“God is trying to get thru to us but we are turning our backs and losing our way…”

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This is a reader review of the introduction of the Getting Well God’s Way book which has been extracted and titled, A Message for the Modern Churches.

“A warrior woman for the ages and a story for all, especially if you are concerned about the plight of humanity in today’s over-reaching establishment. We are being forced to conform and being stripped of our rights to choose what we may deem healthy and righteous for ourselves. God is trying to get thru to us, but we are turning our backs and losing our way. Being a believer doesn’t mean trudging off to church, it means talking to God and being open to his message for us. We each have a deep desire to be understood and loved, but turning to mainstream medicine is turning away from God and putting our faith in what we know and see is not working. Health insurance is not “get well quick” insurance. It is more putting money in their pockets for their own agenda insurance. If we want to get well today, it will mean changing a belief system and incorporating God into it. For me, I relate to Kathy’s story, it is my story, to some degree. I knew God would help me, if I got out of his way and truly opened my heart to his teachings. This is not a book that attempts to shove religion and God down our throat. It is a book about how we have been turned away from the powers within, the power we possess to heal from a Godly and spiritual foundation. Kathy is a warrior, she has been to the front lines, in a big and very relatable way, she is you and she is me and she writes her story most elegantly, using scripture to highlight “The Word” where it is meaningful. This is a must read for all. I loved the powerful introduction, it brought me to tears at times and to my knees at other times. We see such suffering playing out around the world. God is not causing the suffering. WE have caused our own suffering and we are ignoring the very creator who gave us life and is now watching us perilously destroy it. Proverbs 1: 24-28. Thank you, Kathy, for bringing us home again. Home where the heart is and home where God exists. Time to give up the trappings of the world, the very things that are keeping us from a full and explosive life, filled with love and God’s Grace.”

Susan Ryan Burke

You can order a signed copy of the book by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of this website where you’ll send me a message. You can pay for the book + shipping through the link on the right side of the page. $29.50 + $10 for shipping inside the USA. Outside the USA postage to be determined.

You can also purchase/explore the book listing and some reviews on Amazon at this link:


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  1. alexia
    May 22, 2018 @ 18:39:37

    So well said – this is a new generation of people, the ones who take their lives back from those who stole them and lets the world know about it, as well.:)


    • kb108
      May 29, 2020 @ 18:18:45

      Alexia I see you’re no longer on fb. I received another package and wanted to let you know. Please contact me by hitting the CONTACT button at the top of each page and I’ll get an email. Let me have your email address so we can stay in touch. I hope you’re doing well.


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