my cancer returned. It had metastasized to the bone, liver and spine.  I have been told there is no medical cure and that I have a death sentence.  My emotions and anxiety were out of control.  I had decided to treat my cancer naturally which meant no more chemo, no more radiation and no more surgery.  I have been on cannabis oil and a good diet!

“My friend Charlene put me in contact with Kathy Bates and she’s been a godsend.  Kathy used her amazing gift of energetic healing on me…”  She continues saying that from the moment she got sick and threw up that she has been free of pain, her mind is clear, and she’s happy! She’s able to sleep and get up without pain and even flew to Illinois to see her family.

And then Charlene shared her experience in the healing session which just blows my mind.  It’s not like we choreographed this session.  Neither of them knew I was doing this session at the time and yet, “My name is Charlene.  I was led to Kathy for some unknown reason at the time. I was very interested in the work she has done…”  What’s weird is that both of them report that I did this session at night but I actually only introduced myself to Christi’s energy body that night.  It was the next morning before I did the work but that happened with another client recently.  He had a full-blown session 45 minutes before I even did the work on him.  Makes me wonder about Einstein’s theory of space and time being irrelevant in the energetic realm.  Anyway, I had also never seen this… Charlene also participated in the healing!  “…I felt extreme pain, unlike anything I have ever felt. It was as if the disease in Christi was being ripped out of her via me by Kathy! Very weird feeling!  I was as sick as Christi was that morning!  The transformation I’ve witnessed in Christi is nothing short of amazing!  It has been nearly 3 weeks and Christi looks as if she is healed!!!  I will be interested to see what her next cancer scan shows!!!  Kathy was put on this earth to heal, she is an amazing woman and a gift from God!!! I don’t know how she will be paid back for this gift but I am excited to see more!!!!”

UPDATE:  This woman reportedly went from her death bed to alive and well, inclined to say “instantly.”  She went to Chicago and saw family for three weeks and came home and in a few months she started posting that she didn’t feel well and was again going to the cancer doctors.  I had no clue what to think of it but at this point in my journey (I’m 60 and have been actively walking God since 1986 through some vivid experiences) I’ve learned to wait and watch and my questions will be answered.  Seven months later, she died!  I was confused but went on with my life journey with a big question mark over that story.  It was several months later that I talked with Charlene online and she told me that in the final part of Christi’s life that her husband, who had been angry and irritable, became calm, loving, and supportive.  I took comfort in that but still wondered why she died.  I knew there was a lesson in this as it was too profound of an event in my own story.  It wasn’t until I had another health crisis triggered my by iPhone, which took me down some untraveled roads about the negative health effects of Wifi, cell phones, cell towers et cetera that I began to wonder if Christi lost her battle by similar exposure.  My left underarm and breast got very angry for a few days while this was all going on so it was natural to think about her and wonder what may have been triggering her body.  I wrote her friend Charlene and told her what I was going through and got this response.



I have updated the book to include 20 pages of what I learned in this particular part of my journey.  MORE INSIGHT FROM HEAVEN!


     Another testimonial is a man who had prostate cancer and they did 19 photon treatments to his prostate.  They told him he’d be dependent on Cialis for the rest of his life due to the cancer and treatment.  He was concerned because his body was requiring more of the drug for a lesser result and he was concerned with where this was going.  “Do you think this will work after the photon treatments?”  I had never tried so we agreed that I’d do the work and if it worked he’d pay me.  I did a short session on him just to see if his energy could even respond and he ended up having a full-blown session.  The next day his body responded favorably and again a few days later and about a week later he was announcing that his body was acting totally normal.  I suggested he see Alana due to some emotional trauma that I felt should be addressed and after 4 or 5 sessions with Alana he then began having me do the remote work on him.  I received a text from him a few days later that made me laugh.  “This is extraordinary!!!  I’m sending a check for the next session.”  He later reported that something happened that was “beyond not normal” but he was very pleased.  I have no idea what to think of that but figure if Christ’s first miracle was alcohol then I see nothing wrong with him doing this.   I actually find it amusing.


     Another beautiful 3-page testimonial from a friend I’ve known since 1997 can be reduced to share that she had severe self-accusatory issues from her father abandoning the family when she was 3 or 4 and being bullied as a child.  I did a session on her and my body was jerking as if it was releasing stored electrical energy.  I was shaking and processing emotions for her and the intensity of the session let me know that something major was happening on her end.  When she woke up the next day she reported that the negative self-talk that seemed to run in a loop in her mind had completely stopped.  “I’m not even able to make myself sad.”   What a blessing for her.  When she sent the testimonial she wrote in the email, “Thank you for the work.  It’s still rocking my wor

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