What is Pharmakeia?

An article link and comment shared by a fan of Getting Well God’s Way

What an amazing and in depth article about Christianity’s over-reliance upon pharmakeia/medicine to the exclusion of wisdom and reason, and the inclusion of pure evil. It’s a huge reason we’re in a power struggle with a gov’t that’s also gone haywire because every agency in every gov’t around the world has become infected by the money, the ideas, the practices of the pharmaceutical industry, just like a plague.

When I was young every pastor emphasized the need to “stay away from the world” but over time, the Coke machines came, the junk food came, the pastor/shepherds began accepting “doctors” as certainly much more knowledgeable than they were so it was easy enough, and for the good of all, that they just farmed-out their duties as shepherds of God’s flock to these “new guys”. In time, these “doctors” educated by profiteers, misled, lied to, distracted with promises of wealth and status, were giving chemical cocktails by mouth and by injection to their flock and the shepherds never inquired, just accepted the practice. The health of the flock began to decline evidenced by physical traits and by the prayer requests and repeated prayer requests and ungranted prayer requests for healing, yet the charade continued. Over time the statistics alone were the report card on this behavior.

Again, to recap what we have learned:

Pharmakeia is connected to fear, sorcery, idolatry, and adultery in a strong religious bond of faith.

Sorcery and Pharmakeia are used by heads of state throughout the Bible, and by all the kings of the earth at the end of time.

Pharmakeia uses poison which has adverse effects of harming through severe organ damage or death if it is ingested, breathed in, injected, or absorbed under the skin.

Pharmakeia is associated with abortion, child/human sacrifice, and animal sacrifice.

Those who engage in pharmakeia are preparing, distributing, and administering these substances and practices and/or receiving them.

Pharmakeia is a false hope and deception of false peace, false healing and a false future.

Participation in sorcery activities without repentance prevents a person of receiving the Holy Spirit.

Participation in pharmakeia without repentance forfeits a person’s right to enter the Kingdom of God.

Participation in pharmakeia without repentance places people in danger of the lake of fire, which is the second death.

For some reason the original source for this article will not allow me to embed the link to their amazing article. If you change the word “dot” to an actual “.” before the org/blog/what-is-pharmakeia….it will take you to their page/site.

https://www.ifapray dot org/blog/what-is-pharmakeia-anyway/?fbclid=IwAR3rOPZGgr6o9g0Oh5t2QUBP6p1HrN2edFojQxj5cqo8AH-a0itozvUZ8e0

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