The Screenplay Project

I was talking to a woman about the book/s as she’s also writing a book.  She was embarrassed that it’s been in process for 6 years.  She loved hearing that it took me 21 years.  😉  I then shared that I was now working on the screenplay version of the story and all of a sudden she held her arms out to acknowledge what I’ve heard often when I talk about it… “I’ve got goosebumps.”  But then her entire body literally shuddered and she said, “Wow!  That’s absolutely going to happen!  I just felt it run through my entire body.  They’re going to make a movie about this!”  She then came around the desk and hugged the poo out of me and held me back and looked at me to take it all in.  It was kind of funny and truly great moment to see someone feeling this to that degree.  See?  It’s not just me!

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