Getting Well God’s Way has 20 new pages about my acute injury from wireless tech!

I touched the screen...

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After putting the book out in April of 2015 I was then given a message by my sister in June of 2015.  She got up one morning and God soon told her to “Go back to bed.”  She hesitated and thought “That’s weird. I’m not tired” but obeyed.  She said she quickly fell into a deep sleep and when she woke up a message was embedded in her spirit and she knew it was for me.  “Accolades follow restoration.”  I wrote it in my journal and went on with my life grateful that God was aware that His warrior had been beaten up on the journey.  Then in August of 2015, two months later, God, through His marvelous ways arranged for me to be on a nationally-syndicated radio show with a world-renowned medical doctor.  The recording of that interview can be found in the September 2015 post on this blog.  That was His way of letting me know that I’m not alone in this venture.  In fact I was so hurt, exhausted, and broke when I finished writing the book I actually told Him “The marketing is Your job.  I just can’t.”  So He showed me that wasn’t a problem.  Then in February of 2016 He gave me two visions showing me that He was going to take my job away that was keeping me afloat.  GREAT!  Essentially He was setting everything up because He had ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING HE WANTED IN THE BOOK.  As with most lessons He’s taught me it  began with “This is going to be quite upsetting for you so get ready.”  The good news is that a year has passed and I lived through it, got it written and I’m healing up quickly.  It all started one day in October of 2016 when I touched my cellphone screen and a pain shot up my arm that stayed for two hours.  It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight.  I then started reacting to everything electrical in my environment and developed a condition known as Electrohypersensitivity.

There’s some disturbing revelations in this information that we need to look at.  Again, the point that it can be dangerous to run to doctors is made.  The chance that they would identify what was wrong and what to do about it is highly unlikely and would’ve clearly taken me down a bad road.  My underarm and breast got very angry during all of this and I was able to turn to the information in my own book and see it work; information that I included in the book because I agreed with the theory of what creates an unfavorable internal environment for cancer to develop.  IT WORKED!  Essentially I increased my baking soda and iodine and on the 5th day the breast and underarm went completely calm and have remained so.  Details of how I approached this are in the updated version. Chemo has a 2.1% success rate and creates secondary cancer so it wasn’t even a remedy I’m interested in discussing.  Anyway,  the book is getting great reviews so if you know anyone struggling with illness this is a great place to start looking at how God directed me to my recovery and continues to do so for the benefit of others.

You can learn more about the tech issues at

Blessings, Kathy

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