What’s happened since the book was published.


God asked me to write a book in the summer of 1992 and I finally published it.  It took 21 years to live through the challenges and get it written. I could never be absolutely certain that it was God who asked for it to be written and not my own compulsion until I published, witnessed, and documented what has happened since it went live.

The first reader sent me a private message on Facebook. It read, “Your book is well-written, intriguing, informative, comforting, alarming, and important.”  That was my first clue that it had met the intended goal but she was my cousin so I discounted it accordingly.  Though now, years later, I see it completely woke her up and changed her life.  At the time, I wasn’t sure.  I was exhausted, broke, and frankly I was a little angry at what this story had required of me; what it cost me!  When I finished it I held the laptop up and told GOD exactly that and said “If anything happens with it from here it will be because YOU caused it.”  I NEEDED TO SEE THAT IT WAS IN FACT HIM, WHO COMMISSIONED THIS BOOK!

In the book I wrote about a non-profit health insurance ministry that operates as health insurance, meets Obamacare requirements, is faith-based and cheaper than any other insurance I ever compared it to.  The members share the costs of other members claims to a certain point ($5000 I think) , and then a AAA rated insurance company kicks in up to a million dollars as I recall.  Anyway, there is one aspect of this insurance that I adamantly take issue with and it’s the requirement that I have an affidavit signed by a pastor that says I’m active in church, don’t smoke, and only drink in moderation.  Because this book is my story of how the typical church teachings failed me miserably in my efforts to get well I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask this of me or anyone, until the modern church comes out of this worldly way perhaps.  Many, I should actually write “most” pastors have junk-filled vending machines on their church property, serve foods that undermine health and have no clue how to restore health or what the bible even teaches about the subject, and routinely steer their congregants to Rx-drug pushing doctors who also have no clue how to get people well.  We’ve all been betrayed and have invested heavily in the idea that prescription drugs can replace a lifestyle of wisdom and self-discipline.  “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Remember that verse?

Two days before publishing the book on Amazon.com an ad came across my Facebook page for a company offering a similar product and they don’t require this affidavit.  I signed up for more information on their website, did some more research, found a few more companies, added a few more pages to the manuscript, and published the book.

Two days after publication a woman called me from Ohio who works with this second company asking if I needed more information.  I told her that I can’t afford health insurance of any kind and that I hadn’t been to a mainstream doctor for illness since 1989 so in my view, it’s a luxury that will have to wait. “But I did put your company’s information in the book I just published.” She asked about the book and an immediate bond formed and she ordered the book while we were on the phone. Four days passed and she wrote an email but called before I even read it.  “The book arrived two days early.  It’s beautiful and much bigger than I expected, VERY impressive. Does Dr. Tenpenny know she’s in your book? She’s about to, she’s my neighbor!”

She began reading the book and within a week was writing back, “Wow, amazing insights.”  At the same time other people were starting to contact me about their reading experience. One man told me that reading the preface and the last page dropped him to his knees in tears.  It was then that I realized that everything I’d hoped for could actually be starting to happen.

This journey has been incredibly hard, and filled with intense pain on many levels. My 25 year marriage didn’t survive it.  When Satan’s lies are about to be exposed and the truth is going to set people free, he comes with relentless force. Anyone who wasn’t buckled down got shaken loose.  My now ex, disconnected from God, turned our only daughter against me and they have jointly withheld a grandchild that I raised for the first 19 months of her life. Two more have been born that I’ve never met. In every sense of the word this calling has required me to choose between my family and obeying God’s call. All I could do is endure and hope that all the rampant destruction has a greater purpose than anything material I could hope to acquire on this planet.

One year after leaving the toxic family situation God began shutting down a small business. I had to sell my car, move in with my mother, and eventually sold almost every possession I had because God demanded that I “Finish the book.” I grieved and cried and many days I couldn’t even get out of bed for most of 3.5 years, while I wrote. This was happening while my ex was earning a record income, buying a house on the water in Corpus Christi, TX, upgrading the boat he had, and enjoying our grandkids.

When the calls began coming in, the private messages on Facebook, and the personal accounts of people crying, and dropping to their knees I knew that God’s anointing was on the book. So I called Nancy in Ohio as I felt GOD nudging me to go meet her.

The next part won’t make as much sense unless I share that back in 2001 a phenomenon began in my life in that the clocks started becoming somewhat animated.  I began seeing 2:22 and 4:44 and 1:11 more than usual.  My now ex told me I was just looking at the clock too often.  But the very next time we got in the truck, when he turned on the key it was 1:11 and I pointed that out saying, “See? It’s like that.”  Over the years it has continued and began to expand to where it was 5:27 (5 + 2 = 7) or 6:42 (6 = 4 + 2). It simply felt like an animation which I ultimately attributed to the idea that it was just someone in Heaven letting me know that they were aware of me.  I was in a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain at this time so I thought it was nothing more than that.

Shortly after leaving the family I was staying with my mother and a call came in from a woman in Houston. She had literally searched for me on the internet due to a site I had up about a specific health issue.  She lost the page and then found it again and was very excited to talk to me.  When we hung up I wanted to see how long we’d talked and when I went to the phone log it showed that the call had come in at 1:11 and we hung up at 3:33 which meant that we had talked for 2 hrs and 22 minutes, so I showed this to my mom.  We laughed and shook our heads and later headed out the door for dinner. When I turned on the car the clock read, 4:44.  She was now seeing what I was seeing and later she found a book at Barnes & Noble booksellers titled, Angel Numbers 101. This book gives the meaning for every number from 0 to 999 and it helped me understand more specifically things God wanted me to know and the number 5 has been significant.   (Note: I do not suggest that you go buy this book and try to make things happen or try to live your life by it. I certainly don’t.  I was just watching life and this is what was going on.  I find it amusing and a “candle on a dark phase of life” if you will.  Anyway, 5 means change. 55 means “out with the old and in with the new” and 555 means HUGE changes are coming.  Each time the number is repeated the message is amplified.  Without this book, without this knowledge I got up one day and said, “Today is the day that I file for divorce” and I called the lawyer.  As I was sitting in her office I did realize it was Mexico’s Day of Independence, Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May but it didn’t dawn on me until later that night to look it up as it was 05/05.  When I went to the grocery store later that day my groceries rang up at $65.65 and that was the hint that there was something I needed to know. I’ve been documenting this in my journals and saving receipts throughout the years because it’s just sort of weird but undeniable and I’m not the only one having this experience. Again, I have nothing invested in this other than observing it.

So, here I am on Hotwire shopping for travel packages for my trip to go see the executive director of the insurance product and one of the options is for a flight with a “Total Travel Time” of 5 hrs 55 minutes.  Mom, Sis, and I all laughed and said, “Gotta take that one” and so I did. Now you have to understand that because of this journey money is a concern. I don’t need to be jumping on a plane and going to Ohio on a whim. Seeing this flight travel time in a familiar way helped me sense God was in this and that I should go.  I entered the debit card information and when the total rang up I belly-laughed and so did Mom and Pam, my sister. We couldn’t believe it. It was $555.40. I immediately thought “Dang. I wish it had been .41 then it would be all 5’s.” Before I could even share that thought the system recalculated and it came up $552.53, ALL 5’s!  We laughed and I took pictures of all the screens showing this shown below.  The day before I left on this trip I pulled into a parking spot and when I turned around to hit the lock on the key fob of the borrowed vehicle I drive and I noticed that the bright red car’s license plate ended in 5555.  I laughed and went in.

When I got to Ohio I found out that Dr. Tenpenny was in town and that Nancy had scheduled us a meeting. I was thrilled to meet such an avid warrior on the front lines of a subject we both feel passionate about. After visiting for 30 minutes Dr. Tenpenny said that she had a radio interview scheduled at 8:00 (it was 7:30), on The Robert Scott Bell Show, a nationally-syndicated talk radio show, and that she wanted me to be on the interview. What? I couldn’t believe it but was thrilled to take this opportunity with her.  At the end of the interview, which went very well, she leaned back in her chair and winked at me saying, “Welcome to the national stage” thought that’s not how it turned out because GOD had yet another challenge and mission He needed me on.  I’ll post a link to the other blog at the end of this post.  It’s likely MORE URGENT than this core message.

As I left, Dr. Tenpenny handed me a card with her contact information and I put it in my purse.  Later I pulled it out to enter it in my phone and could hardly believe it.  Now I understood why, try as I may to publish the book on 04/04 it just wasn’t going to happen. I could actually feel the energy pushing back against me so I blew it off and went to bed. As I looked at the card I now understood, her phone number ended in the month/date that I did publish the book. Funny to see Heaven play with us like this.

I came home and posted the picture of us and made it my cover photo and shared the story of meeting her and was instantly taken in by new Facebook contacts and groups who are on the same page.  Crazy God-stuff.

A few days later a woman from Australia contacted me from one of these groups, a zealous Christian, and we began chatting by private message and I ended up sending her an email copy of the book preface. She later wrote me that she’d been covered in chills and shivers while reading it. Another woman told me that she woke up at 3:00 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep so she grabbed her iPad and when it came on the image of the book was staring at her in the dark.  She said, “God told me to get up, get your credit card out and buy this book now.”  She too reports on how it’s changing her life.

In a few days the husband of the woman in Australia asked to speak to me by Skype so I set everything up and we talked for three hours. Ninety minutes into the conversation this man said, “I have something to tell you. I started crying shortly after we began talking and I can’t seem to stop. When you speak, I hear God, I feel Him. And I haven’t heard God in a very long time.” He never did stop sniffling and feels strongly that this is a message from God for the Church.  Another man who bought 50 copies to give out in his small island town in Maryland cried the first time we spoke by phone. “You’re a messenger from GOD and if we don’t listen to you we deserve what comes next.”

5555 Lic Plate pre Ohio Trip5 hrs 55 mins Hotwire

 $552.53 Hotwire picme w dr tenpenny

After 7 years of knowing I needed to do a podcast, I FINALLY bought the equipment yesterday after someone sent me a large donation.  I laughed when I saw the total, especially after getting notified overnight that two products had changed in price by a few cents.  Well, it was just enough for God to put His thumbprint right in the middle of the story.  THIS IS HOW HE GETS ME TO KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT.  How can I not?   

Coming Soon!

Here we are now and it’s February of 2023 and the story is still going on. I’ve been to hell and back a few more times since this post…wondering if this story ever comes to an end, a peak, a finish. Looking for GOD with great anticipation as I’m a very tired warrior trying to wake up a very self-indulgent CULTure, EVEN among the professing Christian community. So, here’s the most recent created work:

Related to the information within a dense book GOD INSISTED be written, Getting Well God’s Way

and the Public Health Warning (Featured Post) on the NoATT.blog

May 27th, 1990, A.D.

I wrote down a message GOD spoke to me.

“Isaiah 54 Shall Apply” is what it read.

I noted it in a first adult journal and then I went to bed.

28 years went by before someone brought this back to mind.

When I went back to read it, I was amazed by what I’d find.

It was like reading a story of where all I had been.

It even showed my divorce, which I didn’t see back then.

I recalled one idea that I’d “be moved to a place with a gemstone foundation”.

NOW, I knew I was to awaken people to a dangerous situation.

I had sought to live a PURPOSED LIFE seeking God’s presence every day.

So He could tell us a story and help us find His way.

It’s been a challenging but fruitful journey, an alternative path I took.

God then insisted I write an extensive book.

It had been out about a year when the story took a radical turn.

There were urgent things He needed to show me – we have a lot to learn.

Our launch of massive technology is the subject that’s caught His eye.

If we don’t stop this a lot of things will fry!

As it turns out as we arrive at 2023, I found myself thinking about May 27th, 1990, A.D.

How I’m exactly where that chapter in Isaiah said that I would be.

I enjoy looking for God in the story as it assures this isn’t “just me”.

First thing I notice in 2023, is that message is turning 33.

Realizing this year, 66 years I’ve been livin’

But realized too I wasn’t actually 33 when it was given.

“But wait a minute” my mind ran ahead.

“How many days between those two?” I said.

I could hardly believe the answer when it was shown to me.

3 weeks and 3 days later I turned 33.

One step further, as I look around.

Another set of 3’s is what I found.

February 2023 helps me to know.

We arrived here 3 years and 3 months ago.

I can’t believe my eyes as I look across the nations.

And see the boundless destruction caused by corporations.

Think of the seeding birds, the flora, and the bee

Living without them is a life we don’t wanna see.

So, when I say “I’ve been sent” to help you see the error in humanity’s direction.

I hope you too can see the thumbprint of God and know the information comes with deep affection.

Before I go, I just have one question.

What will it take before WE THE PEOPLE respond, does this need to be an even bigger lesson?

And for any Christians who think this is “New Age Numerology” here’s a solid Christian teacher talking about the significant of 3’s in the recent story about a pro football player who went into cardiac arrest on the field and what happened as a result of that. It’s at the 32 minute mark…

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