“It’s taking me so long to read it because it’s doing a work within me.”

Getting Well God’s Way – Click here to explore the book on Amazon.com

“I’m reading a wonderful book by Kathy Bates entitled “Getting Well God’s Way” right now. It cuts to the very soul, as it is a scathing criticism of Christians that are aligned with the world instead of set apart. It’s taking me so long to read it because it’s doing a work within me. It’s an agonizing process of self-reflection and giving me more purpose of conviction. I find myself having a flood of emotions with each page, each paragraph, even each sentence. This is not a feel good, I’m okay, you’re okay read. It’s an amazing journey of Kathy’s walk, her petitioning, her discovery, her disappointment with humans and herself at times and requires the reader to look inward and towards God.”
Connie Jennings

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