Christianity 2.0


Christianity 2.0

On this blog you’ll find several videos, one 3-part testimony by a reader (Christina Parga). She had a 2-hour healing encounter with GOD in her bedroom while reading the book. You have to be ready to see some things you haven’t seen or been willing to see about the lived-out version of modern Christianity but if you’ve been sitting in the pews watching the prayer requests and the lack of health and healings and wondered why…this book will “open your eyes” as Brooke Wilson worded it.  And Carla Flores, Oh my goodness that woman is having a powerful experience with it. Jennifer Joseph called it “the book I can’t shut up about” and Generalee Edgecomb bought 50 of them and distributed them throughout his town. He says it’s the book he prayed for years for someone to write. I blame him for GOD locking me in a bedroom crying and writing for 5 years. He cried the first time we spoke on the phone “You’re a messenger from GOD and if we don’t listen to you, we’re going to regret it.” I was shaking at times while writing it. It’s confronting! Toby Monte shared “I think you wrote a masterpiece.” She made me laugh several times with the pm’s she sent while reading it. At one point her husband asked her “Do you think she’s really talking to GOD?” She replied “I do” and he chimed in “I do too.” Susan Ryan Burke posted a comment on Facebook “Reading, reading, reading your book and wondering why it isn’t required reading for all.” She heard my interview with Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense dot com. The recording is on the blog. He’s a great interviewer and at the end he said “I’ve never read the bible or been to a church; never even thought about GOD until I read your book.” I smiled with deeeeep acknowledgment that all the personal sacrifices I made to get it written may in fact end up being worth it. Kendall Clark-Doden well that woman swears I saved her life and will snap at you like an angry chihuahua if you dare show me any disrespect on social media. LOL… Christine Phethean was (I think) the first person to reach out to me on FB after Dr. Tenpenny intro’d me/the book to the world on the Robert Scott Bell Show. She read the intro I emailed her, then read it to her husband, Dennis Phethean, and he asked if I’d Skype with him. We spoke for 3 hours and he shared midway that he’d begun crying shortly after we began talking and had not been able to stop. “When you speak, I hear GOD and I haven’t heard GOD in a very long time.” Tonya Petrill wrote some words of acknowledgement that came at a critical time. A pastor’s wife, Misty Morgan Dixon, chimed in. She too came out of the cultural coma and pharmaceutical agenda that’s been adopted and ordained by modern Christianity and was having a similar experience as my own awakening. Jennifer Burroughs sent a picture of the book with her highlighters in hand “It goes everywhere with me.” Patricia Hartzog was an early cheerleader. Her loudest chant is that this book belongs in every building on every church campus. She’s fussed at me, in love, as I’ve struggled to survive what DIDN’T happen after it came out. I think it was Veronica Rosado who wrote that she had received the book that morning and read to page 25. “My heart broke. I had to stop, inhale & exhale. I was in tears, arm hair was standing at some points…”

It took me 21 years to live through the story and get it written. It destroyed my 25-year marriage (because GOD showed up and He takes up a lot of room) and that gave the ex one option (HELP GOD achieve His mission) but he instead chose to be threatened that I would “become a success and decide I didn’t need him).   In time, GOD lost His patience and took me from the whole lot; my only child, my granddaughters,my perceived security in this. A year after I left this toxic family situation, He took my clients away, my car and worldly goods had to be sold, and I had to move in with my Mom and drive my deceased stepfathers’ truck, to finish the mission.

I cried for 5 years while finishing it, knowing most Christians won’t even read it. They’re too busy and assume they’re on the right track because the pastor smiles at them I guess because when you truly read the Bible, you’ll see there’s some things coming that they aren’t ready for even though it says “MANY WILL BE FOOLED…EVEN THE VERY ELECT.” Who do they think He’s talking to? GOD gave someone a message for me 60 days after the book went online, in a dream/vision, but I didn’t understand it. Turns out, GOD HAD YET ANOTHER experience and revelation that has now taken another 5 years to walk me into/through. The words written by Tonya Petrill are even more resounding now “I bet it’s been frustrating watching what GOD is doing with the book knowing that this needs to get into as many hands as possible.” I cried reading her words and then another 5 years were added to the quest. YES, IT IS frustrating! It’s been a brutal journey. It’s hard being someone who GOD says “Let me show you something to show the others.” FYI: “The others” don’t want to know and in fact think they know it all so aren’t interested. GOD doesn’t deal in wimpy warnings and this last jaunt of His had me parked at the computer for 6-8 months reading about all this wireless tech and where we are in this potential tragedy that has already begun to unfold. I’m now on yet another assignment that’s VERY CHALLENGING. You can read about it at NoATT dot blog. The last post on the site shares an image of words written in the first pages of the first journal I started keeping after GOD showed up in my world and became so noisy that I knew I should try to write some accounts of what was happening (28+ years ago).

So many people stepped up and spoke up and I’m deeply grateful. I know I missed some of you, possibly important people, but you know who you are and what you wrote to me and how we connected; that’s all that matters. I’ve been called a “goddess” and a “warrior” but in all honesty I’m a broken vessel. I’m tired of being deployed and watching “church people” who should know better, give their support/money to the pastors and medical doctors while GOD’s messengers go without support. Money is energy. If you or the group you claim to be part of makes up 73 to 88% of the culture, what you do matters and when that large of a demographic group puts their support behind the wrong teachers, the wrong remedies, the wrong providers then the entire culture follows that path and evil prevails. Look around at this world’s condition and consider this, NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES! You need to take your life/devotions before GOD and ask Him to show you if you should be doing something different as the times indicate we’re getting close to the FINAL EXAM. 2 John 1:10 says you shouldn’t even have lunch with these pastors who aren’t teaching the truth or you BECOME A PARTNER IN THEIR EVIL.” If they have Coke machines at the church, and ONLY utilize mainstream medicine, know NOTHING about how to help you get well or stay well from principles of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and teach you that you’re going to fly away and skip the FINAL EXAM you need to be concerned. Remember “even the very elect” will be fooled. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED ME REMAIN…though often unsteady, sad, and sooooo anxious to GO HOME. I’ve had to be a certain kind of person to live this story. Those same traits make my heart break over and over as I see where we are and how far we are from GOD, from hearing GOD, and from responding to Him. We do have a RESPONSE-ABILITY and we need to use it. Please go before GOD over the next few weeks, OFTEN, and ask Him if you should be doing something different than you’re doing because this way of life we’re living is supporting a whole lot of evil. Take the first step perhaps and order the book! Blessings on your journey and I’ll keep trying to keep my chin up and “wait upon the Lord” with less angst.

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $34.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:

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