Another Healing Story-Kidney Stones

Another cool healing story: We’ve met and bonded with the sweetest couple here in the Ozarks. They’ve done a lot of work around here for us. Both are 71 with amazing hearts toward us which can be soooo key to seeing God show up and showoff. First Fred’s sister in Tennessee was in the hospital w/Covid and they put her on a ventilator. I asked all questions I normally do “Did she get a flu shot? Does she eat healthy? Is she on a bunch of Rx drugs?” They gave all the right answers so I was free to do Healing Prayer on her and did so that night. IMMEDIATELY I felt the energy go to the bottom of both lungs and I knew God had touched her. I continued to do the work on her every night and they finally took her off of the ventilator and sent her home to recover. I later read that 9 out of 10 people put on ventilators die. We all feel pretty certain that God intervened through this Healing Prayer work. ❤ So, the other day the couple dropped by. She’d just left the doctors and had a pain in her back. This woman has an amazing life story and a high tolerance for pain but it had reached a point that even this tough ol’ gal was reaching out for help. I know God loves her and I can see why. She’s just FULL OF LOVE and so is her husband. The doctor gave her a prescription for antibiotics but she didn’t fill it and seemed to just feel like that wasn’t the right approach.

I started out by giving her about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in about 10 ounces of water. My reasoning was that bs is a major anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic… and suspected if the back pain was due to stones that were made up of uric acid crystals that the bs would hopefully dissolve them and ultimately that the bs would make the urinary tract slippery. I then gave her a mixture of UT Vibrance which has D-Mannose and other nutraceuticals that would also keep bacteria from sticking to the bladder and the urinary tract as a whole. I mixed this with a lipid-coated colostrum again for immune support but also because it would hopefully also coat the urinary tract with the fat lipids and helps clean the blood in my opinion based on past experience. It’s just a great product! I sent her home with two more doses. One before bed and one the next morning. When I called her in the afternoon to check on her she informed me that she’d passed 5 kidney stones and ended up passing 7 of them total. What an amazing blessing to see natural healing be soooo powerful. I don’t know or claim that this will work on every person as I believe sometimes these stones are made of calcium deposits or other hard minerals but this time….it worked! THANK YOU GOD for all the insight and for accompanying me on this journey and for these beautiful new friends here. ❤

Here’s what I did and why:

Step one: I mixed 1/8 teaspoon of arm and hammer baking soda in water and stirred it thoroughly.

Step two: I mixed the UT Vibrance and the Lipid-Coated Colostrum into some apple juice. She took several doses over the next 24 hours. I actually did this because I didn’t have enough UT Vibrance to give her several doses. I thought, “Oh well, the colostrum will likely have some benefits and won’t hurt” so I mixed it all up and split the doses. I had no idea it would produce this result but the logic was there for what I was doing. We were very blessed. You can see the online source in the photo below. I had to wait several weeks for the last shipment so don’t wait until you need it to try to find it.

Additional comment: Many years ago a friend let me know that her husband was in the VA hospital with a stone that wouldn’t pass. I think I emailed her a picture of the refloxology charts and encouraged her follow the pathways for the kidney and ureters. He passed the stone within 12 hours. It can’t hurt and this form of healing has been around for centuries. EVERYTHING IS NOT AN Rx DRUG ISSUE. In fact, Rx drugs can contribute to MORE health issues.

This colostrum is amazing. I once used it to pull a woman out of septic staph that had already hit her nervous system but she refused to go to the ER for IV antibiotics. GOD SPOKE and I followed what He told me. I gave her 10 heaping scoops of it and BAM…in 2 hours she came out of it. The colostrum tastes like dense milk or melted vanilla ice cream but it can be taken in capsules or hidden in a smoothie or some dense apple juice.

This reminded me of one of the comments by a reader of Getting Well God’s Way, the book GOD INSISTED I write. She gave the book a 5-Star review…”She’s been to hell and back and knows a thing or two about healing…”.

That’s why the book had to be written. This has been a very challenging and very rewarding life journey…walking outside the cultural walls of tradition, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have survived, thus far. Happy to share the fruits of my labor because with my whole being, I believe this is a message from our Creator to help humanity learn some things they’re missing. We both hope you’ll take it to heart and maybe buy the paperback and read it cover to cover. It’s dropped several grown men to their knees in tears and a few women too. One woman had a 2-hour healing encounter with God while reading it. I suspected it was going to be powerful because GOD would NOT stop the insistence that it be written. I was not having a culturally-approved journey. This meant that the journey itself attracted a lot of resistance and cost me dearly. It’s a powerful story God choreographed and I wrote it down.

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