“She points out the negative impact of going outside for help before you get connected with God from the inside.” 

The following is a review of the small booklet read by a woman I recently met.  It’s always amusing to see the different impressions experienced by readers and how they express their reading experience.

“…is an expose based on her research and personal experiences with a personal healing crisis and our health care systems.

…Government agencies are responsible for protecting the public from unethical practices and harmful medicines and procedures. Instead these agencies are validating drugs and healthcare procedures regardless of the impact on the patient’s health. In some cases, various drugs and procedures exacerbates the patient’s condition.  Again the focus is money and not healthcare, it also demonstrates the power of lobbyist influencing healthcare policy.

Basically, corporations such as hospitals, Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and medical supply companies are to provide goods and services to support the health and well-being of patients. Most of the goods and services they provide are for managing symptoms like pain and discomfort, not for healing. Instead their objectives are based on Machiavellian principles, the bottom line is most important. Therefore their products and services are marginal since healthcare shortcuts are taken to maintain healthy profit margins.

As a result of the quagmire created by the above government and corporate influences people are confused and entangled in a web of lies and deceit that misleads and confuses the decision making process.

Finally, she urges people to return to God and points out several issues that affect a person’s health; how healthcare systems further corrupts the body’s innate ability to heal. In addition, she urges her readers to return to scripture for guidance to heal.  She points out the negative impact of going outside for help before you get connected with God from the inside.  The battle between God’s will and personal will also supports the erosion of health. One must surrender to divine guidance and make the appropriate changes to heal.

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