The book, Getting Well God’s Way is reconnecting people to God!

This woman is reading the book and was needing some direction.  I told her that God was “no respecter of persons” and that He would do for her what He did for me.  She said a prayer and went to Natural Grocers where “an elderly Mexican lady” stepped out and essentially said “God sent me to help you.”  She’s still processing this encounter.  Sadly this woman attends church and can’t get any wisdom, guidance, or spiritual intervention because the shepherds don’t know how to help their flock. And when God sent in a messenger, me, they didn’t recognize me, OR THE WISDOM from their own bible.  They’ve brought Coke machines and junk food in and pray in a manner that ONLY acknowledges an Rx drug approach and aren’t even open to hearing other ideas. Rx drugs are rarely the answer and my story of recovery proves this to be accurate.

God has been set aside in favor of a medical doctor and the statistics prove this isn’t working!   The US makes up 5% of the globe and consumes 70% of the Rx drug supply; 80% of the opiates yet the 2014 Social Index Report shows we’re in last place for life expectancy.    These Rx drugs are now being found in municipal water and fresh water lakes.  They’re corrupting our government, our science, media, our health, our kids future…

Notable is that she’s been suffering so long and not getting answers that she was beginning to believe God didn’t love her or hear her pleas.

Today’s churches are on the wrong track!

“I send you in as sheep among wolves…be sober…be vigilant…”  NOPE, they brought the wolf into the congregation and set them on the high seats.  God is not okay with this!

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