Why You Should Be Concerned About Wireless Tech

I can come off as “too assertive” on social media but once you ‘GET’ WHY I’m so concerned it becomes and “ahhhhhhh” instead of a judgment about my approach. Christianity, as complicit to the culture consumers have created something we’re going to regret. Had we taken our “largest demographic in the US” status and submitted it to God’s wisdom we likely wouldn’t be in the mess you’re about to become aware of. I often challenge people to “Read Proverbs 1” and see how GOD feels about ignored wisdom.

When I got the 600-page book in the mail shown in the picture I had just opened my Bible looking for another passage. I stopped to read Deuteronomy chapter 28 and noticed the new book laying beside it. Deuteronomy 28 is a drastic but plausible contrast to the favored idea that the church folks are going to be beamed up and not have to face what they’re complicit consumerism created, WHILE ignoring God’s warning messengers. I created the graphic and made the following post on facebook I thought you should read:

If you think I’m being too harsh about technology warnings, I think you need to see why. While so many are “waiting for the rapture” I’m waiting for what seems like a PROMISED REALITY! While many quote new testament scriptures saying how next things are going to bail their complicit hineys out of the fire because they feel warm and fuzzy about Jesus, I see Deuteronomy 28 when I pray and open my Bible asking GOD to “show me your heart towards your people”. I was just like every one else with my tech but I was also SOLD OUT TO GOD and had published the #gettingwellgodsway book He INSISTED be written. It’s the story of our relationship. How HE TOOK ME UP ON A DEAL I offered Him and what He did with a fully-indentured servant. THEN, one day I touched the screen of my phone and the story had a whole new focus. I WASN’T RANDOMLY INJURED BY WIRELESS TECH…HE WAS SHOWING “US” His next revelation.

He has called me out, taught me, wounded me, and healed me to teach us. In time, I BECAME His messenger. I came out of ChRxtianity through a lonely, counter culture road into health GOD’S WAY. I reversed Hashimoto’s Autoimmune, Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, 11 years of crippling sciatica from a broken spine when xrays showed me to be a paraplegic. Fibromyalgia flares are gone and understood now. The “church folks” weren’t interested or compelled to reconsider their ways….for 25 years so I’m “used to” but still disappointed by the complete inadequate response to GOD’S WARNINGS of all kinds BUT YOU NEED TO SEE WHY IGNORE-ANCE OF THE WIRELESS AWAKENING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HE’S EVER SHOWN US. Go ahead, go read Deuteronomy 28 and DECLARE that He can’t absolutely make this His next move on a stiffnecked and rebellious nation. I didn’t want this job but HERE I AM. I WEAR YOU AND THIS ISSUE EVERY WAKING MOMENT…YES, I’M BEYOND WORRIED SO I HOPE YOU’LL GET INVOLVED WITH ME HERE! ❤



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