SENT…the back story!

SENT… The Back Story…

In 1988 I became very ill and did what most Christians do; went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors.  After 11 or 12 doctors in 18 months I was worse; much worse and I realized the ideas being presented didn’t align with my core beliefs about health and healing so I canceled all my medical tests/appts and began chasing GOD for answers.  HE SHOWED UP AND TOOK ME ON QUITE A JOURNEY showing me the many things we do to make ourselves sick.  I was able to reverse several “incurable” conditions such as Hashimoto’s Autoimmune and Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, eleven years of crippling sciatica, fibromyalgia flares, and more, and boy did I learn a lot. 

In 1992, GOD, then told me “I want you to write a book”.  I’m certain that I groaned.  I didn’t want to write a book because I live in a culture of people content with their level of knowledge and distracted by shiny things.  They aren’t really interested in wisdom or deeper understanding.  It took me 21 years to complete as He had more, much more, He wanted to show me about our world.  Among the adventures was the recent and relevant event in October of 2016.  I touched the screen of a cell phone and a pain shot up my arm that radically changed my life.  It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight and it stayed at that intensity for 2 hours.  It set my left breast on fire over the next few days but when I went to God with my “Uhmmmmmm I’m not sure what to do here”, He reminded me that I’d put something in the book He had me write, because I understood the concept of why it would work. I was able to put the painful spreading fire out in five days. It was this event that taught me that cell phones emit pulsed microwave radiation that accumulates in our body until BAM…cancer, Afib, … Cell towers, WIFI, smart meters, a blanket of military radar that would boggle your mind… These are showering all living things in 24/7 Electromagnetic Radiation.  We used to realize that chronic exposure to radiation will kill you but since modern technology came out, we’ve decided to ignore that very important detail to our own peril. You should scroll through the Featured Post on the link below just to get a clue of where we are in this mess. It should scare a thinking person but we can’t fix what we won’t acknowledge.

Here’s another link you should scroll through and if you do nothing but look at the pictures it should send a message about how far we’ve drifted from sanity!  Every provider claiming it isn’t their junk….IT’S ALL OF IT TOGETHER!

Over the next few days it became clear that I was now highly sensitive to all wireless technology and even wiring issues in our home proved to be a problem.  I learned that just because you flip a switch and a light comes on doesn’t mean it’s safe.  Safety meter readings are what tell you if your electrical environment is safe!  Current practice is that not many electricians know about or use a Stetzer or Line Noise Meter to see what’s coming out of those electric outlets next to our bed, our chair, our desk where we spend our lives since they put these new meters on everyone’s homes/offices/barns. They aren’t using RF or Radio Frequency or Microwave measurements either though our world is now being saturated with this stuff.  NOBODY IS CHECKING, except us who are sick and injured by it and those who’ve learned to measure and remediate it. 

A link on this site lists this condition of “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” and stipulated that it “is presently a worldwide plague, which started as soon as these industrial technologies became widespread.”  You can’t see, taste, or smell this toxin but just like carbon monoxide it can be measured on a meter, it accumulates in your body, and it can kill you. This is the event that led me to my current efforts of bringing awareness and activism for safe technology. 

Still in the city at the time so I immediately had to give up my cell phone. We hardwired the computers, got rid of all wireless in the home, and had our electric meter changed from a digital version back to the old analog style, but there was still a large cell tower IN our middle class neighborhood and the new “wireless” version of electric meters on every house with a measurable field into our home, so we realized we were going to have to move rural.  Experts around the world agree that “Prudent Avoidance” is vital to recovery.

God ALWAYS brings my answers, He just never does it when I want Him to but when I look back on things I can usually see how events steered me to exactly where He wanted me to be for some other reason.  I learned last summer (2021) that I have high copper in my blood which would explain me being more “antenna like” than other people but again, not many medical experts know to check this or what to do to change this without harsh drugs. Learning that stress causes copper to increase and that wireless causes high levels of oxidative stress, it seems an important revelation for these times.  It seems possible that stress alone could increase copper levels making us more like antennas for this toxin.  Zinc is used to reduce the copper and I’m currently using this in an effort to get well but I will never return to living like the rest of the world now that I know what I know.  WIFI is 245 cycles per second of pulsed microwave radiation and people are in it 24/7.  Children absorb ten times the radiation of an adult.  Just like with my mercury dental fillings that were destroying my immune system.  We are not all the same.  A peanut can kill some people.  Some of us are perhaps more sensitive so that we can serve as warning messengers to reasoning people.  Think about it, “If someone enters an environment and doesn’t feel well, removes themselves and feels better, should we mock them or should we ponder the message?”  Are they “weak” or “crazy” or “delusional” or do they carry a message?  Do we laugh at those with peanut allergies or those who can die from a bee sting or a dose of MSG at a Chinese restaurant? Carbon monoxide poisonings?  No! We put up signage and make educators and restaurants and the general population aware, and develop technology like epi-pens, detectors and meters, filters, and then apply the knowledge.  “Knowledge isn’t power; APPLIED knowledge is power!” Somehow when it comes to all of this new technology, it’s as if people are so addicted they can’t accept reality.  CHRONIC EXPOSURE TO NON-IONIZING, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION KILLS THINGS!  That did not change with the advent of technology!   

The “SENT” part of the story:  When my spiritual adventure began back in 1989 and God began waking me up to share insights, it became clear to me that I needed to start keeping a journal hoping I’d catch what was important.  It was in the very first one, within the first few pages that I noted “Isaiah 54 shall apply.”  I had come into my marriage with a legal issue and when we went to court, we lost.  My life challenges have taught me to trust GOD so I bounced through the disappointment pretty quickly but the same wasn’t true for my now ex-husband.  I understood that GOD was likely doing this to protect us because I was in a suit with a nasty lawyer who had criminals for clients. We lived rural and my husband traveled for work every week leaving me and a new baby alone.  Sadly, he couldn’t see it.  After a few weeks I suggested that he go spend some time talking to GOD because he wasn’t able to accept what seemed unjust.  After a few hours he came in and said “GOD gave me/us the whole chapter of Isaiah 54; ‘said for us to READ IT’.”  So we sat down and read through it.  I didn’t find any gripping insights but one thing I did remember is that this passage said that “GOD was going to move me (us at the time) to a place with a gemstone foundation.”  It was noted and I went on with my life.  This entry was May 27th of 1990 and I still have this journal.  

Isaiah 54 Shall Apply Journal Entry

In the fall of 2018,  GOD reminded me of this passage through something someone said and I went back and looked in this journal and reread Isaiah 54.  I was amazed that it seemed to chart out the last 28+ years of my life, including the divorce.  Soon after this memory was brought back to me I realized that HGTV was giving away a home that I was entering  to win, noting it was the first one I would’ve actually lived in instead of selling it.  AFTER rereading Isaiah 54 I got curious and went to see where this HGTV home giveaway was located and was a little bit startled to see that it was in Sapphire, NC, which is exactly the kind of gemstone the original bible version of that passage referred to when read with my husband.  So, I diligently filled out every daily entry; not really expecting to win, but certainly open to the idea.  The winner was announced, and it wasn’t me.  I of course was disappointed but again…I’ve learned to let go as quick as I can get there, of things that no longer serve me or letting go of ideas that I “deserve” something in particular.  If GOD wants me to have something then nothing can thwart that plan. What I did note is that when I was looking at the HGTV house I knew that I would absolutely put a window in BOTH bathrooms over the tubs. 

About the same time a reader/fan of the book, Getting Well God’s Way-New Insights for a New Era, informed me that they were going to build a retirement community in a scenic area of Mexico and put me on the payroll as the health consultant AND give me a home.  After a few months, I could see that this wasn’t going to be a good situation for me for many reasons and turned down the offer again telling GOD “We’ll see what you do.” Another test of seeing if I’ll hold onto or chase things instead of waiting for God to present His will to me I think.  I smiled and let that one go too. I truly want to see where HE takes me.  I’m certain it’s a better story than I could think up.

A few weeks later GOD said “I’m moving you so get ready.”  I laughed because I’d been unemployable for 3+ years from this acute event with my cell phone that left me unable to be around modern technology so I have no money, no property, no car…but He’s done more miraculous events than that along my way so….  When I told Mom what GOD said we were meeting and passing in the long hallway. She spoke without thinking “You aren’t going anywhere.  You don’t even have a car and you aren’t taking my truck!”  I raised my eyebrows and smiled as I walked away because I felt God’s reaction to her comment. I recall thinking “Ewwwwwww;;;”  I wasn’t even sure why but I felt the air pop when she spoke as if it was God’s head on a swivel like a parent.  “EXCUSE ME…”  Again, I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this but it was undeniable.  Sure enough, the very next morning she woke up with “the trots” (running to the restroom) and this kept her in bed for 8 days.  On the 9th day I told someone “This isn’t a stomach bug. This is GOD because she said something the other day and I think GOD sent her to her room to think about it…” I had considered that He was reacting to the truck part or just that she had not bothered to consult Him before her kneejerk reply.  I had no sooner gotten this out of my mouth than Mom came to the door saying, “THIS ISN’T A STOMACH BUG…THIS IS GOD.  HE SENT ME TO MY ROOM TO THINK ABOUT MY COMMENT OF HIM MOVING YOU.  OF COURSE WE CAN MOVE.  I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE HERE!”  Bless her heart, who wants to move to another state at 83-84 years old from a home you’ve been in since 1988 and thought you would die in? But once she KNEW it was GOD’s will, she jumped in with both feet, often leading the charge, and so we began the search.  

A few months went by and we were searching online for houses and trying to figure out WHERE to go.  As we looked, our inner desires became more clear and old family roots actually appealed to us in Arkansas.  It was my great, great grandmother who was a Bailey and they founded what is now known as Arkadelphia.  We decided if we were going to have to move we at least wanted to live in a place of stunning beauty and north central Arkansas became our focus. 

We had an entire folder of houses we were watching and adding to it daily.  One day I said “Mom, why aren’t we calling about this house?  It looks like it’s everything we’re wanting.  It’s not too big.  It has a little acreage and they built the house in the middle of it instead of beside the road.  There’s even a sign in the garage with your initials on it that says it’s your place!”  She’d seen it on a site as having a pending contract and put it in another file so we called the homeowner to inquire. Every question we asked, she gave the right answer until all three of us were crying.  The seller finally said, “I’m not showing this house to anyone else.  You’re the one’s I’ve been praying for.”  We headed up a few days later, saw the house, met the sellers and signed a contract for purchase. Guess what was above the bathtub that would be mine…A WINDOW!

bath tub window

It was a week later that the seller said on the phone, “For some reason I feel like I need to tell you to look up the meaning of the name of this town; it’s a gemstone.”  I LAUGHED.  I had no idea.  Mom and I both thought independently that it was someone’s name. 

So, here we are living exactly where GOD had me note in a journal in 1990; 31+ years later.  I’ve said for a few decades that “my journey feels like GOD moves me around like a chess piece” but then that’s what I asked Him to do with me in 1982; to “MAKE IT MATTER THAT I CAME THROUGH THIS LIFE”.  I emphasized that I had no idea how to go about that and have been determined to let Him lead. 

Who the heck knows what to do with a LIFE?  Everything He’s taken me through has developed a keen sense of His presence.  I’m being “utilized” and my job is to pay attention, listen and follow directives knowing He’s the only one who’s seen the lid to the puzzle box and likely doesn’t have many people who will truly yield their will and their way to Him and His purposes to this degree but we’d made a deal in 1982 and He came to collect.  In between moves He’s setting up challenges and lessons that equip me with knowledge and understanding and a committed trust has developed over the decades as He continues to amaze me…HE is in fact moving forward a plan, HIS PLAN and I’ve been invited to be a part of it.  I had no idea I’d be here doing this effort to awaken a town/region/state to a threat in their home/offices/environment. 

As I read Isaiah 54 again after realizing what He was directing us to do, I again LAUGHED as I read verses that make it clear that challenges will come…but ultimately it states “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.”  I’m going to trust Him on that as it has served me well thus far. I’ve seen Him dish out swift discipline to people who offend me in my efforts and I don’t think they even make the connection, but I see it.  It’s a little daunting but has helped me accept that no matter how odd it may seem, I am indeed a messenger, a watchman on the wall often delivering WARNINGS! I’ve learned I’m often the last one He sends in before consequences show up.  I’m pretty direct so I think He assumes if you don’t listen to me then you aren’t listening at all, even to Him. His next tool is usually a 2 x 4.  My experience is that humans have adopted the ways of the world and have begun trusting sources and entities that shouldn’t be trusted much more than they show trust in God.  CORRUPTION IS DEEP and when it comes to electricity and radiation…we need to be “…wise as serpents” and that’s not what’s been happening. 

For reasons we may never know GOD decided long, long ago that He was sending me/us HERE! Not just anywhere, but to JASPER. ARKANSAS, IN THE HEART OF THE OZARKS! I have no idea why but it’s recorded and it happened, and isn’t He amazing at doing these kinds of things?  If I had to guess I’d say it’s because the people here still have a heart for God.  You don’t recoil when I mention Him.  We have to remember that it was Abraham’s faith and his obedience that caused him to be called a friend of God.  If God went to all this trouble and took me through an unimaginably challenging journey with collateral damage that took my breath away for most of ten years.  I’ve learned that if you’re trying to do something that matters, there are dark forces that come into play attempting to stop or delay you.  The personal price tag has been enormous.  I say this so you know that a price has been paid to speak to you, to prepare me to share this with you.  I think it would behoove those in power to stop and give some serious prayer time to this matter as well as go over the information presented.  Take meters around town and see what I’m talking about. 

The bottom line is that when God told me He wanted me to come up here and “TELL THEM” I argued my reasoning for two months.  I’m sick and tired of trying to give cpr to a corpse.  People simply are no longer using their brains and they certainly don’t seem to be asking God for input on how they’re living and thinking.  I’m tired of hearing people argue that this stuff is safe when they’ve never read a book on the subject.  “They aren’t going to listen!  NOBODY CARES!”  He finally said, “If you tell them and they do nothing then you’re off the hook.  If you don’t tell them then I’m going to hold you as guilty as them.”  STOP AND THINK ABOUT THAT LAST PART.  If you are a paid steward for government oversight, especially protecting the health of the citizenry, then YOU, are the paid steward on duty in God’s eyes and He’s going to hold you responsible for this knowledge I’m presenting.  I’m tired.  I’ve fulfilled my obligation.  I’m unpaid and have little authority, but many of you do.  You need to use it!  You’d be amazed how much “We have no jurisdiction” is in this story, again, a great way to cover up corruption.  They basically sent all the sheriff’s home so there’s nobody to report the crime to. I have written the utility commission, Governor Hutchison, who appoints those commissioners, to inform him of the dangerous readings up here, the deaths, and the lax response from his commissioners who are not doing their “duty” to provide “safe,…” electricity to their customers. I found the 70 year old Chief Inspector, for the Dept of Labor and Licensing in Little Rock, Charles Covington, telling me the 24/7 high-pitched squeal up here means “there’s a problem”. I wrote POTUS #45 for about 18 months, and the Office of Electricity, KXAN News, the State Attorney General public safety division, Keith Slape, and spent hours every day online looking for help. “NOBODY CARES!” But now that you know God is involved, I think some of you better start looking into this as if God is watching, BECAUSE HE IS! 

I’m sharing this next part because I think you need to see the price that was paid in order for me to end up here doing this. Me writing a book became a threat to my husband so there wasn’t any support and there was a lot of psychologically damaging behavior to undermine my own confidence.  When the book came out it made four grown men cry and a few women too.  One woman had a 2-hour healing encounter with God while reading it because it’s that kind of book, if you’re ready.  It’s an eye-opener but God called it a “300-page indictment against humanity.”  He’s NOT happy with what’s going on here, ESPECIALLY in the church crowd and their complicity with the world system while they claim to know Him.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone as we were promised that His “judgment would begin with the household of faith.”  HE EXPECTS THAT GROUP WHO CLAIMS TO KNOW HIM TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE ASSAULT ON HIS CREATION! 

I actually had to walk away from my entire family to finish what GOD was asking of me. There was no other option as they were actively trying to prevent me from carrying out His revealed will, though I had no idea where this was leading. I used to tell them “If you aren’t locked in fully to God, the enemy will move in and use you to distract, delay, and upset me and God’s not going to let me quit.”  I was locked in whether I wanted to be or not from early on.  God was in a “take no prisoner’s” kind of mindset.  “You’re either going to help her or you’re in the way” seemed to be his view, and still is.  When it got toxic, He took me away from them!  This meant leaving my only child, a daughter, the granddaughter I raised for 19 months, and two more have been born since I left that I’ve never been able to meet.  I cried for five years while finishing the book and grieved deeply for another five years until God showed me how to break the spell in May of 2021.  I KNEW THAT WHATEVER HE WAS DOING WAS IMPORTANT, so I kept typing. 

Ending on a sweet note:  Isaiah 54 also said I would be the mother of many children but that didn’t happen. Mother’s Day, a few years ago, I was truly shocked when a bouquet of flowers arrived on Mother’s Day.  It was from one of the reader’s who called it “The book I can’t shut up about.”  The card read, “I know this must be a difficult day for you…”  And she signed it “Your daughter in Christ.”  I now have many young women who’ve read the book and refer to me as their spiritual mom.  God performed His promise.  

You can learn more about the book by going to:

If you want to read Isaiah 54 you’ll find it here: 

The current mission:

 You should take a detour from reading and visit one of these two links (same content) and give it a quick scan:

The woman in the story below died Dec 2020. She was 60 yrs old. Dec 2021 we lost another beautiful soul, she was only 54. They both worked in the same building that has very high readings. Are we just going to DO NOTHING?

I’ll keep fighting the fight, catch up when you can. 

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