“This book brought me the MIRACLE I needed and a closer relationship with God.”

Christina Parga holding GWGW

“Finding this book was a God send and divine intervention. I feel as though I was one of the first in line God had in mind for reading this book as I needed a lot of help in healing myself both physically and spiritually. It has given me such a profound and unimaginable journey and walk with Jesus Christ! I cried instantly while only reading the first few pages of the Preface and couldn’t put the book down.

I took a page out of her book, so to speak, and decided that I’d make a deal with God like she did. In my case, I’d give an offering to Him in exchange for a miraculous deed. Mid way through reading the book, God had me at my whits end with many trials and tribulations going on in both my physical & emotional health. It was then at that moment our deal was made, he answered my prayers and I received my tangible miracle that cannot be logically explained. I plan on sharing my story and spiritual awakening publicly on YouTube this Spring 2018.

The book is just as the title states; Getting Well, God’s Way. We as humans put all of our faith in doctors and trust organizations like the FDA and wait around for good health to happen, while doing no leg work of our own – much less seeking guidance from our creator. I was already on a path of finding wellness and Kathy’s book helped bring that other half to my life that I was missing. I owe a lot of gratitude to Kathy for dedicating half of her life to writing God’s book, that in return, helped others like me – who are “awake” and self-disciplined enough in their faith to make those sacrificial offerings of worldly things.

The book explains how our Churches have conformed to the ways of the world and how we have all succumbed to the notion of being helpless… when in fact, we are not but are too obstinate to change. There’s a heavy unwillingness to end our bad habits, most are not ready or are too submitted to the world to do so and wellness is never achieved. Kathy also hits on all of the corruption going on in various factions (e.g. Religion/Government/Healthcare/Mainstream Media) right before our eyes but are too asleep to even notice. We have been programmed to NOT think for ourselves and live in a society of solely relying on being told what to do and how to think, where lies become truths and truths become conspiracy theories.

I am so beyond thankful for Kathy Bates and her devotion! Blessed we have crossed paths and have formed a relationship out of it :)”

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