And God replied, “Now you know how I feel!”

This came up as a memory on my facebook page from several years ago. I’d forgotten about it. A reader took the picture of this page from the Getting Well God’s Way book. Her comment below this said something like “I swear I could’ve written this story.” That means someone other than me had a very similar experience to what I describe on this page and she too felt God reveal His sadness. I was actually grieving for several weeks.

The highlights belong to the reader so this is her emphasis. It helps when you’re getting well to stop and consider how God feels about what you’re doing or not doing. It’s okay to have a periodic treat but when our lifestyle becomes driven only by what we, or our flesh desires or wants then it leaves God out of an important aspect of our life.

When we understand that the words Health, Wholeness and Holiness all come from the same Latin root word it begins to be a little more clear that seeking health is seeking holiness. Now that’s a great goal!

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