“One of the most eye-opening books I’ve ever read in my life…”

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“This is one of the most eye opening books I have ever read in my life. If you want to know what God is capable of, buy this book. It will save your life. This world is far from God, we are so separated from Him, that we are blind to this worlds wicked ways. Kathy writes so beautifully in a way that literally speaks straight to your heart, the way she words things is literally so easy to understand. Every page I was in tears as she explained how God has worked in her life. This is just a reminder that I will heal, but I have to discipline and deny the flesh of this worldly wicked ways. I am now looking forward to completely healing through God. Buy this book, it will change your life forever. Thanks be to God for making Kathy write this book for us. He still delivers miracles to His believers and followers. God is good. Thank you! My life is changed forever, and so is my families. I have so much promise and hope in God, more than ever now.”

She wrote me later and told me that she was reading the story about the Rubik’s cube prayer and was sobbing “I’m a mess.”

This is a profound story for mankind!  “Immanuel…God is with us!”

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